Chapter 53

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Green Adventurer Rescue Request
A few days after gathering information at the Adventurers’ Guild, we were summoned to the guild early in the morning.
I wondered what the matter could be, and when I went to the reception to ask, we were directed to a private room.
They must really want to keep this request out of the public eye.

“Thank you for coming.”

In the private room, we found the Guild Master of the Adventurers’ Guild in this city.
What… was their name again?
I’ve been going to the Trade Guild so often that I forgot.

“Apologies, but due to the urgency, I’ll get straight to the point. More than 20 Green-ranked adventurers have been captured within the Ogre settlement. We want you to rescue them.”

“Green-ranked adventurers…?”

“Yes, that’s right. A certain Green-ranked adventurer called upon fellow Green-ranked adventurers, and a group of over 30 went Ogre hunting. At first, they were doing well, defeating the Ogres, but gradually, their weapons started to wear out, and when they had taken down about ten Ogres, most of their weapons became unusable.”

Does that mean they weren’t maintaining their equipment properly.
Or did they go in without gear suitable for fighting Ogres?
Either way, that was careless.

“Afterward, the adventurers tried to flee, but only three of them made it. Some were eaten by the Ogres, and the rest were taken to the Ogre settlement.”

“Wait, has anyone actually confirmed this?”

Keuko interrupted the Guild Master’s explanation with a question.
However, the Guild Master seemed to have anticipated this.

“The adventurers who managed to escape saw the Ogres taking the others to their settlement.”

“They only witnessed it. They didn’t attempt to rescue them?”

“Their equipment was worn out and unusable. There was no way for them to help.”

Well, that makes sense.
It’s not like they abandoned their comrades, they just prioritized bringing back information.
But why did this story reach us?

“I’ve told you about this because it was none other than you, Lily, who was at the center of it.”

“Me? Why?”

“You, as a fellow Green-ranked adventurer, have been effortlessly defeating dozens of Ogres every day. Adventurers are creatures who naturally think that if you can gather enough people, they can do the same.”

“And that’s somehow my responsibility?”

“I didn’t say that. But it did start from there.”

How rude!
It’s true that I’ve been defeating Ogres, but I’ve always been aware of my own abilities.
I don’t want to be lumped up with reckless idiots who don’t know their limits!

“So, we’d like to request the rescue of those adventurers from the Wildcat Claws…”


“I decline.”


“We won’t accept such a request. Let’s go, everyone.”

As I stood up, everyone from the Wildcat Claws also stood up.
The Guild Master of the Adventurers’ Guild was in a panic when they saw this.

“Wait! I was about to request the Wildcat Claws for this! Why are you following Lily’s orders!”

“With all due respect, it would be wise for you to check the status of long-term requests of Red-ranked adventurers staying in the city. Wildcat Claws is employed as Lady Lily’s exclusive escorts. Since Lady Lily, our employer, has chosen not to take this request, we have no choice in the matter. We apologize, but that’s the way it is.”

“That would be a problem! There are hardly any other Red-ranked adventurers in the city right now! If you refuse…”

“That can’t be helped either. Simply hunting Ogres is different from attacking an Ogre settlement, especially while needing to rescue and bring back about 20 people on the way back. It’s not realistic.”

“… I could order a demotion of your adventurer ranks?”


The Guild Master of the Adventurers’ Guild began to use the adventurer qualifications of Wildcat Claws as a threat. But, that’s…
As expected, the assistant who had been listening next to him began to intervene to stop the Guild Master.

“Please calm down, Guild Master! That’s a clear violation of Guild ethics!”

“What’s wrong with that!”

“They have deep connections not only with the Adventurers’ Guild but also with the Trade Guild! If they contact the Adventurers’ Guild headquarters through the Trade Guild…”


It seems like the Guild Master here is the type who believes that everything can be resolved through force and doesn’t consider why rules exist.

“I’ll report what happened here today at the Trade Guild. Now, if you’ll excuse us.”

“Oh, please wait! What about the request!?”

“Our employer has refused it. Naturally, we cannot accept it.”

I feel sorry for the Green-ranked adventurers, but they have to accept the consequences of misjudging their own abilities.
In a world full of risk like this one, you can’t expect someone else to clean up your mess when you screw up so badly.

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