Chapter 36

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The Broken Seal
A black metallic, gigantic figure, enveloped in a bright light is right in front of my eyes.
An SS rank monster──Black-Winged Steel Dragon.

After the Magic restoration ritual finished, I went together with Claire and Racine to the place where the dragon is sealed.
Roge-san the interviewer is with us too.

“It seems the seal wasn’t broken yet.”

The giant with metallic scales was sealed by Racine’s magic.
It doesn’t move an inch, just like a statue.

“No, I think it’s already at its limit.”

Racine shakes her neck.

“Eh, is that so?”

If you look carefully, the light around the dragon faded quite a bit.
I see, the seal may be broken at any moment.

“Then, should I defeat it right away?”

I step forward.。
It’s pretty easy to hit an opponent if it can’t move.

“We’ll be relying on you, Abel-dono.”

Roge-san says.
The brightness in his eyes looks like it can see through anything as always.

Alright, I will show you.
The power of my magic──

Rather than the interview, facing an SS monster with my magic is more comfortable.

“Abel, is your magic power all right?”

I nod with a grin at inquiring Claire.

“Yes, it has all been restored thanks to Racine.”

“…… I see, thanks to her.”

Claire hangs her head and mutters quietly.

N, what happened?
Claire’s expression is awfully grim.

“Someone other than me with Abel…… someone other than me… b, but, it was just a simple ritual.”


“I, it’s not like it’s love or something…… they didn’t do lewd things because of love…… yep, therefore it will be okay…… everything is fine……”

Claire keeps muttering in order to convince herself.
What will be all right?

“Even though Claire-sama said you weren’t lovers.”

Racine’s eyebrows lower a little bit.

“You were in such a relationship after all?…… Uu.”

What’s wrong with those two?

“I surely did something like that with Abel-sama because of the ritual but…… Claire-sama did the same thing because of the village law, right?”


Claire frowns at Racine’s words.
The two bishoujo glare at each other

They have been acting weird since a little while ago. Both Claire and Racine.
I am confused.

“It’s not like you love each other right?”


Claire and Racine’s eyes clash with each other and a spark seems to appear briefly.

“I, I offered myself of my own will. Though we were only childhood friends in the past, right now…… e, errr, anyway, it wasn’t just because of the law.”

“I also did it of my free will you know? If it’s this person, I will offer it to him. That was the intuition of a priest, and of a woman──”

What, what? What are you quarreling about?

I alone wasn’t able to understand, they left me like a mosquito behind the net.
And, right at that time,


All of sudden, a loud roar resounds from behind.


Turning my head in surprise, with a sound resembling shattering glass, the light that restricted the Steel Dragon suddenly vanishes.

“The seal──”

It was not the time to be preoccupied with Claire’s and Racine’s quarrel.
The Steel Dragon opens its mouth and a vivid light flows out from it.

“It plans to release the breath……!”

Shit, I should have defeated the dragon when I could.

Although I can protect Claire and Racine with the defensive magic, its effective range isn’t that wide.
It’s impossible to protect this whole neighborhood on my own against the breath.

A scene from a while ago when almost a third of the city was destroyed flashes through my mind.

What to do──!?

Roge-san should have already evacuated the people.
But I don’t know if everyone was able to escape. In the first place, the Chamber of Commence is in that direction.
There are knights on standby over there──

“This is it!”

I fly to the air with the flight magic.

The Steel Dragon looks at me in the air.
It seems like it changed its target from the street to me as planned.

While feeling relieved, the next moment,


The Steel Dragon opens its mouth and releases a dazzling beam of light.

I can smell the burning plasma in the atmosphere.
The powerful energy that makes space vibrate. It charges straight towards me.

Dragon Extinction Cannon – Dragon Breath──As the name suggests, it’s a destructive magic bombardment.

“But, it’s useless.”

The overflowing heat inside my body, the magic power──I sense it.
Even before the approaching light of destruction, I feel no fear at all.

“It’s okay, I can do it──”

I’m filled with confidence.
My fighting spirits overflows.

The Dragon Breath’s radiance swallows me.

一The beam flies right through me and explodes in the sky.


The Steel Dragon groans in confusion.

After the light from the explosion subsided it has noticed me flying in the sky unhurt.
As expected, even the Dragon Breath can’t pierce through my defense magic.

“It’s the end, Steel Dragon.”

I land on the Steel Dragon’s foot.
In order to not damage the surroundings, I activate my offensive magic at a slanting angle.

“Flash of Annihilation – Photon Blast!”

The released flash of light illuminated the surroundings in dazzling light.
The dazzling light swallowed the Steel Dragon’s head and the dragon’s head vanished without a trace.

“As expected of Abel-sama.”

Racine stares at me with fascinated eyes.

“SS rank monster一defeated in one move, what great power. From now on, you will save and protect even more people. In the end, you will become a Hero or even a Great Hero──I’m glad to be able to help such man.”

“I, is that so?”

That’s somehow embarrassing.

“You revived completely, huh.”

Claire laughs joyfully with a smile too.

“You are a formidable magician after all. You……”

Roge-san and the others looked at me with a pale face.

The joy and relief of defeating the monster.
And complicated expressions mixed with awe and fear.

Their frightened faces stuck in my heart a little.

“By the way, what happened to the examination?”

I ask Roge-san.

Right, that’s the biggest problem.
Because my future will be decided with it.

“The interview was interrupted, the interviewing hall is a mess……”

“──No, the examination is unnecessary.”

A cool voice sounds from behind.

When on earth did you appear?

It was a slim, tall woman wearing white knight clothes.
The length of her red skirt is so short it can be considered a miniskirt, her white thighs appeared to be shining, I’m unconsciously fascinated.


Roge-san raises his voice in surprise.

“I have received an emergency dispatch request and rushed here with flight magic but…… It seems I was one step too late. But that’s surprising. To think there would be a person who could defeat SS rank monster so easily.”

This woman called Ashe is breathtakingly beautiful.

She’s most likely in her late twenties.
Her facial features overflow with dignity and she has the air of a lady.
Her shoulder-length silver hair was sparkled in the sunlight.

“That, what do you mean that the examination is unnecessary……?”

“I was shown such power. Of course, it’s an unquestionable pass, right?”

An elegant smile appears on Ashe-san’s face.

“Anti magician military unit──’Attacking Magic Corps Slayer’ welcomes you.”

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Ecchi Products from Japan from J-List - Your Favorite Online Shop and Friend in Japan

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