v3 Chapter 6

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Father’s Networking Relationship
I hardly knew any of my Father’s friends.

“Lord Diaz was a really excellent student in his school days.”

“My Father was?”

“To supplement, he has the talent to be liked by strange bugs.”


Did he have a disadvantageous talent?

“Yes, really bug-like man. Mainly His Majesty.”

“His Majesty… pardon?”

What now?
Did you say His Majesty?

“At that time, he was a plain, uncool, stubborn boy with a runny nose.”

“Duchess Heinsch…”

“No. Can you call me Oriana? Lord He-n-ry.”

Henry’s complexion was getting worse and worse.

“Lady Oriana.”

“It’s good to be honest. Let’s go back to the story.”


What did my Father do while he was in school?

“Lord Diaz was excellent from the beginning of his enrollment, but he was harassed by status-obsessed fools.”


“But he was smart and could endure without being directly retaliated against. Well, a scholar who hates power happened to witness it, and the stupid people were severely judged.”

I also attended the Royal Academy, so I understand.
The school is completely meritocratic and no misuse of authority is tolerated.


That being said, it’s not like there is no bullying.
It is a mammoth school size-wise, so it was impossible for teachers alone to thoroughly do everything.

“Lord Diaz was very caring at the time and took care of weak students and students with problems.”

“So, are you saying that those problematic students were royalty or students in the highest position in the country?”

“You are sharp. To be precise, they were students who have been removed from the heir selection and had nowhere to go.”


I didn’t quite understand the story.
After all, I heard that His Majesty was a son of a concubine, but he became Crown Prince and succeeded to the throne at the age of 18.

“What do you mean?”

“In short, it was a group of problem children who were geniuses, but couldn’t keep pace with others.”

That’s harsh.
How straightforward can she be?

“By the way.”


“I used to be one of them. I was selfish, self-centered, ignorant of the world, and foolish.”

Is there anyone who can say such terrible things about themselves?

“I hated everything around me. It was painful not to be understood by anyone.”

“Lady Oriana…”

“Even though she grew up in a blessed environment,” that’s from a third party perspective.
Other people’s environments may seem good, but only the person themselves knows the truth.

“Your father was truly wonderful.”


“Please be proud of him.”

I don’t know what kind of student life my Father had, but these words are true.
He is a Father I am proud of.

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