Chapter 58

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After the Attack on the Ogre Settlement
It’s been a week since the attack on the Ogre settlement.
It seems that the Adventurers’ Guild was concerned about the absence of the Ogre General, despite there being an Ogre King. However, this concern hasn’t reached us yet.
Last time, things got complicated about the adventurer rescue mission, so they might not want to bother us again.
But when it comes to an opponent like the Ogre General, it’s impossible to face them with just a few inexperienced adventurers.
They seem to be struggling with how to conduct the search.
The above was the Miss receptionist’s information.

“Is there a possibility that we might receive another request?”

“Mmm… It’s unlikely, even though the receptionist mentioned it as a possibility. Technically, adventurers do have an obligation to assist the Adventurers’ Guild, though.”

“But isn’t that obligation supposed to be for imminent threats?”

“It seems like our Guild Master is trying to use that obligation, thinking that sheer force can solve everything. But there are exceptions in the adventurer’s regulations.”

“Um, there’s also an exception clause that allows adventurers taking escort requests to prioritize their escort duties, right?”

“Yes, there is. So, they seem to be trying to bind you, Lady Lily, using the adventurer regulations for the investigation. However…”


“First of all, the obligation to cooperate with the Adventurers’ Guild only applies to Blue-ranked and above adventurers.”

“It seems like they don’t understand that either…”

Up to the Green Rank, there are cases where traveling merchants and others acquire adventurer ranks to learn self-defense.
Therefore, for adventurers below the Green Rank, you can request their cooperation, but you can’t force them to comply.
Besides, I’m a Copper Merchant.
Being a Copper Merchant takes precedence over being a Green-ranked adventurer, so I can refuse cooperation requests without any problem.
Even if they were to revoke my Guild qualification, I still have qualifications with the Tamers’ Guild and the Trade Guild as my identification.
I did open a deposit account with the Adventurers’ Guild, but I’ve only used the one with the Trade Guild, so I don’t have any confiscated assets there.
In other words, no matter what that Guild Master says, I can ignore it as long as it’s not in our best interest.

“It seems the Guild Master also holds a grudge because we didn’t hand over the Ogre King’s sword to the Adventurers’ Guild. Ogre Knight swords and Ogre Magician staffs are somewhat obtainable, but the Ogre King’s sword is a rare among rare items.”

Apparently, not all Ogre Kings have the Ogre King’s sword.
It’s unclear why some individuals have it while others don’t, but those with the Ogre King’s sword are several times stronger.
I didn’t know this because I defeated them all with magic at once, but I later heard from Keuko and the others that even with all four of them against one Ogre King, they weren’t sure if they could win, especially if it was one with a sword.
The Ogre Kings with swords seem to be that formidable.
So, the sword is not only rare but also highly valued for its performance as a weapon.

I didn’t sell it because I had something else I wanted to do with it.
My goal was to experiment with using the Ogre King’s sword to make Keuko’s sword even stronger.
If it couldn’t be done, I could always sell it later.
And the result was that I was able to enhance it.
Keuko’s sword, including my enchantments, became a fearsome weapon with incredible sharpness.
Additionally, I experimented to see if I could create something like owner authentication using enchantments, and I succeeded in that too.
If someone other than me, the one who enchanted it, and Keuko tries to lift the sword, it becomes impossibly heavy.
The actual weight doesn’t change, but I ended up developing a convenient enchantment.
The enhancement of everyone else’s equipment is progressing as well, so our strengthening is perfect.

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