Chapter 31

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Mana Spider Silk’s Price
“Welcome, Miss Lily. What brings you here today?”

Mr. Vinci, who was waiting in the reception room, asked me about my purpose as I entered.
That’s right, it’s not common to suddenly summon the Vice-Guild Master.
But my business today is anything but ordinary.

“I apologize for interrupting your busy schedule. Can you take a look at this fabric?”

I took out the Mana Spider Silk from my backpack and spread it out on the table.
Mr. Vinci straightened up and carefully inspected the fabric on the table with a serious look on her face.

“Miss Lily, is this Mana Spider Silk?”

“Yes, it is Mana Spider Silk.”

“Mana Spider Silk, huh? I’ve seen it processed as a scarf before, but this is the first time I’ve seen the raw fabric.”

“I see. So, could you let me know how much you would be willing to buy it for?”

“This… I’m sorry, but I can’t decide that on my own. Let me fetch the Guild Master, please wait a moment.”

Mr. Vinci said he would call the Guild Master and left the room.
I guess even Mr. Vinci can’t make decisions about this fabric.
I wonder if it’s better not to mass-produce this fabric…

While sipping tea and waiting, there was a knock on the door, and Mr. Vinci returned with a woman.
The woman was an Elf, with golden hair, emerald green eyes, and typical Elf features.

“Thank you for waiting. I am Priscilla, the Guild Master of the Vardmoi Trade Guild.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Lily, a merchant of a Green Rank.”

“An Elf with black hair and amethyst eyes, that’s unusual. No, that’s not related to our business, though. Anyway, may I see the Mana Spider Silk right away?”

“Yes, please take a look.”


Miss Priscilla and Mr. Vinci sat across from me and began examining the Mana Spider Silk.
They inspected it from various angles, and Miss Priscilla asked me a question.

“Is this one roll of Mana Spider Silk all you have?”

“No, I have one more roll.”
“Two rolls in total… I’m sorry, but I can buy this first roll for 300,000 rubies if you don’t mind us undergoing a durability test.”

“Hm? A durability test?”

“The value of Mana Spider Silk can vary based on its durability. Is that alright with you?”

“I don’t mind. But are you sure it’s okay to spend 300,000 rubies on a durability test?”

“Don’t worry about it. Here we go!”

Flames erupted from Miss Priscilla’s hand, wrapping around the Mana Spider Silk.
However, the fabric only emitted a slight burnt smell and remained intact.
It’s incredible that it didn’t burn, even with such intense heat.

“Hmm, the magic resistance is excellent. Next is the physical test.”

Next, Miss Priscilla took out a bluish-silver sword and attempted to cut the Mana Spider Silk with it.
The first swing only left a scratch on the fabric, and it was only on the third attempt that she managed to cut through it.

“Three attempts without channeling magic power. Impressive. The Mana Spider Silk we acquired 30 years ago had been cut in two swings without magic power-channeled attempts.”

“I see. Are you not going to conduct that test?”

“If it survives three attempts without magic power, it can withstand over ten with magic power flowing through it. It’s a high-quality fabric. With that in mind, let’s discuss the purchase price… How about 400,000 rubies for the second roll, and 350,000 rubies for subsequent ones?”

My holdings just increased by 700,000 rubies in one go!
Mana Spider Silk is a really valuable fabric!

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