Chapter 48

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Material Delivery
We used up almost a whole day searching for a store, so we ended up being one day late to deliver the materials to Teysa and Hannon.
When I apologized for it, they laughed and said, “You were off just by a day.”

Now, about the materials, it seems that since the bones of the Metal Giant were in stock, it had been already forged into a sword.
The only thing left was to adjust the balance.
The issue lied with the remaining equipment—it appears that it will take nearly two weeks to forge Uhina’s equipment, the sword-scythe from the Assassin Mantis, and also for Akumi’s equipment, the needle.
In the first place, even the Metal Giant’s sword took about three weeks to craft.
It was quite the substantial piece.

On the other hand, it seems that Akumi’s bow that will be made using the horn of the Wonder Deer and the staff from the branch of the Elder Treant for Tomoa won’t take that long.
Both materials seem to be of very high quality, allowing for equipment that can be used with minimal processing.
However, they mentioned that they want to try using Talat’s thread for the bowstring, so I readily handed it over.
The completion of these will take about a week, so we will come back around that time.

The biggest problem lied with crafting shields using the shell of the Gaya Tortoise.
It seems to require quite a special process and was said to take over a month to make. There’s nothing I can do about that, so I will leave it to Teysa and Hannon.

Individual preferences for the equipment’s details will be discussed by the girls with Teysa and Hannon themselves.
I will handle only the final touch—the enchantments.

“Lily, my dear. Is it really okay for you to take on enchantments so easily? It’s quite a complex technique, you know?”

“I don’t fail when applying enchantments to the clothes I’ve made myself. Why don’t I try it on a weapon?”

“If you say so, please give it a try.”

I was handed a broadsword.
It’s quite a high-quality piece of equipment.
This might be able to handle up to fourfold!

“Here goes!”


“Uwah?! What?!”

“The enchantment light appeared four times?!”

“Phew, it’s successful. I’ve cast ‘Slash Enhancement,’ Impact Enhancement,’ ‘Thrust Enhancement,’ and ‘Increased Durability.'”


“Quadruple enchantments like this are something we can’t handle at this shop!”

“Well, I have already finished doing it, so there’s nothing to be done. I’ll put my magic crest on it later, so it should be fine afterward.”

“Um, well, if that’s the case, I guess it’s okay… right?”

“Well, Miss Lily seems to be acting as a guarantor, so …”

I asked if we should enchant more items, but apparently, enchantment as a skill is quite expensive.
I had been enchanting items casually with my aprons, but it seems that was unusual.
So, I limited myself to enchanting only the ‘Increase Durability’ enchantment on some of the store’s items.
This way, people with a discerning eye can pick out the ones with this enchantment.
As a side note, I tried teaching the technique to the two of them as well, but it didn’t go very well.
It was only close to the time of our departure that they finally started to succeed, so they might need some more practice.
I remember I used to turn aprons into ashes too.
Experience is everything.

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