Chapter 68

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Female Knight’s and Female Priest’s Double Service – Part 3※
Ah, I’m going to melt──

I indulge in the feeling of being caressed by two beautiful girls.

“Chiyu, reroo…… mumu…… fu, ah…… Abel, samaa……!”

Racine is showering my lips with countless kisses from her soft lips while tiptoeing, her jiggling breasts are pressing against my chest.

“Fuuu…… n…… afu…… ah…… n…… Abel, u……!”

Claire who is embracing me from behind, pushing her elastic breasts against my back blows the wind on the nape of my neck.

While kissing like that for about ten minutes, Racine, at last, stopped kissing me and separated her body from me.
Claire separated from my back at the same time.

“Please stay still, Abel-sama. I will wash the soap off.”

Racine poured hot water into a bucket and rinsed off my body.

“Well then, our bodies are cleansed, let’s move to the real sex ritual.”

“R, real…… that, is that, right? We will be doing that thing, right……?”

Claire’s face flushes immediately.

“Umm, should I head to the bed over there……?”

“No, now that we are here in the bathroom…… how about it?”

Racine answers Claire’s question with a similarly flushed face.

“Eh, is here alright?”

I ask in surprise.
I was certain that the ritual would be ineffective anywhere but on the bed.

“Yes, it seems there are people who have a hobby to do it in other places than in bed. To support the sex hobbies of various people I was thought to put up magic circles in various places.”

“I, is that so……”

Not knowing how to react I nod dumbfoundedly.
Various places, that means including the bath, there are also other places……

“Then, I will make the preparations.”

Racine brought something from an equipment place in the bathroom’s wall.

Two lightly lit candlesticks.
Small cane and a cup of sake, they seem to be a metaphor of the man’s and woman’s genitals.
A mysterious scent of incense.

I’m certain that Racine also prepared the same tools in Rashuka City.

“Magic Circle Ignition.”

The bathroom’s floor starts overflowing with white light with Racine’s chant.
A magic circle with complicated pattern spreads all over the floor.

“U…… aa……”

The sensation of this white light creates goosebumps all over my body.
It’s very comfortable.

“It’s a magic that increases sexual pleasure. You will surely feel more comfortable than usual.”

In short, I will be able to have even better ecchi?
The area around my belly throbs with expectations.

We three face each other while the steam hung around our nude bodies.

“Claire-sama, this is a ritual. Let’s make Abel-sama feel comfortable together?”

“…… R, right. This is a ritual, a ritual.”

Claire takes a deep breath after being pressed by Racine.

“Well then, please allow us to serve you. Claire-sama, please come next to me~”

Racine says and kneels at my feet.

“Then, me too……”

Still feeling shy, Claire finally matches her eyes with mine and sits on her knees next to Racine.

I await the service of the female knight and female priest kneeling in front of me──

Until now, I did ecchi things with three women, but of course, doing it with two at once is my first time.
Moreover, my partners are two extraordinary beauties.

There’s no way I wouldn’t be excited.

Even though the service didn’t start yet, my erected dick is about to explode with expectations.
I can tell that it’s harder and girthier than usually.

A liquid is already flowing from the tip, spreading a strong odor around.

“Abel, amazing…… isn’t it bigger than the last time……?”

Claire stares in wonder at my overswelling pride.

“Umm, I should stimulate it, right……?”

She mutters with shaking voice.
Although she did ecchi twice with me already, there’s no questioning that she still is inexperienced.

Claire gulps down her saliva and nervously extends her hands towards my penis.
Rather than her usual unyielding attitude, she’s looking frightened.

That gap makes Claire even more attractive.
My meat stick springs in excitement.


Claire lets out a voice in surprise after seeing my penis spring up in front of her.
Then she gently grasps my pole with both her hands.


Her warm hands transmit a numbing feeling through my penis.

Even though she’s touching me just with her fingers, the feeling is melting.
Certainly, it’s more pleasant than usual.

Of course, I’m more excited than normally because of the 3P.

“It’s amazingly hot……! Also so hard and thick……!”

Claire sighs painfully and timidly brings her face closer to my glans.
Her pink lips timidly open and she swallows my dark leader in her mouth.

“Ku, chiyu…… mu.”

Claire keeps on swallowing my pole little by little.
As my penis entered Claire’s mouth, her slimy insides surrounded me from every direction.


I leaked a voice of joy.
She sucks on my penis like a suction pad, pouring numbing stimulation all over it.

