Chapter 40

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A Sharp Remark
It seems that Ashe-san wanted to talk with me about the incident from four years ago.

“That’s all I wanted to talk about. I’m sorry for taking up your time. Then, let’s go to the welcome party.”

We left the headquarters with Ashe-san’s urging.
The restaurant is about 10 minutes away on foot from here.

An incident happened on the way to the restaurant.

There’s a huge crowd on the main street.
There’s a lot of noise coming out from the crowd──and an angry roar.

“…… Did something happen?”

Ashe-san frowns and heads to the direction of the crowd.
I follow her.

When I push the crowd aside in order to advance,

“D, don’t move!”

A man with bloodshot eyes seized a little girl.
He holds a knife against her neck.

It looks like a robbery judging by the atmosphere……

“Huh? That guy from before──”

I have seen this man with dangerous eyes on my way to the office.

To think he would really commit a crime……
No, first thing first, I should think of a way to save that girl.

“Stop right here.”

Ashe-san walks before the man gallantly.

“Don’t approach me!”

“Release the girl. This is the sacred capital of Her Majesty the Queen. As a member of Knight’s Order, I won’t permit such intolerable behavior in this place.”

Ashe-san says nobly.


The man keeps his mouth shut as if overwhelmed by pressure.

However, the knife against the girl’s neck is still being pressed.
In addition to his excited state, after being pushed to the corner, he may stab the girl to death on impulse.

“…… Stand back. I will figure it out somehow.”

Ashe-san tells me while matching her eyes with the man’s.

“W, what, you!”

“Release that child.”

Ashe-san demands once again.
Cool as ice attitude without the slightest feeling of unrest.

This looks like a good turning point.
For the time being, just in case of emergency, if Ashe-san falls in a dangerous situation, I will prepare mentally to help her with magic at any time.

──But, such worries end immediately.

“Crystal sanctuary, the cool-headed ruler who goes beyond the snow, ice ivy, extend your freezing thorns.”

The incantation which comes out of Ashe-san’s lips sounded like a beautiful melody sung by an opera singer.

They are all magicians, but it’s totally different from Gaizas and Rado.
A clear voice that can make one listen in ecstasy.

“Freezing Boundary – Icicle Barrier.”

A white whip extended out from her palm.
The whip coils around the man’s feet and changes into thorns of ice.

“U, uwaaaa!? W, what the hell is this!?”

“You have just been restricted with my freezing spell. Feel relieved as it will not take your life.”

Ashe-san states plainly.

“S, shit……!”

The man struggles in an irritated state.

“Useless. The more you struggle, the more the ice will coil around your body.”

While I am being fascinated with such cool Ashe-san,


When the man uses more power, the thorny part of the ice makes a high pitched sound, breaks and scatters.

“Magic Resistance – Resist……!?”

Ashe-san frowns.

Resist? What is that?
But that was all to that man’s resistance.

“U, uwaaaa…… What is this, again……!?”

The thorn which broke reformed immediately to even stronger state and restrict the man again.
The man stopped stirring around as if resigning himself.

“Isn’t the Knight’s Order only a royal family’s dog…… Damn it.”

The man throws out a sharp parting remark.

“Even though you have so much energy to use against citizens like me, in front of the Empire you will run with tails between your legs.”

“…… I wonder what you mean?”

“What I mean is that the Knight’s Order which becomes dull from peace doesn’t stand a chance against the Empire! Don’t those fellows not pardon those who oppose them? Men are killed, women are raped──They have ruined several countries in such a way.”

“We are here in order to prevent that from happening.”

Ashe-san’s expression lessens, then becomes very sharp.

“…… To think such a thing happened in a glorious royal capital Gloria. Truly deplorable.”

Ashe-san exhales while staring at the robber being dragged off by the royal guards.

The commotion in the neighborhood still remains.
In that commotion, voices praising Ashe-san could be heard.

“That is the Knight’s Order……!”

“A great beauty……!”

“Furthermore, she somehow has an erotic aura……!”

I agree for the most part.

“I happened to come across a robbery and arrest the culprit three days ago too but……”

Ashe-san sighs again.

“…… Capital is unexpectedly dangerous.”

“It has been dangerous only these past three months.”

Ashe-san responds to my words.

“Rumors of the Empire’s invasion spread among the common people. Prices of commodities are rising in price because of uneasiness. The public order has also deteriorated. The number of crimes has risen by 40% in the past months……”

She says while frowning.

A beautiful face of a worried captain of knights.
Yep, perfect for a picture, I’m having improper thoughts while looking at the attractive sight.

“Let’s pull ourselves together and hurry. Everyone must be tired of waiting.”

Ashe-san lightly shook her head and smiled at me.
After coming across a terrible incident, I and Ashe-san arrived at the restaurant.

The party has already started.

“It’s not any of your business to talk about me still being a virgin at this age. I’m just waiting for my knight on a white horse. Really…… Maiden’s dream, everyone had one…… *grumble*”

When I enter the room in the back which was reserved for us, Veronica-san was surrounded by Claire and Racine.

“A, haha……”

“It’s all right, Veronica-sama. I’m sure a good person will appear soon~”

Claire and Racine gently comfort Veronica-san.

“Is that true!? Is that really true!? T, that’s right, priests are good oracles, right? My luck regarding marriage this year──”

“Sorry to keep you waiting, everyone.”

Everyone turned around after hearing Ashe-san.

“Ah, Captian. Thank you for your hard work.”

“Aren’t you late, Ashe? I’m almost already drunk. Hey, you drink too.”

“…… (Pekori).”

Lil, Veronica-san and Dita all had a different reaction.

“Sorry for being late. I had something I wanted to ask Abel-kun.”

Ashe-san lowers her head lightly.

“Then, once again. Let’s start our welcome party for our newcomers Abel-kun, Claire-san, Racine-san. Three of you, welcome to the Assault Magic Corps’ Third Unit. Let’s get along from now on.”

──The party restarted just like that.

With only me and Ashe-san able to hold sake properly, it was a harmonious atmosphere.

“Listen, I’m not unpopular, only the men have bad eyes. Although I won’t lose against other women with my face and style…… Why am I the only one unpopular… uu.”

“Don’t cry, Veronica-san. Your Prince Charming will surely appear.”

“Veronica-sama is such maudlin drinker I see, there, there, there.”

Claire and Racine are trying to cheer up Veronica-san who burst out in tears.

“………… (Mogumogu)………… (Pakupaku).”

Dita ate the food displayed before her silently with shining eyes.

“Please treat me kindly from now on, Abel-kun.”

Lil came to me while holding a bottle of sake in one hand.
By the way, in this country, drinking alcohol is OK at 15 years old.

“Please treat me well too, Lil.”

An unknown sweet scent floated together with Lil’s bottle of sake.
Although we are both men, I’m surprised.



What, right now──When Lil came near me, a strangely soft thing hit my arm.


Lil separates his body in a panic.

His cheeks and the sharply pointed ears turned red.
Moreover, he hides his chest for some reason.

Why is this fellow getting shy?
Even though we are both men.

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