Chapter 44

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Temptation of the Female Magician – Part 3※
“I have plentily shown you my place, now I will have you show me yours.”

I stand up near the bedside and Ashe-san kneels in front of me.
She extends her white hands and slowly takes down my trousers.

Half-wrapped in a daze and half wrapped in obscene feelings of expectation, I look down at the scene without moving.

“My, becoming like this. Young children are amazing.”

Ashe-san’s stare is sparkling at the sight of my naked symbol.

Her stare hungry for sex is clearly different from Claire’s and Racine’s virgin stare.
The lewd feelings of doing ecchi things with an experienced older woman quickly intensify.

Moreover, when thinking that the partner is a married woman, I can feel the strong excitement in my hips, and my dick skillfully grows.

Bikun, bikun, Ashe-san gently grabs my full erected throbbing penis in both hands.
Her cold touch comfortably transmits to my meat stick.

“It’s hot and hard.”

Ashe-san sighs deeply.

“It’s already unbearable for you, right? There’s an indecent soup dripping out from the point, you know?”

She lightly blows breath on the tip.

“N, kwu…… u.”

I moan without thinking.

Precum is already leaking from the tip of the glans, she gently strokes it which makes my dick sweetly numb.
Bikun, bikun, my symbol is vigorously throbbing in Ashe-san’s hands.

“How sensitive. Then, let me make you feel even more comfortable.”

When she says so, Ashe-san starts slowly moving her hand up and down.
The so-called handjob.

The friction of her hand stroking gently my pole, makes me want to escape.

“O…… u…… fu, a…… ah.”

I bend back and pant.

It’s a handjob of someone familiar with the needs of man.
Ashe-san uses my precum as a lubricant, she lubricates my whole penis and increases the speed of her hand.

“How is it, Abel-kun? Is it comfortable?”

Ashe-san looks into my face with a lewd smile.

“Wa, yes…… very much…… o…… ua……”

I nod many times while letting out an excited voice.
Her bewitching smile seems to make my heart want to explode.

While staring at me, waiting for a reaction, Ashe-san didn’t stop her handjob even for a moment.

Her hands going up and down on my pipe brings an exquisite feeling of friction and pressure at the same time.
The rejoicing of my meat stick gradually corrodes my hips.

In her soft hands, my meat stick is happily erected.
Dokun, dokun, it continues to throb in pleasure, making me feel like I’m going to explode from inside.

“Uu…… ooo…… ama, zing…… kuaaaa……!”

The physical stimulation should be the same as masturbation, but when my penis is rubbed in her graceful fingers and palms, the stimulation belongs to a totally different dimension.
The stimulation like an electric current pierces from the pole through buttocks to my toes, I don’t have enough strength to stand anymore.

“It, it feels, too go…… od, u…… u……!”

I laugh at my wobbly knees.
I desperately hold, trying not to fall down.

However, that was only futile resistance.

From Ashe-san’s skillful fingerwork, my penis is quickly standing at the peak.
I am hardly able to endure the rapid feeling of ejaculation.

“Gwu…… u…… soon, coming…… kuaaa.”

Together with my halation words, I realize that the time of ejaculation has come.
Before long, I will approach my limit and a large amount of semen will probably surge out.

With the obscene expectations, I look down at Ashe-san with sparkling eyes.

“You can’t let it out yet.”

The fingers which rhythmically rubbed my meat stick suddenly stopped.

“…… Eh……!?”

The feeling of ejaculation rapidly tones down.
Still, the pleasant sensation continues, and my penis was throbbing in Ashe-san’s hands on its own.

“Satisfy me over here properly.”

Ashe-san stands up and goes to bed again.
She takes a daring pose with her legs spear.

“A, Ashe-san……!?”

I stare at the female magician on the bed bewildered.

Ashe-san puts my hands on her thighs while maintaining an M-shaped pose with her legs.
As if showing off her secret garden to me.

Actually, I open my eyes wide and stare at Ashe-san’s place.

I can see all of her completely.
Rather, there’s no way my eyes can avoid such erotic sight.

Thanks to my cunnilingus before, her meat petals took a dubious diamond shape.
I can see a glimpse of the red flesh inside.
Hiku, hiku, it twitches without stopping as if inviting my invasion.


I couldn’t say anything else.
Is it all right for me to cross the line with a married woman? Such ethics are pointless in front of my desire.

This feeling of excitement flares up like a magma. It’s the same feeling of conquest I felt with Claire and Racine.
At the same time, the feelings of admiration and longing swell inside me.

I just want to embrace Ashe-san.
I just want to connect with the beautiful magician before me.

“Then, come, Abel-kun. Let’s connect quickly?”

Seeing Ashe-san inviting me with a smile, my reasoning is completely painted over.

“O…… oo……”

I mumble loudly and with the flared up impulse completely cover Ashe-san’s body with mine──

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