v2 Chapter 4

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I was surprised to hear out of the blue that she was going to adopt me.

“You want to adopt me?”

“You can’t go back to your parents’ house, and in case of emergency, I can protect you by saying that you are my daughter.”

I can’t believe that she has thought this far.

“I am not a noble, but I am a successful merchant. I have friends among nobles.”


“Mom, what are your true intentions?”

Contrary to my tears of emotion, Henry was skeptical.

“I wanted a daughter.”

“Let’s leave it at that. Marie, do you dislike it?”

“No… I’m happy.”

I am so happy that I can be my Mother-in-law’s daughter.

“It’s decided then.”

“Well… we planned on living together anyway.”

Thus, I was warmly welcomed by my in-laws, and after a discussion with a lawyer, they agreed to talk to the Ranfords on my behalf.

The Ranfords didn’t seem to have much interest in my affairs, and my Mother didn’t take the conversation seriously, telling me that I should do whatever I want through her proxy.

The only problem was that Father was away from home.

“A letter came. It’s from Viscount Ranford.”

“From Father?”

“Yes, he wants to discuss the adoption.”

Father wasn’t there when we were evicted.
I am sure that Mother was able to kick us out only because of Father’s absence.


“Marie, you need to tell Father-in-law everything.”


The only person in that house who was on my side was my Father.

(Marie, you don’t need to force yourself.)


(You are not Shepherd. You are fine as you are.)

It was my Father who was always there for me in my isolation.

“I have no attachment to that house.”


“But, Father is…”

My parents are not wealthy.
We were able to rebuild the fading family, but it was a difficult situation.

That’s why Father often had to leave the territory.
I felt sorry for bothering my busy Father and causing him trouble.

Three days later, I was able to arrange a meeting with Father.

“I apologize!”



When he saw us, he got down on his knees.

“Madam Anesia, how can I apologize for this?”

“Viscount Ranford, please raise your head.”

He bowed to Mother-in-law as well and continued to apologize incessantly.
I had never seen my Father like this before, and I couldn’t bear to look at him, but my Mother-in-law helped him up and told him what was happening.

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