Chapter 41

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Welcome Party
The sake is enjoyable and the food is delicious.
Surely a feeling of the party being in a full swing.

By the way, Claire and Racine are caught by Veronica-san as usual and Lil talks peacefully with Dita.
Although Dita doesn’t utter a single word, Lil seems to have a mutual understanding with Dita. Amazing.

Well, speaking of me──

“It’s still a confidential talk, but I expect that Abel-kun, Claire-san and Racine-san will be awarded the Aegis decoration.”

Ashe-san who sits next to me says.

A soft, gentle scent of adult woman’s pheromones drifts to my nose.
My heartbeat can’t help it but quicken.

“Aegis decoration……?”

Stunned, I absentmindedly repeat Ashe-san’s words.

“It’s a decoration given to members of Knight’s Order with remarkable performances. The person who receives this is considered the main force of Knight’s Order both in name and reality.”

Ashe-san smiles.

“Roge-san appreciated your efforts in defending Rashuka City and wrote a report to Her Majesty the Queen. ‘I think that efforts those three put in defending the city are worthy of the Aegis decoration’ He said.”

Roge-san is that old knight interviewer, right?
Did he evaluate me that highly?

My back feels somewhat itchy from embarrassment.

“I fully agree. Claire-san who slew the Empire’s Magician, Racine-san who temporarily sealed the SS class dragon. And above all──Abel-kun who defeated that SS class dragon with one spell──”

Ashe-san stares at me.

“I have high expectations for you guys. I want you to fully plan an active part in the upcoming war with the Empire.”

“Serious as always. Even with a bottle of sake before you, you are speaking about work.”

Veronica-san approaches us.

Uwa, the smell of liquor……!
She’s completely drunk, this person.


Veronica-san snorts after glancing at me.
It seems that I’m hated after all.

“Veronica is not being honest. Although she puts on guard before men and her attitude become forceful, she appreciates you.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. As if I could appreciate someone.”

Veronica-san doesn’t seem to be intrigued, she pouts.

“Just because you defeated an SS class dragon don’t be full of yourself. That wasn’t all the Empire has. In that country, magic is the most advanced in the world. For the upcoming invasion, they have developed many Magic weapons.”

“Magic weapons……?”

“一A magic bomb that can blow off a whole country. Magic armaments that can block any magic attack. Reconstructed soldiers strengthened with magic…… Well, most of them are fake rumors, though…… Hey, why do I have to talk with something like a man, really.”

After answering my question, Veronica-san’s face turned more and more sullen.

“By the way, you will be late home today. Is that all right, Ashe?”

She turns towards Ashe-san.

“Husband is always playing around, he won’t get angry from this much.”


I unintentionally stare at Ashe-san.

So this person was married.
Well, this person is such a beauty, it would be weird if she wasn’t married yet……

So Ashe-san was a married woman──

Hmm, what is it?
My heart is noisy──Did I perhaps receive a shock?

“What a winner. All you had to do is get married…… Gununu.”

Veronica-san suddenly gulped down liquor forcefully.

“…… She’s just minding that she’s still unmarried.”

Ashe-san whispers to my ear.

When her long hair tickled my ear, my heart skipped a beat.
Rather, your body is too close.
Even though you are a married woman, don’t send unnecessary butterflies my way.

“It’s the men’s with poor judgment fault that I’m not popular…… Ugugugu.”

Veronica-san gulped down liquor by herself again.
…… No matter how you look at it, she’s drinking in frustration.

When the party was over, we left the restaurant.

It’s already late at night.
The moon shines brightly in the sky.

Unlike Earth’s Moon, it’s slightly reddish, unique to this world.

“I have not drunk enough. Claire, Racine, let’s go for another round.”

Veronica-san leads Claire and Racine away.
It feels like a half abduction.

Then, Lil and Dita left, leaving only me and Ashe-san alone.

“Fuu. I think I have drunk little too much after not having liquor for so long.”

Ashe-san’s steps swayed.
She surprisingly looks drunk.

“Are you all right, Ashe-san?”

“Yes, I’m okay…… Kyaa!?”

Ashe-san’s legs staggered again and she leans against me.


I hold her up.

Her soft chest pushes against my upper arm.
Ashe-san takes a short break, not separating from me.

Liquor is working more than I thought.

“…… Excuse me.”

After a few minutes, Ashe-san slowly separates her body from me with a sigh.

“It is dangerous in such a state. Errr…… I will escort you.”

It’s my first time saying the word『Escort』to a woman.

I support Ashe-san’s body from one side.
Her silver shoulder-long hair tickles my cheek gently.

This is a point-blank range if I think about it.
Ashe-san’s fragrance mixed with the smell of alcohol creating a sweet aroma.

If I consider Claire and Racine as flower buds, she is a flower in full bloom.
She’s older, married woman after all.

It’s an adult woman feeling after all.
I get such an impression just from her fragrance.

Ah, bad, I’m getting more and more excited.

“What’s wrong Abel-kun? You have been quiet since a while ago.”

Ashe-san stares at me.
Her drowsy, wet eyes make her look even more seductive.

“…… No, it’s n, nothing.”

I avert my head in panic and advance while supporting Ashe-san.

After walking for about 20 minutes, we have arrived at Ashe-san’s place.

A luxurious mansion built in the center of a vast garden.
As expected of Knight’s Order’s captain, it’s a splendid house.

“Hey, please…… from rear entrance.”

Ashe-san whispers near my ear.

“I don’t want servants to see me in such a sorry state. Let’s go a little bit more together──”

I take her back to the rear entrance while she guides me.
As she said, there was a small door.

“Should I open it?”

When I was going to open the door, Ashe-san called “Wait”.

“There’s a barrier set up. You will get hurt if you touch it carelessly.”


When I look carefully, I can see a dim green light shining on the surface of the door.

The magic energy was set up like a barrier.
I see, a mechanism to prevent intruders.

“Unlocking – Unlock.”

With Ashe-san’s chant, a click resounded from the door.

“This leads straight to my room. I’m sorry for bothering you. Could I ask you to take me there?”

──I accompany Ashe-san and lead her to her room.

The decoration of her room was plain on the contrary to the luxurious exterior of the mansion. It was very simple.
Other than the bed in the center of the room and a small cabinet next to a wall, there was no other furniture.

“Fuu, so painful……”

Ashe-san seats down on the side of the bed.
She collapses on her back on the bed just like that.

“Are you okay, Ashe-san?”

I worriedly called out.
Her liquor tolerance may be surprisingly low.

“My chest hurts……”

Ashe-san sighs.

I stare at her chest reflexively.
The Knight clothes are lifted up from inside.
Although it seems that she doesn’t have big breasts, they are looking very good in shape.

“I’m sorry, but my chest hurts…… Can I ask you, to unclothe me, please….. Fuu, u.”

Eh, unclothe her?
As expected, I stare at Ashe-san unconsciously.

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