Chapter 54

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Rescue Requests from the Trade Guild
We left the Adventurers’ Guild and headed straight for the Trade Guild.
Then, through Alizée, we requested a meeting with Priscilla.
Alizée, noticing that I was angry, hastily arranged a meeting appointment with Priscilla.

“So, Miss Lily, what are you so angry about?”

“Well, you see…”

I told Priscilla everything about what had happened at the Adventurers’ Guild earlier without hiding anything.
Priscilla, upon hearing this, looked up at the ceiling as if she had a headache.
Alizée, on the other hand, was holding her head.
Seriously, what can they do about this?

“Well, okay, I understand the situation now. I will file a complaint regarding the Guild Master’s tyranny through the Trade Guild to the Adventurers’ Guild Headquarters. That should get things moving over there.”

“Understood. So, what should we do about this situation?”

“As for what to do, if there’s a chance of help, I’d like to send assistance from the Trade Guild. That’s the honest intention of the Trade Guild.”

“Trade Guild’s intention?”

“The Trade Guild handles all kinds of businesses, but we can’t underestimate the revenue from monster materials that come from the Adventurers’ Guild. Besides, if numerous Green Rank adventurers suddenly disappear, it will create a void in the city. We don’t want the underworld to take advantage of that.”

“I see. So, should we go to save them?”


“That’s the dilemma. You have no reason to go, but if we only send the Wildcat Claws, your protection will be gone, right? In that case, there might be people wanting to take an advantage of that and target you. So, we have no choice but to have you go for the rescue as well, Miss Lily.”

In the end, it was decided that I would participate in the rescue mission.
I felt a little guilty because I had rushed over without thinking.
However, I guess this is not the kind of world that cares about that kind of thing.

“In that case, I’ll go back to the Adventurers’ Guild to inform them about accepting the request…”

“No need to go. Let’s consider this request as a special designated request made by the Trade Guild.”

“Is that okay?”

“Of course, we’ll have the Adventurers’ Guild reimburse the full cost later.”

The business side of things seemed to be well taken care of.
As for the request fees, it was 200,000 Rubies each for the four members of Wildcat Claws, 300,000 Rubies for me as a danger allowance, and a 10,000 Rubies bonus for each adventurer rescued.
I wondered if it was okay to receive that much, but Priscilla said it would be paid by the Adventurers’ Guild, so it should be fine.

Furthermore, Alizée would also participate as my guard.
I’ve heard that she is quite strong, but I hope she’ll be okay.

We gathered information from the adventurers who survived and learned the location of the settlement.
We decided to head out for the rescue right away.
It’s best to start moving as soon as possible.

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