Chapter 66

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Female Knight’s and Female Priest’s Double Service – Part 1※
Guided by Racine, I and Claire enter Almeris’ Temple.

Inside the temple, is a place for sex rituals called “Communion Place of Love” and thanks to Racine being a priest of Almeris, we got a free pass.

Delicate atmosphere flows among us as we are going towards the room.

“…… What to do…… I have become embarrassed…… ah, geez…… ahh, geez…… together with Abel and Racine…… uu.”

“…… Abel-sama after all…… prefers beautiful girls like Claire-sama…… I must do my best…… uu.”

Claire and Racine are muttering something under their noses while stealing glances at me for a little while now.

I’m the one who’s heart is going to explode.
I have done many ecchi things with three women until now, but of course, I have never done it with two women at once.

My morality is getting corrupted with the tension and expectations of a threesome.
These feelings mixing together makes my heart quicken.
Every time I make a step, dokun, dokun I hear my heartbeat clearly.
As we approach the room, the expectations and tension increase even more.

Ah, it’s overflowing……!

N, no, wrong, that’s wrong.
This is merely a ritual to restore my Magic power.

Therefore, it’s legal and legitimate.
Although even if it wasn’t a ritual, it’s not like harem ecchi is illegal.

“Because it’s necessary to cleanse ourselves before the ritual, I and Claire-sama will enter the bath first.”

Racine explains after we enter the room.

The ritual room──”Communion Place of Love” is a large private room.
The walls are painted pink which is unsuitable for the temple image.
A dazzling chandelier hangs from the ceiling.

I shouldn’t say this, but doesn’t this look like a room in a love hotel?
There’s a complex magic square drawn on the floor and a king-sized bed in the middle of the room.
A bathroom is installed in the corner of the room.

“After that, please take a bath too, Abel-sama. Let’s go, Claire-sama.”

Claire and Racine walk into the bathroom.

“Don’t peek, Abel.”

Claire looks at me before entering the bathroom.
I wonder if that slightly stiff expression is because of tension?

Claire disappears into the bathroom together with Racine without hearing my answer.
The door closes and I hear a sound of a lock.


I let out a deep sigh and sit on the bed.

To think it would develop so rapidly──

I still can’t believe it.
My body smells of sweat and it definitely is not the sweat from moving through the crowd at the festival.

I hear a faint sound of splashing water from the bathroom.
It’s the sound of Claire and Racine cleansing their bodies.

Naturally, both of them should be stark naked.
I want to see them, such thought naturally comes to my mind, I gulp down the saliva.

Patience, patience.
Because in a little while, I can see Claire’s and Racine’s naked bodies to my heart’s content.

“Still not done……”

My whole body gradually flushed.
It’s the feeling of lust burning around my abdomen.

I wait on the bed while the girls are preparing for ecchi time──because of that I’m in a situation where the expectations and tension only grows.

My heart keeps on throbbing since a while ago.
The slight pain in my chest actually feels somewhat comfortable.

Zazaza, I hear audible sounds of water.
And among it, a faint sound of voices──I wonder what they are talking about.

Ah, so curious! In various ways!

(Don’t peak, Abel.)

Claire’s words flash across my mind.
But, it’s human nature to break the rules──

“…… Let’s peek a little to not get discovered.”

With such temptation quickly swelling up, I stand up from the bed.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any convenient peeking magic in stock.
I have no choice, but to look at Claire and Racine’s bathing figures through a gap in the door.

I gulp and approach the bathroom’s door.

“…… Tentacle Mist.”

I create the invisible tentacle and insert it into a gap in the door.
I feel around, and──There it is the key.

Click, after a faint sound of unlocking, I slightly open the door with extreme caution.

U…… oooooooo……!

I roar in my mind.

What I see through the small gap is a surprisingly wide bathroom.
It looks around three times larger than a bathroom in a standard apartment.

In the middle, two white nude bodies can be seen through the steam.

Claire’s usual ponytail is currently untied.
As a result, she looks more grown up than usual.

