Chapter 65

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Constraint and Temptation of Two Beautiful Girls
I look down in the strange atmosphere while frequently catching a glimpse of the girls’ faces.

“U, umm……”

“We were seen…… ah, geez, so embarrassing…… uu.”

“I have seen it…… ahm, seriously, why does my chest…… uu.”

The atmosphere is heavy, I don’t know what to talk about.

“Ah, look…… It seems the fireworks are at their climax.”

Claire points at the sky in order to lighten the mood.

“More and more are rising, that, they are beautiful~”

Racine looks at the fireworks almost as if she pulled herself together.
Tempted by the girls, I look at the sky.

Doon, doon…… the sound of fireworks echoes one after another.
The sky blooms with large flowers in sequence.

I stare at that spectacle in silence.

The fireworks are rising to the sky with rustling sounds one by one.
This time, one was launched in the sky nearby, allowing me to witness the miracle clearly.

That beautiful firework which bloomed in the sky──

“…… N?”

It didn’t bloom.

“A dud?”

“How unfortunate desu~”

Claire and Racine exchange glances.

Right, why don’t I look at the results of my practice?
Fortunately, there will be no danger at this angle.

“──Flash of Penetrating Magic Sphere – Photon Bullet!”

I mutter softly and extend my hand towards the sky.


The one who turned in surprise was Racine.

I draw the trajectory of the pale blue light in my mind.
I splendidly hit the dud firework.

The next moment, large flower blooms in the sky.

“Alright, perfection!”

They could sing praises about the control of my Magic bullet now.

“That…… Was that Abel’s doing?”

Claire stares in wonder.
Racine nods next to her,

“I have sensed the activation of a huge Magic power…… Did you hit the dud firework with something desu?”

“It seems that my practice was useful.”

I grin broadly.

“…… But, your magic power had decreased considerably. Abel-sama.”

Racine’s expression suddenly became gloomy.

Ah, I have done it now.
I was told by Ashe-san to conserve my Magic power.

“I have used my Magic carelessly, but…… just once is okay, right?”

“No, the amount of Magic power you have just released would suck an ordinary Magician dry. Even though it’s Abel-sama, you will still be affected.”

“Is that so……?”

To be honest, the symptoms of Magic exhaustion are surprisingly light.

I can tell by my fatigue.
But, I do not remember the feeling of Magic exhaustion that well yet, because of that I have paid the price in Rashuka City.

Therefore, I have not yet grasped the amount of Magic power residing within me.
Although it seems that Racine who has a great Magic perception can tell, but──

“…… It would be best to supplement it.”

Racine mutters
She peeks at nearby Claire, then returns her gaze to me.

“If your consumption becomes too large, the recovery will become slow~”


“That…… like before, the sex ritual……”

My heart throbs.

“What did you say!?”

Whoa, that scared me!?
Claire approaches me with a loud voice.

“Sex… ritual is that, right? The thing you two did in Rashuka City…… that.”

“Wa, yes, perverted things…… things that will allow restoring the magic, that thing desu……”

Once again, I’m embarrassed by the explanation.

Claire stares at Racine with a red face.

“Y, you, two will do that thing again……?”

“Although I think it would be okay to entrust it to natural restoration, but a person from Empire may suddenly appear like before……”

Racine says with an earnest expression.

“After all, if Abel-sama’s Magic power isn’t on a sufficient level, it may be dangerous, I think……”

“That is…… true, but.”

Claire stares at Racine with a difficult expression and bites her lip.

“Although I understand…… that the most important thing is to protect everyone…… even though I understand.”

The awkward silence from a while ago befalls on us again.

“If Claire-sama likes, how about doing it together?”

Racine breaks the silence with a smile.


“We have a temple right in front of us, if I request to borrow a chamber, I’m sure they will help us out. There, we can give Abel-sama sex ritual together.”

“But, I can’t use a priest’s magic.”

Claire is perplexed.
Racine smiles sweetly in order to reassure her,

“I will take control of the Magic power, therefore, it will be okay if Claire-sama services Abel-sama without worrying about anything else.”

W, wait a second, isn’t the development advancing way too fast!?

What is that?
In other words, I with Claire and Racine at the same time──

“Why are you inviting me?”

Claire stares at Racine with a stiff expression.

“The effect of sex ritual increases with desire and excitement. I was thinking that Abel-sama would be excited more if Claire-sama joined us.”

“…… Are you okay with that, Racine?”

A painful expression floats on Claire’s face.

“Are you being considerate to me?”

“…… Honestly, I feel somewhat complicated, but.”

A similar painful expression floats on Racine’s face.

“I don’t wish for Claire-sama to have such lonely expression.”

“You, was that your purpose from the beginning……?”

“I just…… did what I think was necessary, you know?”

Racine returned a small smile to the staring Claire.
Claire sighs softly.

“Thank you, Racine.”

“Let’s do our best together, Claire-sama.”

The painful smile disappeared from Racine’s face and was exchanged with the usual gentleness.

“Besides, Natasha told me before. ‘Harem sex’ is a man’s dream.”

Yep, I can totally agree with that.
Harem ecchi is a man’s romance after all!

“A man’s dream……”

Claire awkwardly bends her neck in protest and looks at me.

“Abel you…… also want that?”

“Eh, no, that is, umm……”

As expected, I hesitate to give an answer to such a straight question.

I want to do it, but!
I want to do it very much, but!

When I recall that delicate atmosphere from a while ago, feelings of guilt and corruption springs in me.

But, Claire and Racine are both so cute and charming──If I could do both at the same time, how stimulating would that be?

“…… The answer is written on your face, huh.”

Claire leaks out a small sigh and smiles wryly.
“It’s alright. If I can be of help. Let’s do it together, Racine?”

“Fufu, that’s right.”

Racine smiles at me.

“By the way, when two females serve one male it’s called ‘Three pee’ it’s a secret sex ritual technique. Natasha told me so.”

…… That, she definitely mistook that for 3P.

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