Chapter 38

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Welcome to the Assault Magic Corps
The interior of the office is simple, it is a businesslike room with a desk and some chairs in the center.

How to say this…… It’s more public office-like than I imagined it would be.
No, a workplace should look like this?

I have not found a job in my previous life, so I don’t have any work experience.

Three people in white knight clothes were inside the room.

The first one was a girl reading a book by the window.
Her built is smaller than Racine’s and she is baby-faced, she looks like an elementary school student.
I don’t know her real age, but she may be older than me.

Her cyan hair complimented her lovely facial features.
Her pupils each carried a different color of money one was silver the other was gold──The so-called odd eye.

The odd-eyed girl sat on a chair by the window and read a book.

“Please, take care of me from now on. I’m Claire who just been assigned here.”

“I’m Racine. Please treat me well.”

Claire and Racine introduced themselves with smiling faces.
She finally noticed us and put down her book.

“………… (Stare).”

“H, hello.”

I give a nervous greeting.

“………… (Pui).”

The girl glanced over here and returned her eyes back to her book silently.

…… I got ignored.

I pull myself together and turn towards the other two.
The second in the room was a youth who was restlessly tidying up the room.

“Oh my, it’s an elf.”

Racine says.

Elf──That well-known thing in fantasy.

I have heard a rumor about them in the village.
That, the elves in this world boast of higher magic power and life span greater than humans.

His features are so beautiful one could mistake him for a girl.
He has blonde long short hair.
When I observe more closely I can see his ear tips pointed like a knife.

“It seems the new recruits came. I’m called Lil. I look forward to working with you!”

The elf bishounen greeted us with a brisk tone.

Oh, this one has good amiability.
His personality seems good, looks like we could get along well.

“Best regards, I’m Abel──”

“Why did a man came!? Don’t come closer, your germs will transfer on me!”

The last one opened her mouth while doing my self-introduction.

A woman probably in her thirties wearing glasses was glaring at me.

Her black hair is casually tied up in a bundle, she glared at me with her sanpaku eyes.
Her plump lips are awfully sensual.
Her figure slightly plump, her huge breasts were pushed up like rockets──No, it may be correct to describe them as enormous breasts.

“Look, just now, he was staring at my breasts with an indecent look!”


“I, I wasn’t looking……”

My eyes were just naturally drawn to the melon-sized bust. I avert my face in a rush.

“Stop lying. Don’t try to deceive me. I certainly felt your lewd eyes looking all over my body.”

No, I didn’t look that much!?

“If you come closer, I will burn you to ashes.”

What a bad joke──Or not, her eyes were serious.
It’s so serious that even killing intent floats from her body.

“Veronica-san, please calm down.”

“…… Hmph.”

To interrupting Lil, the glasses woman called Veronica acted like a spoiled child.

“In the first place, isn’t that elf also a man?”

I compromised with Veronica-san unconsciously.

“Do not approach me, I warned you.”

Veronica-san swears in front of everyone.
The glint in her eyes became even sharper.

“Cut, blade of Hades, burning sword of Purgatory──From the other side here, red to silver, black to gold, the coffin which leads to nothingness──”

She began chanting all of sudden.
Ano…… You are joking, right?

“Flame Princess’ wailing – Banshee Flare!”

The next moment, a vortex of flame comes out of her hands.

──Hey, wait a secooooooond!?

I instantly invoked my chantless defense spell out of surprise.

A dome-like barrier forms around me.
Veronica-san’s flame instantly vanished the moment it touched the barrier.

“Wh…… at……!?”

A look of surprise appeared behind Veronica-san’s glasses.

I couldn’t use the same spell I used against Gaizas “Shield of Protection – Aegis Sphere” since it could hurt Claire and Racine.
Therefore, I used the defensive magic of different types.

It absorbs the opponent’s magic and completely nullifies it.
I call this fellow “Shield of Absorption – Void Sphere”.

I certainly can’t absorb extreme energy like Dragon Breath, but I can completely nullify a spell like this.

“Amazing desuu. To completely negate advanced level fire spell like that…”

Racine held breath back in the rear.

“Veronica-san, please fix your habit of going berserk when meeting a man for the first time……”

The elf boy is blinking in surprise while smiling wryly.
He settles it with a brief comment, this fellow might have an unexpectedly nice personality.


The odd-eyed girl doesn’t look this way.
She’s completely immersed in reading mode.

Every one of them, what’s their problem?
The people here are──

“W, what are you doing all of sudden!? An ordinary guy would be roasted to death!”

Of course, I protest first of all.

“Bacteria should be burnt.”

She answers calmly.

Fun, the glasses woman puffs out her chest.
My eyes glued to the bouncing plump breasts instinctively.

…… After all, enormous.
Ah, nono, now is not the time for this.

“It’s her way of greeting. It’s okay since she held back.”

I heard a voice from the rear.

No, no matter how you look at it, this person can’t hold back.
She was fully determined to burn me to death.

While thinking so, silver-haired beauty came in.

Her white limbs are in perfect balance with the knight clothes.
Ashe Vermillion.
Captain of the Third corps, and the person who drew us over to this unit.

“Welcome to the Assault Magic Corps.”

Ashe-san smiles elegantly.

“How are our members? Did you opened up a little to each other?”

How could she think that we have opened up to each other from the exchange a little while ago?

“I will explain again, Abel-kun, Claire-san, Racine-san.”

Ashe-san turned towards us.

“This is the headquarters of the Third Assault Magic Corps unit. From today, you three are assigned to a special unit fighting against the Magic Empire.”

Special unit…… Oo, that sounds somewhat cool.

My boy’s heart is tickling or.
A man’s romance.
Somehow, I’m getting fired up!

“? You look awfully delightful, Abel-kun.”

Ashe-san looked at me suspiciously.

“N, no, it’s nothing.”

“I’m your captain, Ashe Vermillion. This is vice-captain Veronica Las.”

“Best regards, Claire, Racine. Let’s get along from now on.”

The glasses woman smiles at the two.
She then suddenly glares at me with a sour look.

“……………………………………………………………… I don’t intend to get along with you in particular. Haah.”

Low tension!?
The difference in tension between man and woman is too different!?

Moreover, she sighed with all her might.
Shit, it doesn’t seem like I can get along with a person like that.

She has enormous breasts, though.
My eyes are staring at the enormous breasts on its own, though.

“Next is, Lil. As you can see he is an Elf.”

“Please, take care of me~”

Lil-kun greets us with a refreshing smile.
Unlike a glasses woman from somewhere, he has a good attitude.

“As for her, she is Dita Berg.”

“………… (Pekori).”

As usual, while reading, Dita raised her head and slightly lowered her head in silence.
Taciturn after all.

“Are these three the last addition to the third corps?”

“Yes, for now, the seven of us are going to operate as the third Attacking Magic Corps.”

Ashe-san responds Veronica-san’s to question.

“These three defeated the magician from the Empire in Rashuka City a week ago. They will surely become a great force.”

“Ah, where the Steel Dragon appeared……”

Veronica-san mutters.

“To be able to defeat an SS rank monster. I’m more and more interested in you, Claire, Racine.”

She smiles at the two and glares at me.

“……This fellow will probably be a hindrance.”

No, the one who defeated the Steel Dragon was me, me!

“Anyhow, we should be glad that we have three more reassuring friends.”

Ashe-san followed-up in an adult-like manner.

Therefore──This is my workplace from now on.

One honest and proper Captain.
One respectable soldier.
Two not decent soldiers.

Plus Claire and Racine.

Is this the typical “Company relationships are hard” thing?
Is this the stormy seas of society?

Can I do it properly?…….

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