Chapter 50

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Shop Renovation (2)
Yes, the concept of my shop is a women’s clothing specialist shop.
I plan to handle everything from everyday wear to stylish outfits, and even leather armor for female adventurers.
Besides that, there are also products that would be difficult to handle if not sold at a women’s clothing specialist shop.
I have to put “those” up for sale.

“What kind of products can only be sold in a women’s clothing specialty store?”

Opke asked with a puzzled look, so I took out the item from my backpack.
I unfolded the item, which had been neatly folded, and placed it on the desk.
Yes, it’s panties.

“What is… this?”

It’s no wonder Opke was curious.
In this world, there are no panties!
Magic tools like magic vehicles have been developed, yet everyone wears pumpkin pants, bloomers!
I didn’t notice it because the underwear provided to me by the Goddess included regular ones.
However, when I realized that I only saw bloomers in a store and asked the shopkeeper, it seemed that both men and women only wore those.
Naturally, there were no bras either, so I took that out too.
It seems that the women in this world usually wrap their chests with cloth similar to a loincloth.
But if I’m going to have a store, I won’t accept that!
I’ll popularize bras and panties!

Opke seemed hesitant as she watched me passionately explain, but her attitude changed when I showed her the sample I had taken out.
It wasn’t tight on the chest, and it wasn’t uncomfortably hot in the crotch area.
Also, the panties I made used rubber band, so there was no need to fasten them with strings.
With bloomers, you have to fasten them with strings, so you no longer needed to worry about them coming undone accidentally.
By the way, I was able to buy rubber from the Trade Guild.

“So you will be selling these! Why didn’t you sell these at the stall?”

“Huh? Wouldn’t it be embarrassing selling underwear at the stall? And not just any kind, but ones that clearly show the body shape, like panties and bras.”

If it were me, I wouldn’t buy something like that at a stall.
And to add, I wouldn’t want to sell it either.
So, I guess you could say that having a store is a lucky opportunity.

“Alright! Once the current task I’m working on is done, I’ll prioritize this project!”

“Is that okay? To decide on your own like that.”

“It’s fine. But more importantly, let’s go to the actual store and brainstorm the interior design.”

With Opke, who hadn’t seen the physical store, we arrived at the property I had purchased.
Yeah, the store still looked beautiful as ever.

“You, so young, yet you bought a store like this.”

“I splurged a bit.”

“As long as you’re not straining yourself. For now, let’s go inside…”

“Oh, before that. Miss Opke, could you break down the front wall of the store to create more space?”

“The front wall of the store?… Yes, if the surrounding pillars are stable enough, I think it would be possible. Why?”

“A display window is what I want.”


“A display window?”

“A space that shows what kind of clothes are being sold in this store. It’ll allow people to see from the outside, but they could only buy things after entering.”

“In that case, you’d need a transparent barrier, right? But such large glass panels would become cloudy, and they’re very expensive, you know?”

“No need to worry about that. Talat!”

Upon my command, Talat spat out threads.
Those threads solidified in the air, forming transparent panels.
This time, a panel about 50 centimeters square should be enough.

“What’s that board!?”

“It’s a specially crafted board made from Talat’s thread. It’s resistant to both heat and magic, and it’s highly transparent. Of course, it won’t break even if you hit it.”

“Is that so?”

“Do you want to try it? Keuko, please.”


Keuko readied her double-handed sword, aimed at the Talat’s thread board placed on the ground. Then, with one swift motion, she swung the sword down, creating a tremendous noise, but there wasn’t a single scratch on the board. Yes, it worked!

“Whoah~ I’ve never seen a board like this before.”

“Don’t be too surprised. I plan to use this everywhere in my shop.”

“Got it. It sounds like an interesting request. But, with so many modifications, the labor will reflect that in the cost, are you okay with that?”

“That’s not a problem. I can borrow from the Trade Guild or pay from my own funds.”

“So, you’re quite wealthy, huh? Well then, I’ll keep coming up with ideas one after another, and you can decide whether to adopt them!”

The ideas Opke provided were exactly what I needed to create my dream shop.
She suggested physically separating the underwear section from the other sections and creating multiple display areas within the store.
The flow of a customer’s movement was planned well in advance, and it truly felt professional.

In contrast, the renovations for the second and third floors were kept to a minimum.
Even though they were considered “extras,” all the windows would be replaced with Talat’s threads, and a new, larger bathtub would be installed.
The bedrooms would also be connected to a study and office adjacent to the main bedroom.

The cost for the changes was substantial, but we could easily acquire money by hunting down Ogres.
First, I paid the initial deposit and waited for the actual construction to begin.
The completion was scheduled for about two months from now, around autumn.
I can’t wait for my castle to be finished soon.

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