Chapter 55

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Rapid Assault, Ogre Settlement
We, who had received the request, pushed forward toward the settlement, aiming to take the shortest route possible.
Along the way, we encountered Ogres multiple times, but we managed to defeat them without much trouble.
We quickly retrieved the magic stones from their bodies because it seemed there was a risk of cannibalism if we didn’t, and we dug holes in the ground to burn the Ogre corpses.

Alizée used knuckles for striking and leg and knee guards for kicking to slaughter the Ogres.
She also used wind magic to cut the Ogres’ bodies and extract the magic stones, then used earth magic to open holes and throw the Ogre corpses into them before burning them with fire magic.
Why is someone like her in the Trade Guild, I wonder?
Anyway, we continued repeating this process, and by the time the sky had turned red, we could see the Ogre settlement below.

“That’s the Ogre settlement. It’s quite large, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is. We’ve raided Ogre settlements a few times before, but this is the first time we’ve encountered one this massive.”

“I see. Shall we attack all at once?”

“Let’s gather information first, Akumi.”

“Leave it to me.”

Akumi dashed down the hill and disappeared into the forest where the settlement was located. After about 30 minutes, Akumi returned.

“There are about 20 Ogres around the settlement. Including the ones inside, there are over 100 in total.”

“100 Ogres… There are probably high-ranking ones among them.”

“Without a doubt. If the scale were smaller, we could have just had Lady Lily observe, but it seems that won’t be possible.”

“I understand. What should I do?”

“First, use Talat’s threads to encircle the outer perimeter of the settlement. We don’t want any reinforcements coming in.”

“Alright. Anything else?”

“Please cast magic that can cover a wide area without destroying the buildings. We’ll take care of the weakened Ogres.”


“Understood. After that, I’ll join Talat and monitor the situation.”

“Thank you. Let’s go!”

The members of Wildcat Claws advanced into the forest ahead.
Talat and I followed them into the forest, filling the gaps between the surrounding trees with spider threads.
Along the way, we almost got spotted by an Ogre, but Talat covered its mouth before it could scream, and I penetrated its brain through the eyes, ensuring we went unnoticed.
As expected from an Ogre settlement, it was densely packed.

Once the settlement was completely isolated, it was my turn for a magic attack.
However, it was already dark, so I couldn’t maintain visibility.
Therefore, I started by casting a few fire attribute spells to illuminate the settlement.



Of course, the Ogres could tell that they were under attack, but I didn’t really care.
Now that I could see the settlement well, I could also clearly see what the Ogres are up to.
They were leaping out from huts and various other places, and I really couldn’t tell how many there were.
Hmm, this might be a bit of a problem for us.

“Shall I use some magic without holding back?”

I took out the staff I’ve had tucked away in my backpack for a long time and concentrated my magic power.
When it was near its limit, I imbued the magic power with lightning attribute and released it skyward.

“Thunder Rain!”

My magic, released into the sky, turned into a rain of lightning that poured down on the Ogre settlement.
Every single Ogre within the field of my vision was struck by lightning and collapsed with a scream.
It was a bit gruesome.
Once the rain of lightning finished, there were no more moving shadows in the settlement.

“…… Lady Lily, you went a bit overboard.”

“I’ve never tried using my full-powered magic before…”

Keuko was exasperated with me, but the Ogres should be completely wiped out, so there shouldn’t be any issues!
Now, let’s go retrieve the magic stones and confirm whether there are any survivors.

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