Chapter 42

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Temptation of the Female Magician – Part 1※
I was completely fascinated by the charming bulges before my eyes.

“I, is that really all right……”

I can’t control the excitement in my voice.

I know that desiring a married woman is bad.
However, such rational judgment is overshadowed by Ashe-san’s inviting motions.


I swallow my saliva unconsciously when she invites me again.
I nervously extend my hands towards the knight in white.

Errm, this button should be undone, right?

The structure of clothes in this world doesn’t vary that much from Japanese clothes.
It’s just I’m having trouble taking clothes off another person.

Besides, the partner is an exceptionally beautiful woman, and someone’s wife, the tension is high.
I can’t remove the button quite well.

“N…… a, fu……”

Ashe-san leaks out light voices.
I’m getting nervous by her heavy breathing and sexy light moans.

Because I’m clumsy, my fingertips touch Ashe-san’s breasts.

A melting feeling is transmitted to my fingertips from the soft touch.
Blood flows to my lower part of the body and my thing erects in my pants, ready to burst.

I take a deep breath and calm my feelings down.
I somehow manage to unbutton three buttons from the top, exposing a black brassiere.

Although the size in on the smaller size, it has a breathtakingly beautiful bowl shape.

The two beautiful bulges match Ashe-san’s breathing, puru, puru, and sways like a pudding.
The collarbone and cleavage slightly covered in sweat, emit a sweet fragrance.
Ashe-san’s white skin looks bewitching in the dim room.

“Fuu…… It became comfortable. Thank you, Abel-kun.”

“N, no……”

“Fufu, are you──being conscious of me?”

Ashe-san stares me with a mischievous smile.
The effect of the liquor has probably subsided since her tone was a little clearer this time.


“You are looking only at my chest since a while ago. Women are sensitive to such gazes from men you know?”

“I, I’m sorry.”

I lower my head in embarrassment.

“There’s no need to apologize. It’s natural for young men to have desires.”

Ashe-san’s attitude is fully composed.
Her gaze directs to my crotch for an instant.

I bend forward reflexively.
A tent is already vigorously standing there.

Ashe-san sticks her chest out on a full display and shakes the bulges wrapped in a brassiere.
They are not big, yet the firm bulges shake left and right fascinatingly.

Although I know I should not look, my eyes are automatically drawn in.

“How cute.”

Ashe-san laughs at me again.
She seductively wets her lips with her pink tongue, it was a wonderful sight to behold.

“I love boys like you.”


I keep being confused.

Surely, Ashe-san is still drunk.
She’s just making fun of me because she’s drunk.

I mean, such beautiful woman is suddenly inviting me──

“Gu, muu!?”

Ashe-san suddenly drew closer and stole my lips.
She gently inserts her lips on the top of mine and starts playing with it like a toy.


Such a breathtaking skilled kiss made my vision black and white.
The lower part of my body attracts more blood and vigorously pushes on my belly.

“Chiyu…… Nn, reroo…… nchiyu.”

After my lips get used to Ashe-san’s, she invades my mouth with her wet slimy tongue.

I am completely at her mercy.
My tongue is snatched, and sweet saliva is pouring inside my mouth.

Koku, koku, the sounds of me swallowing Ashe-san’s saliva, makes me dizzy.

“Fuu, thank you for the meal. By any chance…… a first kiss?”

“N, no……”

“Heeh, although you look innocent you are experienced. Abel-kun is not to be underestimated.”

Ashe-san says while taking my hand.
She presses it onto her chest just like that.

“See, how fast it’s beating? It became like this because of your kiss you know?”

I can feel the elasticity of her young breasts through the brassiere.

This is a breast of 10 years older beautiful married woman.
A feeling of immorality came over me when I thought so and hips trembled.

“Hey, don’t you want to touch them directly?”

“W, what, Ashe-san……?”

“Isn’t it okay? Do you dislike me? Am I not attractive──as a woman?”

A shade flashed on Ashe-san’s face for a moment.

What, that face right now──
It looked somehow sad and lonely.

“N, no, thinking that you are not attractive, how could I……”

“Right here──it became very large, fufufu.”

Ashe-san smiles again and extends her hand towards my crotch.

A shameful tent that was standing there──she pats it quietly.
The superb pressure applied through the clothes made my already hard penis completely numb.

“U…… Ku, u.”

“Even though the trousers, I can tell it’s very hot. Also, extremely hard──”

Ashe-san breathes out absentmindedly.

“Only me touching you is unfair, right? This time, my breasts──do you want to touch them?”

She sticks out her chest.
Her round bust covered in black brassiere jiggles lightly.


I’m lost for words.
Although I thought she was making fun of me because she’s drunk…… But as expected, I can’t think of that anymore after inviting me this far.

I stare at Ashe-san again.

Her beautiful face is bright red.
Seductive feminine curves of a woman in her twenties.
And the lovely, mysterious scent of married woman──

Ashe-san stares at the dumbfounded me with a smile and reaches her hand towards her back.
I hear a faint unfastening noise.

With a smooth motion, Ashe-san’s sexy black brassiere slips off her breasts.

“U, waaaah……!”

The moment naked breasts appeared, I let out a sigh of great admiration.

Compared to her slender figure, Ashe-san’s breasts aren’t that big.
They are small breasts when compared to Claire’s and Racine’s.

However, the feeling of the skin sticking to my palm is the tender softness of an adult woman.
Besides, the form is a perfect shape of a hemisphere, it’s breathtakingly beautiful.

It’s a cliche expression, but it’s like a work of art.

“Lick it……”

Ashe-san invites me with a hoarse voice.

I quietly put my lips on the blindingly milky white breasts.

It’s somehow different feeling from the fresh and young elasticity of Claire and Racine.
It’s a little softer. It emits an illusion that my fingers would melt on touch, such feeling.

“Chiyu…… Chiyuuu……”

I kiss Ashe-san’s milky white breasts in a trance.
I crawl slowly from the bottom to the summit of the beautiful round bustline while leaving traces of saliva.

“U……! Fu, a…… ah……”

Ashe-san trembles and lets out weak moans.

Are her breasts perhaps sensitive?
As I gently caress Ashe-san’s breasts with my lips, her upper body jolts lightly.

My lips which climbed the smooth milk hill arrived at the summit before long.
A slightly bigger nipple of Japanese Crested Ibis color was nestled in the areola.

It swayed as if impatiently waiting for me to kiss it.
I put the relatively larger nipple compared to her bustline inside my mouth.

It is already hard.
Ashe-san is probably as excited as I am──

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