Chapter 28

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Adventurer Green Rank Examination – Results
After the battle, Talat set up sturdy spider cobweb around the campsite and wrapped the Anteater Bears in cocoons.
Following the examiner’s instructions, we continued camping until dawn.
Once the sun rose, the examinees and half of the examiners returned to the city, while the other half of the supervisory team stayed to investigate the cause of the Anteater Bears’ appearance at the campsite.
It was decided that it would be better to take the Anteater Bears back to the city in the cocoons for dismantling, rather than dismantling them on-site.
Perhaps by dismantling them, they could figure out why the creatures had appeared at the campsite.
The injured examinees were healed using the examiner’s recovery magic, and everything ended up fine.

Several hours after the attack, as the sky began to brighten, we prepared to depart for the city.
However, all the equipment provided by the Adventurers’ Guild had to be discarded.
It was more efficient to abandon the equipment and return to the city quickly than to carry it back and slow down the journey.
Tents and other items were significantly damaged during the battle, making them difficult to repair on the spot.
Anyhow, with the knowledge that they didn’t need to carry heavy loads, the examinees looked relieved.
They picked up the pace on the way back, but whether it was better this way was uncertain.

“Alright, you guys are dismissed for today. Although there was an unexpected incident, the Green Rank Examination is now over. Those who have been promoted to a higher rank will be notified later. Take the day to rest.”

Given that they were attacked by monsters stronger than their rank, the examinees quickly left the area.
As for me, I had to hand over the cocoons and accompany the group back to the Adventurers’ Guild.

At the dismantling site, under the supervision of the Guild Master, the examination of the Anteater Bears took place.

“So these are the Anteater Bears that attacked the campsite this time. There don’t seem to have any external injuries other than the ones you adventurers inflicted. It doesn’t appear to have suffered injuries while escaping.”

“At least, they showed no signs of being sluggish from the early stages. Honestly, it’s thanks to Lily’s participation that there were no casualties among the examinees.”

“I see. In that case, it’s not a problem to promote Lily to the Green Rank?”

“Yes. As the consensus of the examiners, we have no objections to the rank up. We’ll consult with the others once the examiners who went for the investigation return.”

“Understood. But Anteater Bears, huh… I wonder what kind of monsters lives around that campsite.”

“I believe they are monsters that live just beyond the nearby mountain, right? There are Ogres inhabiting the mountain, so it would be difficult to cross. I wonder where they came from…”

“Finding that out is our job. Let’s start by completing Lily’s rank up.”

I returned to the Adventurers’ Guild reception desk with the Guild Master.
There, I received a rank-up in the Adventurer class.
So now I am in the Green Rank, huh?
Ogre hunting should go smoothly.

Since I had nothing else to do, I tried to leave the Adventurers’ Guild.
However, on my way, someone called out to me.
I wonder what they want?

“Hey, you just reached the Green Rank, right? How about joining our party? We’re exactly looking for one more member.”

“No, thank you.”


“Don’t say that. Climbing up from the Green Rank to the Blue Rank is tough, you know? I’ll help you with that.”

“It’s not necessary. I only reached the Green Rank to be able to hunt Ogres freely. My real calling is being a merchant.”

“Then how about assisting us with escorting through the town? You’ll get a share of the earnings as well, of course.”

“You’re really persistent. I’ll manage on my own, so I don’t need any help.”

“… You’re stubborn! You should just follow me!”

He finally raised his voice and tried to grab my arm.
It wa easy to dodge since he was much slower than an Ogre.

“Stop right there! What’s all the commotion about!?”


Ah, that guy ran away.
What was that all about?

“… It’s him again, never learning from his mistakes.”

“Is he famous or something?”

“Yes. He’s an adventurer in the Green Rank who has been stuck there for years, unable to reach the Blue Rank. Lately, he’s been trying to drag newly ranked Green adventurers into his party, waiting to make the final blow without officially registering the party to claim the reward all for himself. We’ve received numerous complaints about him doing the same thing over and over again, so the Adventurers’ Guild has warned him that if he does it again, he’ll be expelled…”

“It seems like that warning didn’t faze him. He has no self-control.”

“He sure has a knack for mischief.”

In other words, he’s an irredeemable adventurer.
It seems there are people like him everywhere, always trying to exploit others.

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