Chapter 67

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Female Knight’s and Female Priest’s Double Service – Part 2※

The trousers and underwear fall down to my feet.
A fresh, cool feeling lands between my crotch.

My exposed penis which is already in an erect position is, piku, piku, throbbing up and down.
Feeling the eyes of the two girls plastered on me, my whole body flushes up.

Showing my nude lower part of the body to Claire and Racine is making me really embarrassed and tense after all.
But at the same time, I felt something like a sense of liberation.

Although I’m not the only one exposed, showing my most shameful part of the body to two cute girls is evoking a sense of immorality in me.


Claire leaked out a small scream and averted her gaze.
Although I have done ecchi things with Claire already twice, it appears that she isn’t used to the sight of the penis yet.

Claire who is shyly blushing and occasionally looks my way is adorable.


Racine’s eyes are focused on my raging boner.

Although her face is blushing red, her eyes shining full of curiosity are gazing at my crotch.

“Although we didn’t have time for it in Rashuka City, both the body that gives and the body that receives are originally needed to be cleansed before the sex ritual.”

Racine says.

“Claire-sama should neatly clean Abel-sama’s body with me.”


“Please sit down over there.”

Racine points at a small bath stool.

I took off the knight coat and become completely nude.
With this, all members become stark naked.

I sit on the bath stool and look at Racine.
I wonder what will happen now?
My abdomen itches out of curiosity.

“Please stay still, okay……”

Racine whispers in a sweet voice scoops soap bubbles with both hands and starts spreading it over my body.
Both arms, both shoulders, chest, abdomen.

“…… Nu, ku.”

Having the area around solar plexus rubbed, I unconsciously leak out a voice.
If Racine small, soft hands reach out a little lower, she would touch my──

“Now, Claire-sama too.”

Racine calls out to Claire who is looking at us absentmindedly.

“Ah, yes……”

Claire snaps back and approaches us.

“Should I also smear Abel’s body with soap?”

“Yes, when two people cleanse the same target, this is the official etiquette. Please do it in the same way as me~”

Saying that, Racine stepped over my left arm.
My arm is pushing against her crotch because she is short.

“T, that’s somewhat embarrassing……”

Claire steps over my right arm with an awkward smile.
Because she is taller than Racine, she slightly crouches and my arm pushes against her crotch in the same way.

The most important places of two girls are tightly pressing against my arms.

T, this is──
Isn’t this the soapy massage I saw on the internet……!?

“Well then, let’s clean the arms first.”

Racine starts slowly grinding against the arm she herself smeared with soap.
A slimy soap is painted all over my arm with her crevasse.

“L, like, this……?”

Claire starts wiggling her hips in a similar manner nervously.

“U, aaa……”

I cry in joy by the sweet, weak friction running on my arms.

Claire gently rubs her secret place and pubic hair from my upper arm to the wrist.
A numbing feeling of warm flesh is making me fascinated.

On the other side, Racine is grinding on my left arm.
Unlike Claire, she’s hairless──a smooth, slippery feeling of paipan.

Kuchiyu, nuchiyu, faint wet sounds mix in while two beautiful girls scrub me with the world’s finest sponges.

More than the physical comfort, mental comfort is making the area around my abdomen burn.

I’m being serviced by two girls for the first time in my life.
The mental satisfaction of doing it with two girls one by one and two girls at once is totally different──A strong sense of domination is welling up in me.

A feeling similar to a ferocious beast waking up.

“N, ku…… uu.”

The skills of Claire’s polishing on my right side have improved.
I feel something mysterious when I watch her naked body creating bubbles on my arm.

I feel the violent impulse inside me overflowing.


I draw Claire sitting on my right arm closer.
Then, I steal her lips forcibly.

“N, uu!?”

Claire opens her blue eyes wide in surprise.
I suck on her lips strongly without minding and even screw my tongue inside her mouth.

I stir up her slimy mouth to my heart’s content.
Claire’s tongue entwines around mine as if trying to stick to it.

