Chapter 29

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Talat’s Evolution
“Here. Today, I’ll be selling 10 sets of Ogre horns and fangs.”

After taking a two-day break since reaching the Green Rank, I’ve been diligently defeating Ogres.
However, I try to limit it to around 10 per day.
That way, I can receive rewards for three requests at once, as the extermination unit is set at 3 ogres.
I’m also able to secure enough magic stones to give to Talat, which makes me happy.

“But still, you hunt at an amazing pace. At this rate, you could become a Blue Rank adventurer in no time.”

“I have no intention of becoming a Blue Rank. I’m just a merchant.”

“What a waste. Well, I can’t force you. Please leave before he starts bothering you.”

“Yeah, I’ll do that.”

“He” is the man who has been pestering me since I reached the Green Rank.
It seems that he approached several other adventurers who recently advanced to the Green Rank and got rejected every time.
However, he managed to gather some unnecessary information from adventurers who failed to advance this time.
According to them, if it weren’t for me, there would have been several casualties during the Green Rank test.
This seems to be true, as even the examiners acknowledged it.
However, after hearing this, he singled me out as his target.
He doesn’t find it strange that I bring Ogre materials every day, and keeps insisting that it’s dangerous for me to go alone and that a skilled adventurer like him should accompany me.
But if it’s so easy for me to defeat Ogres, I there’s no way my strength is comparable to a Green Rank.

“Hey, today…”

“I’m in a hurry.”

I shook off the man who was about to say something to me and left the Adventurers’ Guild.
Then, I head back to the Night Lion Inn.

If my calculations are correct, Talat should be able to evolve with the magic stones I obtained today.
Trying to contain my excitement, I returned to my room.


As soon as I was back in my room, I decided to give the magic stones to Talat.
He told me that he doesn’t get tired of eating the same magic stones, as long as they are filled with mana.
He seems to dislike magic stones from weak monsters like goblins, though.
Today, Talat gobbled up the magic stones with a crunching sound as usual.
After eating all the stones, his body started shining, and he enclosed himself in a cocoon.
What is this?

(Talat has started evolving. Please choose the evolution path.)


Suddenly, a voice resonates in my head, and two semi-transparent panels appeared in front of me.
Could these be the choices for Talat’s evolution?

The first one was a “Large Ogre Silk Spider,” which seems to grant him an even bigger body and a stronger physique.
He will still be able to produce Spider Silk like before, and will gain the ability to generate various poison needles.

The second one was a “Large Mana Silk Spider,” which will have a slightly smaller body but will be able to learn magic.
In addition to the regular Spider Silk, he will also gain a material called Mana Silk, which appears to be a type of silk that is capable of enhancing its defensive powers when magic power flows through it.

I think I’ll go with the “Large Mana Silk Spider”!
When I selected it, the cocoon started shining even stronger, and from within emerged a spider with silver-colored fur.
There’s no doubt that it was Talat, my crest was engraved on his forehead!


(I’ve become stronger!)

“Uh-huh! Please continue taking care of me!”

Now that Talat has evolved, we might be able to explore new places.
If we can regularly hunt stronger monsters than before, I’ll be able to get more Spider Silk.
To do that, I’ll need to gather information at the Adventurer’s Guild… but it might be difficult to do it in a day’s trip, I guess?

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