Though I should be already used to her beautiful face, seeing her look so fresh, my heart skipped a beat.
My sight moves from her face down and I catch a glimpse of her chivalrously forged limbs.
Slender and extremely healthy looking limbs.

When I look at her charming, juicy chest, I unconsciously jolt.
There are lovely strawberries on the top of the hills.

I’m seized with a temptation to attack those nipples right now.
Breaking into the bathroom, what reckless thinking.

──As expected, she would get angry.
I’m talking about Claire after all.
Although I think that Racine wouldn’t be angry, just embarrassed.

I move my gaze towards Racine.

Because of the moisture in the bathroom, her fluffy blonde hair is sticking to her milky white shoulders and back.
That scene is extremely charming.

Racine is smaller more than by a head when compared to Claire.
Her small stature and huge breasts are unbalanced, her hills are bigger than Claire’s.
When Racine moves, her breasts shake like two melons.

Unlike Claire, there’s no shade over Racine’s crotch.
She doesn’t have a single pubic hair──the so-called paipan.
The slick, immature looking flesh makes me feel somewhat corrupted.

With my eyes nailed at Claire and Racine, I have come to the understanding that no matter how different they are, both are equally beautiful.

The thing in my pants throbs.
The wonderful sight of beautiful women before my eyes, moreover, thinking that I will embrace both of them, I finally understood that the harem ecchi is not a dream.


“…… Say, are you really okay with it, Racine?”


I listened carefully to the conversation between Claire and Racine.

“B, but, isn’t this normally done by lovers and married couples? Yet, Racine and Abel……”

“I think that this is my mission. That man’s power will certainly save a lot of people. In fact, he arrested the mysterious person that appeared a little while ago.”

A beat of silence.
The tense mood between the two falls even on me.

“Therefore, I want to become that Abel-sama’s strength. I want to protect people’s happiness as a priestess──”

“You mean, sense of duty……?”


“T, then, that…… i, it’s not because of love?”

“…… That.”

Racine falters.
Huh? She didn’t deny?

“…… What about Claire-sama?”

Racine didn’t answer clearly and returned the question.

“You the only one asking…… that’s unfair.”

“Sorry, it wouldn’t be fair if I also don’t speak, huh……”

Claire says with tone mixed with apology and seriousness.

“My feelings are──”

I swallow my saliva and wait for the next line.

“…… I’m not that sure myself. But, I think these feelings are stranded. I, Abel.”

I swallow my saliva again.

I move forward unconsciously in order to hear Claire’s next lines.
I remember the sweet kiss during the fireworks.

It will finally become clear.
What does Claire feel about me?

Claire inhales the air.

“I, Abel──lo.”


──I moved forward too much.

I overenthusiastically pushed the door open and entered the bathroom.
I fix my posture while toppling down.

Figures of Claire and Racine concealing their white bodies with their hands appear before me.
The finest women bodies are right in front of me.


Claire glares at me with murderous eyes.

Whoa, she’s absurdly angry!?

But, we will be doing ecchi things right after this, isn’t it okay to see your naked body──
Is not something I can say right now.

The aura of anger is visible around her body, I unconsciously sit in seiza.

“D, did you want to see that much……?”

Racine says with a blush while concealing her body with her hands.

“…… Sorry, I really wanted to see.”

I decided to apologize straightly without making excuses.

“I thought that peeking was no good, but, you know? You are both so beautiful…… I carelessly peeked.”

“…… Geez, stupid.”

Claire mutters to herself.
Her way of talking is angry as ever, but there’s a subtle smile on her face……?

“Ufufu, this is somewhat embarrassing, huh……”

Racine says with a bashful smile.

“I’m sorry. I will go back, please forgive me.”

“…… You don’t have to leave.”

Claire mutters again.


“Did you think it would end just with your apology? You get also naked.”

“…… Yes?”

“It’s unfair if only we are naked, right?”

“That’s right. As compensation, you should let us see your nude body Abel-sama, right?”

“Wait a second, even Racine!?”

The words of objection didn’t come out, just puzzlement.

I stand up while swallowing my saliva and remove the belt from my pants.

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