When I poured aggressively kisses on her, the strong female knight’s body became weak.
While Claire’s crotch still pressing on my arm.

Kuchiyu, a lewd, wet sounds were escaping from the place of contact.

“U, u…… I, also…”

Claire stretches her arm towards my crotch while leaking gasps from the gap between our lips.

“Nu…… gu, uu…… o.”

It was so sudden I opened my eyes wide because of the unexpected counterattack.
Claire’s supple fingers coil around my penis and make my penis slippery with soap.

My penis became overrun by the sweet numbness of the handjob.
Instantaneously, my dick springs up more than before.

“Ah…… you have taken the initiative, didn’t you?”

Racine mutters in disappointment while grinding her hairless vagina on my left arm.
I have to properly take care of her later while thinking that, I immerse myself in kissing Claire first.

“N, chiyu…… mu, fu.”

Claire stroked my penis while sucking on my lips.

“Oo…… ku, ah…… feels good…… uu.”

I am at the mercy of Claire’s stroking speed changing.
My penis continues expanding in the soft hands.

“Mugugu…… uu……!”

I spill sounds of pleasure through the gap between our lips.

“Are, you feeling…… chiyu…… it……? N, ku.”

Claire asks while kissing me and rubbing my penis with both her soft hands.
Small bubbles are floating around us.

I look down at Claire politely soaping my penis with her both hands.
Her slimy, supple fingers and soft palms are rubbing my dick.
Each time she strokes, a sweet, itchy feeling runs to the tip of my penis.

“Does it feel good, Abel?”

Claire asks me between the kiss while staring at me.

“This, is throbbing since a while ago?”

“It’s because Claire is touching it……”

I tell her in an excited, blurry voice.

“I’m glad.”

Claire happily smiles, chiyu, chiyu, and pours many light kisses on my lips, while continuing her handjob.

The friction of her soapy fingers and palms is somewhat similar to the feeling of the vagina.
It’s literally a pseudo-sex with Claire’s hand.

My penis enveloped by Claire’s soft hands is going to burst from the inside.
A numbing sensation runs through my abdomen region and spine.

I want to ejaculate just like that──
My eyes met Racine’s while feeling such temptation.

She’s not involved in Claire’s handjob.
So far, it has not been different from one-on-one ecchi.

I have to accompany both of them properly and satisfy both of them equally.

“Thank you for waiting. It’s Racine’s turn now.”

I invite Racine with a smile.

“You must have been impatient, right?”

“N, no…… that’s not…… ummm.”

As expected, even Racine gets embarrassed when I point it out so straightly.

“…… It would be unfair if it was only me. It’s okay, Racine.”

Claire supports Racine who has somewhat complicated expression.

“Then…… umm, please take care of me.”

Racine separates her body from my arm she was grinding until now.

“Come here.”

“Yes, uuu…… mu……!?”

When Racine approached me, I assaulted her lips with a surprise attack.
I immerse myself in attacking her soft, small lips.

“A…… fu, mu…… nn……!”

Racine’s small body trembles.
Her small, lovely nose twitches, gasping for air.

“Abel, samaa……”

Her small hand reaches towards my crotch while she painfully mutters.
She quietly takes over my penis from Claire and gently slides her hand up and down.

Soon, pleasant, numbing feeling returns to my penis from her gentle stroking.
This also feels good──

“I understand Racine’s ‘My chest hurts’…… it’s like that when looking other women do it……”

Claire mutters with a frown.

“Ah, geez…… me too.”

She tightly embraces me from behind.
Two well-swelled bulges push tightly against my back.

Racine’s sweet kiss and handjob from the front──
Claire’s chest rubbing on my back from the back──

The feeling of being sandwiched by two beautiful girls is making my penis melt in pleasure and sending my brain into euphoria.

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Ecchi Products from Japan from J-List - Your Favorite Online Shop and Friend in Japan

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