Chapter 45

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Temptation of the Female Magician – Part 4※
I stare at Ashe-san on the bed while holding my breath.

Distorted Knight clothes, skirt rolled up on her stomach, exposed nipples.
In addition, her panties are dangling on her ankle so her secret place is in plain view.

In a sense, it’s sexier than being completely nude.

“Well then, come. Abel-kun……”

Ashe-san invites me while waiting in an M-shaped pose. I position my hips between the two beautiful slender legs.
The missionary position allows me to fully enjoy Ashe-san’s beautiful body.

“Ashe…… san……!”

My meat stick jumps up on its own.
I rub off the precum on Ashe-san’s secret place while positioning for insertion.

When I push my hips forward, the glans overenthusiastically slides on the wet crevasse.

“Don’t rush. I will support you.”

Ashe-san soothes me who started panicking.
I adjust the position of my waist.

I will insert it properly this time.

My excitement is driven further and I point my tip against the hole one more time.


Both I and Ashe-san leak out a moan at the mutual pleasant touch of our genitals.
I can understand that the wet hole perfectly fits my glans.

I want to enter Ashe-san quickly──

After confirming that my aim is perfect, I stare at her again.
If I push forward, we will be connected──My obscene expectations rose to the maximum and the core of my waist started throbbing.

“Abel-kun, please pierce me with all your might using your strong thing.”

“Wa, yes.”

I push my hips just as I was told to.

Gu…… chiyuuuu……!

My dark red glans pushes through the thick petals and slips inside.
Half of the glans slips inside, the flesh creases coil around me and pull me further and further inside.

It feels different from Claire and Racine.
It is a feeling of a captivating vagina with rich experiences.

“U, oo…… ku, fuu.”

I can’t help, but moan at the sweet pressure and suction visiting my meat rod.

I only pushed my hips lightly, yet Ashe-san’s place steadily pulls me inside.

The slippery feeling is transmitted through the skin of my penis.
Most likely because of the love fluids, it’s a very soft and slippery vagina which is melting me in pleasure.

“Uaa…… Inside Ashe-san, so warm……!”

I’m intoxicated by the pleasant and comfortable sensation.

I put weight on my lower part of the body and quickly insert it in.
Almost without resistance, I’m quickly and quietly accepted inside.

“Fuaaaa…… aun.”

After penetrating up to the root, Ashe-san lets out a delicate scream.

She suddenly bends her back and her whole body starts trembling.
It seems immersed in the aftertaste of insertion.

“Fuu, it’s amazingly big. Abel-kun’s……”

Ashe-san looks at me with entranced expression.

“Go on, please come. Let’s feel good together?”

Ashe-san says lewdly.

This time, my partner is not a virgin like before.
It’s an older woman with a rich sexual experience.

Can I properly satisfy her? Such thoughts flash across my mind.
However, more than that, the feelings of wanting to fully savor the taste of this slippery flesh walls excels.

“I’m going to start moving, Ashe-san……!”

After exclaiming in excitement, I begin moving my hips.

Zuru, nuchiyu, the moist vagina starts making watery noises.
Thanks to the insides being plentily wet, I can move smoothly without any unnecessary resistance.

The flesh creases ambush me and tighten around my penis.

“N……! Oo, u, aah……!”

I could only raise my voice in excitement at the more than I expected pleasant feelings.
Wa, wa, I thrust my hips absorbedly like an animal during the mating season.

I bend my lower part of the body and put behind all my weight to dynamically strike Ashe-san’s abdomen with consecutive strokes.

“Good…… so good, your hips usage……!”

Each time I move my waist, Ashe-san responds.

After changing the angle of each thrust, I finally understood her sensitive points.
Although I was a virgin just a while ago, after having sex with Claire and Racine, I got used to it more or less.

Although I had sex only three times.

But at the same time, I gained a lot of experience.

“U, ku…… fu, a…… ah…… n……!”

I continue moving my piston while indulging in the melting pleasant feelings of the vagina.

Like this──I think?

I watch Ashe-san’s reaction while changing my thrusts.

“Ah, aun, more…… more, harder…… yes, like that……!”

Her beautiful face became slightly redder than before.

The corner of her eyes dropped.
Ashe-san feels good when I attack her like this──

I can now tell when there’s a change in my partner’s expression.
Let’s try attacking the same point again.
I repeat the insertion from before.

“An, n, fu, o……! Aah…… there, o…… afuu……!”

Guri, after devoting myself to intensively attack that point, Ashe-san’s body starts violently twitching.

It’s this place after all.

I have heard before that there’s a G-spot near the ventral inner wall.
That there are a few women who feel it there very much.

After recalling the uncertain knowledge of my previous life, I practice by thrusting my hips.

“No…… aah……! Just, attacking my sensitive, place…… Although, you look so innocent…… so skilled…… ya, waa…… nn……”

After attacking Ashe-san’s G-spot relentlessly, her clever expression gradually vanishes.
She starts heavily breathing while absentmindedly staring at me with her unfaithful face.


“Fu, waa…… aah…… un…… moree……”

Ashe-san suddenly stretches out her arms while panting heavily.

Eh? She pushes my chest and I fall down on my back.

Ashe-san skillfully adjusts her waist and quickly changes her posture.

Ashe-san straddles me while I’m lying on my back.
From missionary to cowgirl.

“I will move this time. I will not let you let it out so easily, you know?”

Ashe-san’s smiling face is full of lewdness.
When she pushes her arms against my chest, Ashe-san’s small breasts softly shake.

The next moment, her waist starts violently sliding.
This grinding must be unique to experienced married women.

“N, fa…… aah…… after all, so good, your penis──”

Ashe-san’s perfect bowl-shaped bust is enchantingly bouncing, while she rolls her hips in all directions.
That movement is operating together with Ashe-san’s vagina which tightens around my penis, creating an exquisite pressure.

“U, ooo…… b, bad…… aa, uu…… Ashe-san, feels so good…… n.”

Creases strongly coil around my whole pole.
It assertively rubs on the head.

She changes her movement, again and again, stimulating my sensitive point, making my symbol feel like it’s melting.

Zuchiyu, kuchiyu, guchiyuguchiyuuuu……!

The amount of love juices increases and my meat rod becomes more and more slippery.
I feel sweet itching on my cock while inside the moist vagina.

“Uaa, o, ah…… fuaa…… auu……”

I raise a pathetic frail voice.
My whole waist feels too good.

“Fufufu, it seems that you like it inside me? You seem to have little experience, therefore, I will teach you the pleasure of a proper sex──”

Ashe-san looks down at me with a mysterious smile.

The initiative is completely seized by my partner.
Connected with such a beautiful woman, is totally different than being connected with the innocent Claire and Racine.

It’s kind of “Oneesan will teach you” situation.
There’s no way I wouldn’t be excited──

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