Chapter 39

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A Case From Four Years Ago
──After we finished our introductions, Ashe-san taught us various things about the Knight’s Order.

Knight’s Order serves as a shield in times of war, and they protect public order in times of peace.
It feels like a military mixed with police?

Regarding the wages in dangerous times…… I didn’t pay too much attention, so I don’t remember much.
And when the businesslike explanation was over,

“Then, fresh recruit-sans. Shall we go for a meal together? I have a reservation in the nearby restaurant.”

Veronica-san suggests.
Is this a welcome party for new recruits?

“Claire, Racine, get ready to go.”

…… Huh, what about me?

“Men are unnecessary.”

Veronica-san spat out while looking at me.

“…… I’m sorry, Veronica-san is extreme men-hater.”

Lil whispers to me with a guilty expression.

No, aren’t you a man too?
Why am I the only outcast?

“It’s okay, Veronica-san is a good person from nature…… But then there’s that…… Kind of.”

Oi, you can’t follow-up!?

“A, anyway, she will open up to you sometimes.”


I hardly think so, though.

“…… Probably. Maybe. That would…… nice, right……”

Why have you become timid all of sudden!?

“I’m sorry, Abel-kun. You stay behind. Let’s go together afterward.”

Ashe-san said.
Stay behind?

“There’s something I want to talk to you about. Please accompany me for a while.”

“What, I thought I was being ostracized. To be the only one not invited to the welcome party, as expected I wouldn’t be able to handle such treatment from the first day.”

“……………… I don’t remember inviting you though.”

I’m outcast after all! I have become an outcast!

Rather, won’t you stop lazily muttering from behind, Veronica-san…… You are scary.

When Claire and the rest left, only me and Ashe-san remained in the room.

Just me and a blooming beauty in one room…… My heartbeat is rising.

Ashe-san gently lifts up her silver hair over shoulders.
The fragrance that drifts in the air is different from Claire’s and Racine’s it smell of an “Adult woman”.

Ah, I’m getting more and more excited.

“I’m sorry for having you stay behind.”

As if noticing my nervousness, Ashe-san says in a serene tone.

“What did you want to talk about……?”

“I read your documents, you are a person from Eiha village, right?”

Ashe-san asks.

“There was a case four years ago in your village. Do you remember it?”


What happened again?

“A case about a mountain vanishing. An investigation group was dispatched from the capital, have you forgotten?”

“Ah, there was something like that……”

I nod while startled.

Of course, I know about it, it was my work after all.

When I awakened to magic──
Because I couldn’t control the magic power yet, the magic bullet I fired leveled a mountain.

Right, right, I gradually remember.

Was there such a big fuss about it?
Certainly, investigators came soon after that.

“That time, I was one of the investigators.”

I got slightly surprised at Ashe-san’s words.

So, Ashe-san was at our village that day?
Of course, that time we weren’t acquainted, even if we met I probably already forgot.

“Spontaneous Magic disaster…… The investigators concluded it as such, but I couldn’t accept that. Even now, there are many things that we don’t know about magic. Magic is extremely unstable causing. Thousands of years of recklessly exercising magic, of course, there would also be cases of failure──That is the so-called Magic disaster.”

“Hee, something like that happened.”

“…… These are the basics of basics in magic.”

“I, I’m sorry, I, I am ignorant in this area……”

I flinched unconsciously after being overwhelmed by Ashe-san’s stare.

“Anyway, I thought about it this way. This case may have been caused artificially. In other words, a powerful magician blew away the mountain with his magic.”

Somehow…… Ashe-san’s staring eyes are sparkling.
Furthermore, she talks so enthusiastically.

“T, the world is wide after all. A very strong magician, umm fired offensive magic while practicing, and blown away the mountain?”

“The use of ‘Large-scale Magic’ is strictly controlled. It’s illegal to perform such act without a license.”

Eh, magic had such a law!?

Then, what I did was an act of crime?
…… Well, I have deeply regretted my actions and apologized for the inconvenience to the landowner.

“Let’s put the law aside for now. It isn’t such a big problem.”

Ashe-san continues her story while staring at me as usual.

“One whole mountain disappearing──I have never seen or heard about such magic. There is a description of a magician who could manipulate Magic disasters in the ancient documents, but that’s only talk of myths and legends.”

What I did was on such a high level?

When I awakened to my magic talent, I had a feeling that I could be considered a genius.
But, actually──I don’t understand the levels of other magicians well enough.

After overpowering Empire’s Magicians twice, I realized that I’m quite strong.

“If by any chance that was a work of Empire’s Magician, our Kingdom’s war potential is not enough to stop it. No, no army around the world wouldn’t be able to stop that. If that Magician appears, every military around the world would be powerless, and destroyed──”

Ashe-san continues.

“Say, Abel-kun. Do you know something? You lived in that village, right? I’m okay with gossip. If you have some information, I want you to tell me.”

She leans over.

Her sweet fragrance drifts to the tip of my nose.

I can feel the adult woman’s pheromones from a while ago──
I stiffened without knowing how to reply.

“If such a magician exists, it’s necessary to check his identity by any means. Will he become harm to our kingdom or a benefit?”

The glint in Ashe-san’s eyes sharpens.
I inquire while feeling nervous as one would expect.

“If he becomes harm……?”

I swallow my saliva.
Mental strain fills me up without realizing it.

“Erase──That’s the only way. No matter how.”

A clear killing intent appears in Ashe-san’s eyes.

At that time──
A threatening premonition crawled on my spine.

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