Chapter 49

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Shop Renovation (1)
Once we were done with the equipment request, we went to consult about renovating the shop.
I already had a letter of introduction from Alizée, so I headed to the construction company.

Following the map, I arrived at an elegant-looking shop.
It didn’t seem like a typical construction company.
Maybe it’s meant to be high-end?

There’s no use in feeling timid, so I entered the shop.
Immediately, there was a receptionist, so I handed over the letter of introduction from Alizée. After quickly checking the back of the letter, the receptionist disappeared into the back.
I wonder what was written on it.

“Thank you for waiting. I’m Royce, the managing director of the Magamis Construction.”

“Thank you for your courtesy. I am Lily, a Copper Rank merchant. And these are members of the Wildcat Claws, Red Rank adventurers who serve as my escorts.”

“Oh, I see. You’re…”

“Is there something about me?”

“No, it’s nothing. It was mentioned in the letter that you purchased a shop and wanted to do some renovations.”

“Yes. The shop itself isn’t in bad condition and could be used as is, but I thought it would be better to make some adjustments to suit my needs.”

“Are you sure about that? Renovating the shop might lower its resale value if you decide to sell it.”

“I have no intention of selling it, so that’s not a concern. I don’t plan to leave Vardmoi for a while.”

“I understand. However, our design staff is out today. I apologize, but could you come back tomorrow afternoon?”

“Tomorrow afternoon, I see. What time would be convenient for you?”

“Around 2 o’clock should work.”


Hm, it seems I won’t be able to meet the designer today.
If they’re not available, there’s nothing much I can do.




The next day, I visited the Magamis Construction about 10 minutes earlier than planned.
I thought I might have to wait due to arriving early, but it seemed they were ready, and we could start the meeting right away.

“Nice to meet you, our client. I’m Opke, a designer at the Magamis Construction.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Lily.”

“… Oh my, does our client have no objections towards me?”

“Objections? Why would I?”

“Because I am a woman involved in the field of construction. As a designer, I rarely have to carry heavy things, but even so, construction work is often seen as a man’s job. I don’t get looked at favorably.”

“I don’t mind that at all. Besides, I wanted to get advice from a female perspective for the shop I’m planning to create anyway.”

“A female perspective?”

“Yes. I really wanted to get advice from that angle.”

Exactly. I need advice from a female perspective for the shop I’m creating.
While I’ll receive input from Alizée and the Wildcat Claws members, having insights from a designer would be invaluable.

“What kind of advice are you looking for exactly?”

“I have already decided on the concept for the shop, so it’s more about the interior design, like the arrangement of shelves and such.”

“The concept of the shop, huh? What kind of shop is it going to be?”

“Frankly speaking, a women’s clothing boutique!”

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