At last, Claire swallows my penis up to the root.
Being inexperienced doing deepthroat seems to be painful as she looks at me with teary eyes.

Such admirable service fanned my burning passion.
At the same time, the feeling of conquering rises within me while looking at the female knight kneeling in front of me.

“Gu, bu…… uu…… n, o…… fu.”

Claire narrows her cheeks, the bottom of her nose lengthens and she sucks my penis with a seducing fellatio expression.
Her warm tongue brushes against my glans many times, and extreme numbness comes to the core of my penis.

“Uo…… o…… so good, Claire…… more…… o……”

“Like, this?….. Chiyu…… is this, good……? Abe, l…… nn.”

She looks up at me to confirm my reaction, and her tongue politely crawls to the tip of my meat rod.

The inexperienced Claire works really hard to service me with fellatio.
The feeling of satisfaction crawls up to my spine.

“Claire-sama, me too……”

Racine mutters and moves her face closer.
She lightly kisses the root of my penis and then licks it with the tip of her tongue.

As if not to disturb Claire who is servicing the tip of my penis, she licks and kisses the root, sometimes even the testicles.

“Fuwa, a…… ku, o…… both of you, so good…… amaz, ing……!”

The area around my abdomen was literally melting from pleasant feelings.
Although it’s always comfortable, sexual pleasure is increased because of the magic circle.

The synergy of the two separately stimulating my glans, root and testicles make the pleasure even more intense than normally.

It can’t be compared with the blowjob from a single girl.
Of course, there is the physical pleasure, but more than anything it’s the feeling of two beautiful girls servicing my most shameful place with their mouths that makes me feel like I’m in control.

To put it bluntly, I feel like a king.

“Say, between me and the last person…… what feels better?”

Claire stares at me suddenly.
With almost scary, serious eyes.

“The last person……?”

“Don’t play dumb. The person who left you the hickey.”

Claire looks at me with scolding eyes.

By the way, the one who left me the hickey was Ashe-san.
Claire would probably wouldn’t even dare to think about that.

But, to tell me to compare.
Both of them have their own charm──

Hmm, how should I answer?
Claire slightly pouts at my silence.

“…… I definitely won’t lose, you know.”

Overflowing with a competitive spirit, she suddenly leans her upper body forward.

“Racine, could you entrust it to me for a little?”

“Ah, yes……”


Claire confronts me again after apologizing to Racine.
Her eyes are shining brightly.

“Eh, Claire……? U, aa……!?”

Claire puts my meat stick between her breasts and wiggles them left and right.
My dick is sandwiched between her breasts and smeared with soap.

My dick smeared with soap was rubbing against Claire’s milky breasts without any resistance.

“W, what is like…… this……?”

Claire jolts her breasts up and down with shaking voice.
A numbness ran from the tip to the root because of the soft friction.

“U…… kuwaa……!”

It’s already complete titty fuck.

“How is it, Abel…… do my breasts…… feel good……?”

Claire looks up at me with a mysterious brightness in her eyes.

She moves her hands to the side of her breasts and increases the pressure against my cock.
My dick is completely enveloped by Claire’s elastic flesh.

The gentle pressure and sweet stimulation of beautiful big breasts swallowing my symbol ignite my passion even further.

Guchiyu, guchiyu, muni, muniiii……!

The muddy sound of precum mixed with the soap and the sound of the penis entering and leaving the valley creates a beautiful harmony.

“U, ooo…… feels good, Claire……!”

I praise the female knight in front of me.

“So you feel so comfortable, Abel-sama……”

Racine who is standing alone at the side suddenly mutters.

“Even though you looked so comfortable when I did it in Rashuka City…… uu.”

“Eh, Racine……?”

I saw a glint of rivalry in the usually gentle and obedient Racine for the first time.

“Excuse me, Claire-sama.”

When Racine bows her head in apology, her huge breasts bounce up and down.
Even though she is so small and her breasts so big, they have a beautiful bowl-shape.

Such soft flesh shakes and joins Claire’s breasts around my penis.

“O, guuu…… t, this is…… eh……!? U, a…… ah……!”

I raise a voice of surprise and joy at the double titty fuck.

“You are unexpectedly jealous, Racine…… but, so am I.”

Claire fearlessly smiles and accelerates her movements.
Numbing friction from Claire’s elastic breasts is pouring on my penis.

Racine on the other hand, gently rubs her breasts around my dick slowly, which creates gentle, numbing friction.

The four soft breasts sandwiching my symbol, create an electric current which runs through my entire body──

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