Chapter 1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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In the private Umenotsuji High School, otaku is considered as one of the lowest existences.

There is no place for otakus in our school thanks to the Riajuu.

Of course, otakus receive the templated criticism.

Talking ill behind their backs, direct violence, drawing on their desks.

Slippers and light novels that were locked in the locker thrown away. Such is the fate of otaku in this school.

…… And I, Kamijou Takuma am the number one otaku in this school.

A friendly chat with friends during the breaks?

Lying on the desk and pretending to be asleep or something?

Surrounded by friends during the lunch break?

The very end of the male restroom on the second floor is my lunch place. Nobody goes near it.

I am an Otaku since Middle school, therefore it was over for me the moment I enrolled here.

One long year has passed since starting such High School life.

At the end of the school day, I packed my backpack at the lightning speed in order to go home──I was involved in some strange unthinkable summoning phenomenon.

Together with my pleasant classmates.

The so-called Class Metastasis.

When I came to, all 32 classmates including the teacher were in an awfully large and dim room.

Suspicious wizard-like people with hoods were standing before us.

A complicated and mysterious Magic circle was under their feet.

And as expected, an old man wearing luxurious clothes with a white beard (probably the King) said some shocking words.

“Welcome to our Kingdom!! Saviors of the world!!”

It goes without saying that agonizing cries and uproar was following after a while of silence.

The King splendidly ignored the cries of my classmates.

The Mazoku are invading our world, therefore I called you here.

You won’t be able to return home unless you defeat Maou.

After the cliché otherworldly summoning template, we were taken to a different room in order to verify our skills.

Those who were not from the Otaku world were scared and nervous, but I who read novels understood.

Most likely, they want to confirm what cheat abilities each of one us carries.

Sure enough, when the legendary wizard, the giant samurai appeared one by one, they raised their voices in joy.

I chuckled to myself.

I have already decided that in this development, I will be the one to receive the strongest ability.

My time finally came!

I check my skills while dancing in joy.

Kamijou Takuma

Inherent Skills

– Drilling (Hole digging)

…… Eh, just this?

Drilling…… Hole digging…… eh?

The King suddenly clapped my shoulder and said.

“There are high-quality magic stones in the soil in the outskirts. How about working there?”

To put it simply, I was demoted.

Or would it be better to say, getting rid of a nuisance?

The Homeroom teacher was desperately trying to stop it, but my classmates looked at me with coldly.

I was given a moderate amount of money and miscellaneous goods such as a blanket and forcibly driven out of the Royal Castle.

I was cursing at the sudden Hard Mode start, but I was also feeling relieved.

After all, I wouldn’t know what kind of eyes would my classmates look at me and my shabby skill.

They would most likely increase their tormenting of someone “inferior” to them.

Really, what a relief.

Farewell, my classmates, I won’t miss you!

…… Sniffle.

With such feelings, I went to the church in the outskirts to dig Magic stones.

“Which leads me here…”

A lone stone building on the top of a hill in the outskirts of the town.
I sighed unconsciously while looking at the building that could collapse anytime.

It indeed resembles a church, but the windows are cracked and some parts of the building are crumbling.

“Let’s go inside…… hey, are you for real? Even the door is disconnected.”

I slowly walk in while expecting the floor crumble under my weight.

The building is dark, small pieces of wood and glass are scattered around the floor.

The air is horrible because I’m not used to the dust, I immediately cough violently.

It’s hardly a place where people could live.

While dejectedly thinking that this place can’t do without before and after,

“….. Who, are you……?”

I hear a delicate voice from the rear so I turn around.

A thin, seemingly underweight girl looks at me while touching a pillar with both her hands.

The cat ears growing from her shoulder-length white hair implore that she is not a human, but a different race.


Her dirty body is wrapped in a something resembling a dust cloth. There are even some places stained by blood.

It’s painful just looking at her.

She looks like a victim of abuse.

“Hey, are you all right?”

The girl shrank her body in fright when I approached her.

“Fo, forgive me…… forgive me…… I will be good girl…… don’t hit me again…”

I look with shock at the girl trembling in fear with tears in her eyes.

I must show her first that I don’t mean any harm to her.

“It’s okay, be at ease. I won’t do anything.”

I bend on my knee and lower my eyesight to the girl’s level.

This is apparently effective against young children.

“You really…… won’t do anything?”
“…… You won’t hit me?”
“How could I do that?”

I heard from somewhere that smiling is reassuring.

I show her my smiling face.

Because I don’t use these muscles very often, my smile must be stiff.

“…… I, I’m called Tina.”

The smiles worked, and the girl──Tina introduced herself.

“Tina-chan, huh. What a nice name. I’m Kamijou Takuma, 17 years old.”
“Kamijou, Takuma……”
“It’s alright to call me by my first name.”
“U, understood…… Takuma, sama……”

To think she would use -sama.

I feel a little uneasy so I ask Tina about her situation.

“Is Tina-chan a child of this church?”
“No…… the church has closed a long time ago……”

To sum it up, Tina is a slave of some wealthy merchant.

Apparently, that man beats her and kicks her every day it seems that she also gets whipped.

It doesn’t seem like she was sexually assaulted, but bruises can be seen all over her exposed skin.

“Some time ago, I had a fever…… Because I was unworthy of medicine, I was thrown away…”

Then, she apparently came here.

Left without relatives, she quietly waited here for her death.

Hearing Tina’s tragic circumstances, my heart hurts unconsciously.

Thinking that this is completely normal in this world gets on my nerves.

Because I read numerous fantasy novels before, I have read several novels with a slave system.

All I can say is that “Slaves are supposed to be loved, not to oppressed.”

There’s no way I could leave this pitiful girl alone.

“For the time being, let’s treat your wounds.”
“Eh…… but……”
“Don’t worry about it.”

First, I pulled Tina by hand out of the dusty church.

I placed the perplexed Tina on a boulder of suitable size and took out the first-aid kit from the rucksack.

I look at Tina who is looking around, avoiding my gaze and begin the treatment.


…… Zun.

The quiet surroundings start slightly shaking.


An abyss where neither the sunlight nor the moonlight reaches.

In the dark, gloomy darkness, he slowly raises his chin.

His back resembling a mountain range shake violently.

If people witnessed his back, shining in the seven prismatic colors, just how many people in the abyss of despair would rise on their feet?

Ancient Dragon “Tempest”

Over 2,000 years ago, this dragon of calamity was sealed deep underground.

An S class monster. In other words, it possesses such degree of risk that a whole nation needs to put all their efforts in order to subjugate it.

He was earnestly sleeping in this place.

Yes, he WAS sleeping.


It’s not sleep-talking.

He certainly groans intentionally while showing his sharp fangs.

If he reigns, it’s certain that hundreds of thousands of people will die.

The possibility of that is rapidly increasing.

The effect of the seal weakened over the years.

And now, someone shocked the ground in which he was laying in.

These two misfortunes woke up his flames of destruction once again.

…… Zun. Zun.

The sound gets stronger and approaches.


The time to wake up is close, he can feel it.

The time to unleash his pent up fury is coming soon. His heart overflowed with excitement.

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