Chapter 43

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Temptation of the Female Magician – Part 2※
Chiyuuu, I suck on the fresh juicy nipple.

“N, fa…… yes…… suck on more…… e……”

Ashe-san moans seductively.

The nipple which somewhat felt like a gum, in the beginning, turned hard in my mouth.

Ashe-san is feeling it.

To make an older woman comfortable with my mouth and tongue, a sense of satisfaction rises in my chest.
I roll the hard nipple on my tongue and stimulate it further.

“Wa, uuu…… good…… I feel it, on the tip…… no…… o.”

Ashe-san raises her voice in pleasure.

I, whose passion has flared up from the sexy voice, separate my mouth at once and grab the other nipple.
I suck like a baby on the nipple of his mother and make chu, chu noises to my heart’s content.

I strengthen the force behind my biting.

“Wa, uu!? N, no…… au…… yes.”

Ashe-san leaks out a high pitched voice.
The second nipple hardened to the same degree as the first one in no time.

So Ashe-san’s nipples are really sensitive after all.

“Fuu, feels good……”

Ashe-san sits upright with a content smile.
She stares at me with her shoulder-length silver hair slightly combed upwards.

“Then, I wonder if you could make me feel good here next.”


Ashe-san bends her waist and rolls up her skirt.

The men of Knight’s Order wear black trousers, but women wear a red skirt.
Moreover, it was a very bold knee-length design.

She rolls up the skirt, and I get a glimpse of bewitching black panties.
Even the sight of her exposed underwear was sensational, but Ashe-san further moves her fingers to the edges of her panties──


She slowly lowers her black panties with a mysterious smile.

Almost as if showing off to me.

“A…… ah……”

I let out a soundless voice at the gradually exposed secret garden of a married woman.

What enters my sight first is dense embankment.
In addition, the rich pubic hair sways because of my rough breathing.

After that, I notice two somewhat large rose-colored petals.
Ashe-san’s genitals seem stout compared to Claire and Racine, it seems fluffy.

Is it because of more sexual experience I wonder?
Or is it constitutional?
It seems that female genitalia varies in color and shape.

Ashe-san who took down the black panties from her legs opens her long legs and pushes her waist up.
The black panties flutter around her ankle.

“Well then, please lick it. I wonder if you can do it well, Abel-kun?”

Ashe-san provokes me while showing off her genitals.


I lean in between her crotch.

The faint smell of sweat and urine blended in with a subtle bittersweet scent. Possibly vaginal juices?

While absorbing the scent of a woman in my lungs, I drew my face closer to Ashe-san’s secret place.
I gently kiss the two swelled petals.

“Mu…… chiyu, uu…… n, chiyu.”

I intended to kiss them only lightly, but before I notice, I’m already absorbed in kissing.

Thick water gushes out from the inside of the petals.
I felt a bittersweet taste on the tip of my tongue. So it was Ashe-san’s secret juice after all.

She’s already this wet──

The feelings of superiority welled up inside me at the same time.

I have caressed Claire’s secret place the same way before.
Ashe-san’s secret juice has a stronger sour taste compared to what I tasted at that time.

It seems that every woman has a different taste.
While the new discovery flutters in my chest, I separate the petals with my tongue and intrude inside.

“…… Uu, chiyu…… pichiyu…… mu, rero……”

There is a sense of creases climbing all over my tongue in waves.
Like a separate living creature.

I charge with my tongue deeper as if intoxicated.

After going inside up to the root of my tongue, I shake my head up and down, left and right.
I ransack Ashe-san’s insides with my tongue like a screw.

No one taught me this movement, it was instinctive.

“A, fa…… Noo……! That, feels good…… deep inside…… an, more…… do it more……!”

Ashe-san wiggles her hips in pleasure.

Her vagina’s walls flock me from every direction, squeezing my tongue tightly.
Not to be outdone, I move my tongue with more power.

Furthermore, while attacking her insides with tongue, my finger crawls at the top of the crevasse.
I open the labia with my finger, feeling the slimy surface, I soon arrive at the clitoris.

“Yes, right there…… feels good.”

Her curvy thighs twitch.

“That is a place on a woman…… a, wau…… n, good, most sensitive…… a place where a woman feels it the most…… like that yes, little bit more strength…… yaa…… au, n….. so good, continue……”

At Ashe-san’s urging, I press against the clitoris with my fingers.

A crunchy feeling transmits to my fingers.
It feels like it’s bloating with each rub and press.

“Haa…… aah……! Wa, u…… oo…… o, ah…… n.”

The female magician moans are boiling over.
I notice that Ashe-san’s clitoris swelled from all the pleasure.

I play around with my fingers while working with my tongue.

“Chiyu, uu…… nn.”

I make a loud breathing sound.

The sourness of her vaginal secretions blended in and my whole tongue was covered in sweet taste.
It seems that my double job worked as the married woman’s lower half body is trembling.

“Ah, although you seem inexperienced…… Ku, wau….. good, you are surprisingly good……”

Ashe-san sighs in admiration.

“This feeling, after so long…… n, kufuu…… more, lick it more…… e……”

Feeling the pleasure, Ashe-san pushes her waist up more.
Buchuuu, I press my lips against her lower lips again and give a passionate kiss.

I broke deeper in her secret place with my tip of the tongue.
The honey flowing out from the depths of her vagina seems denser than before.

Does the degree of pleasure affect the secret fluids?

I wiggle my tongue absorbedly.
I advance deeper and deeper while pushing her soft flesh walls aside.

“Good, wa…… yes, like that…… nn…… a……”

I don’t forget to also pleasure Ashe-san’s clitoris.
I adjust the power of my fingers to a suitable level and continue stimulating Ashe-san’s clitoris.

It seems that the double torture of Ashe-san’s insides and clitoris made her body ablaze.
Tremble, tremble, Ashe-san’s lower body starts trembling and her slender legs flap in the air, before long──

“Ku…… fu, aaah…… an, u, fuu…… uaaah…… oo……!”

Finally, with a loud moan, Ashe-san’s body leaned back into an arch.
I couldn’t even imagine her usually clever, composed face, to look indecent and wild like this.

“Haa, haa, haa, haa……”

Ashe-san is breathing heavily while her lower body still trembles in the lingering pleasure.

“Fuu, I came so easily. I haven’t felt so good in a while.”

She stares at me with her beautiful, wet eyes contentedly.

“Then, I will make you feel comfortable this time, okay?”

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