Chapter 37

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Royal Capital Gloria City
One week has passed since the battle in Rashuka City.

The people who played a great part against the Empire’s Magician (in other words me and Racine), passed without waiting for the results of the interview.
Furthermore, Claire was assigned to the same corps as me and Racine──In short, we will be working in the same unit from now on.

Then, on the first day of our new job.
I, Claire and Racine met on the main street.

Royal Capital Gloria City──

Noise and excitement.
On the main street are people, people, and even more people.
A luxurious carriage occasionally passes through.

If we go by, this world’s standards, it’s certainly a big city.

“Rashuka also has big streets, but this place is even more amazing……”

“It’s Aisha Kingdom’s capital after all. As expected, the number of people here is great.”

It seems that Claire is used to it.
This is the city in which Claire enrolled at school after all.

“But, it seems the number of people here is decreasing recently.”

“Decreasing? Why?”

“That is──”

When Claire started to talk,

“Fu~, Fu~, Fu~”

I heard rough breathing nearby.

“…… Hey, what!?”

That was surprising.
A man with bloodshot eyes and rough breathing passed by me.

“W, what’s with him……”

His eyes looked dangerous.
It looked like he would commit a crime at any moment.

“Th, that was a little scary…… desuu.”

Racine clung to my right hand with a frightened face.

Mugyuu, her soft chest is pressing on my upper arm.
Yep, this is a good feeling.

I grin unconsciously.

“…… Fawning over it.”

Claire glares at me with a sullen face.

“? What are you angry about, Claire.”

“I’m not angry.”

No, you are clearly angry.

“I’m just, that…… ummm, I’m just worried that Racine will fall victim to Abel’s poisonous fangs, that’s all.”


“Racine is pure. I don’t want her to be dyed with your muddy, full of lust color.”

“Would you stop comparing me to a lust demon!?”

“Are you not a lust demon?”

Don’t ask with such a straight face……

“…… I mean, didn’t you do indecent things with Racine.”

Claire mutters with her face becoming more and more sullen.

No, that was a necessary ritual for magic restoration you know.
──Although we certainly did many indecent things, and it felt really good.

A scene of that time flashes through my mind and blood starts gathering in my lower part.

“Oh my, are you having trouble dealing with your appetite, Abel-sama?”

Racine looks up at me with upturned eyes when she saw through me.

“Trouble dealing with my appetite……”

That startled me.

“Natasha told me about it. If a man has trouble with his appetite, he will accidentally discharge it.”

Racine smiles.

No, that’s some extreme view on things, Natasha.
I tsukkomi’d for Natasha that I have never met.

“If I can somehow become useful to you, just say it. I want to become Abel-sama strength.”

After leaving Rashuka City, Racine started completely adoring me for some reason.

“You must not say silly things, Racine. You will get impregnated.”

“I told you to not talk about me like I’m a lust demon──”

“Are you not a lust demon?”

Don’t say it twice with such a straight face.
While I sighed, my eyes matched with the man with bloodshot eyes from before again.

“Fu~, fu~, fu~”

Whoah, he’s glaring at me with all his might!?

“Certainly, a bit creepy.”

While saying so, Claire snuggles to the other side.
Mugiyu, equally splendid elasticity and softness hit my other arm.

Oo, this is the finest quality feeling as well.

I have become sandwiched between Racine and Claire.
Yep, two blessings at once without a doubt.

I perked up my shoulders at the suspicious man who was glaring at me and left.

“Speaking of Gloria, it’s a symbol of peace and glory. It’s a city I admire, but……”

With a little-dejected expression, Racine stared at the man in the back.

“Somehow, the passersby are making me tense.”

“The public order in the Capital has deteriorated. Because of that, many people escaped to the nearby cities and the population decreased……”

Claire’s expression stiffened.

“Because of the war with Magic Empire, the citizens are feeling uneasy and the crime has increased. Because of that, the Knight’s Order is busy keeping the peace and order.”

“Knight’s Order work──Then, will I have to do such work too?”

No, because Attacking Magic Corps Slayer’s job is to fight against the empire, we won’t be doing such things as keeping the order?

To be frank, I still don’t understand the contents of the work.
It will be probably explained soon.

“You can see it now, Abel, Racine.”

Claire points at the front.

Compared to the surroundings, there was a huge, luxurious building.
It had a three spire design, it reminded me of a bird spreading its wings.

“That is the headquarters of Knight’s Order.”

Attacking Magic Corps.

A Knight Order’s special unit in the task of countering the Magicians of the Magic Empire.
After gathering talented people from all over the country, it was time to formally establish the corps.

The Attacking Magic Corps was assigned to the Third Corps.
After arriving at the headquarters, we were walking to the Third Corps’ office through a long corridor.

“To think that Abel became a knight, I couldn’t even imagine it when you were a child.”

Claire laughed softly.

“What was he like a child~?”

“I have left the village when I was seven, but Abel at that time had poor health and was made fun of by other children.”

Claire answers Racine with a distant look.

“Poor health…… You say? But, he can use such amazing magic.”

“I was keeping my magic power in secret the whole time.”

I answer dubious Racine this time.

“Because of my poor stamina, I was terrible at work in the fields…… I was made fun of.”

“After Abel repulsed the Empire’s Magician, everyone’s opinion suddenly changed though.”

Claire smiles.

“To hide such power all this time. I can’t even imagine it.”

I start recollecting.

That reminds me, when before I came to──What kind of relationship Claire had with the original Abel?
I heard a little about how she wasn’t conscious of the different gender at that time.

But now──What does she think of me now?

I have slept with her twice.
But, the first time was because of the village’s law, the second time, the mood was──There wasn’t lover-like sex even once.

I glanced at Claire for an instant.
Her unyielding expression was changed with a cheerful one──Her beauty is full of life now, different from her usual doll-like beauty.

She’s adorable after all.

“? Is something wrong, Abel?”

Claire notices my eyes and tilts her head to the side.

“N, no, it’s nothing.”

I shook my head in panic.

I’m fascinated with you. I can’t possibly say that.

In order to hide my embarrassment, I walk ahead.

There was a door at the end of the corridor full of paintings.

A phoenix was engraved in the center of the door, it’s a crest of Knight’s Order.
The office of the Third Corps is on the other side.

Now then, what kind of people I will be working from now on──

I opened the door slowly while feeling slight expectations and uneasiness in my chest.

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