Chapter 30

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Large Mana Silk Spider
Having changed into a different race, Talat quickly provided me with the threads that would become Mana Spider Silk.
The threads had a whiter and more elegant glow than regular Spider Silk, exuding a sense of refinement.
I wonder if I can weave them into cloth successfully.

“Magic Weaving!”

… It seems that the daily practice of magic weaving with Spider Silk paid off, as I managed to create Mana Spider Silk as well.
The Mana Spider Silk fabric has a slightly bluish-white hue compared to regular Spider Silk.
Moreover, it’s even smoother and has a feel on touch that makes you want to keep touching it forever.
With the material Talat provided, I managed to make two rolls of Mana Spider Silk.
Since I used ten Ogre Magic Stones to create two rolls, the value would be equivalent to two and a half rolls of Spider Silk each.
I hope the selling price will match its worth, but that might be challenging.
For now, I’ll sell the two rolls I made and see how it goes.

The next morning, Talat and I visited the Tamers’ Guild on the second floor of the Adventurers’ Guild, avoiding the crowded hours.
The purpose was to gather information about the Large Mana Silk Spider.
That was my plan, but… there was no information.

“Hmm, to be honest, there’s no information on taming the Large Mana Silk Spider, especially when there were no examples of taming the regular Large Silk Spider.”

“Ah, I see.”

“The Mana Silk Spider itself lives in the northern mountainous region, but it won’t be of much help.”

“Well, since it’s here, it’s worth checking.”

“Also, the Mana Silk Spider has a strong resistance to magic. Its strength is even higher than that of the Silk Spider, and considering magic doesn’t work on it, the price of its silk will be substantial.”

“I can imagine.”

“Usually, you’d sell it at an auction, but if there’s a stable supply, that might not be feasible. I suggest you consult with the Trade Guild.”

“Yes, I’ll do that.”

“Also, I recommend increasing your rank in the Trade Guild and hiring reliable guards.”


“If you start bringing Mana Spider Silk, you’ll attract organizations that would try to kidnap you. Frankly, I don’t think they can win against a Mana Silk Spider, but visible intimidation is necessary. If you become a Blue Ranked merchant, the Trade Guild will be more flexible with various matters. Go and talk to them.”

“Understood. Thank you for the advice.”

“You’re welcome. All for the sake of a promising guild member like you.”

After finishing the discussion about Talat, I ignored the man who was trying to approach me as usual and hurried to the Trade Guild.
As soon as I arrived, I requested a meeting with Mr. Vinchi.
Lately, other staff had been handling the Spider Silk trade, but I specifically named the Vice-Guild Master upon my sudden arrival at the Trade Guild, so the staff members rushed to confirm his schedule.
For the Trade Guild, I’m an honored client dealing with Spider Silk.
Today, I took advantage of that position.

A while later, the guild staff who usually handles my Spider Silk trade came over and informed me that I could meet with Mr. Vinchi right away.
Now, I wonder at what price I can sell the Mana Spider Silk?

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