Chapter 23

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Adventurer Green Rank Examination – Practical Combat Section
After completing my three days of operating a stall with aprons, and taking a day off in between, I decided to face the test to rank up my adventurer level.
The Green Rank exam includes a camping test, so I was pondering about what to do about my room at the inn, however, the landlady informed me that she would keep the room free for me, so I requested her to do so.

On the day of the exam, when I arrived at the Adventurers’ Guild, it was bustling with numerous young adventurers.
Are these all the people taking the Green Rank exam?
Anyway, I need to register for the exam.

“Welcome. Are you here to register for the Green Rank exam?”

“Yes, is it still possible to register?”

“Yes, of course. Please show me your identification.”

“Sure, here you go.”

“I’ll verify it… Yes, it’s confirmed. Good luck with your Rank Up exam. Well, if you can defeat Ogres alone like you did, the practical test should be no problem.”

“I see.”

Hmm, are Ogres really that strong of monsters?
It’s true that I could defeat them because I have the Goddess’s weapons and Talat, but other people would apparently need proper equipment to challenge them.
However, good equipment is quite expensive, so wouldn’t they have to fight in a disadvantaged state?
But then, that would be like going to die…

“It’s time for the Green Rank practical test. Candidates, please gather at the training grounds.”

Lost in my thoughts, it seemed that it was time for the exam.
I followed the crowd of people and moved as well.
The Vardmoi Adventurers’ Guild had a pretty large training grounds, but it was still half-filled with candidates.
The examiner said that this time there were quite a lot of people.
It’s probably because new adventurers who became adventurers this spring were starting to rank up to the Green Rank.
However, among all these candidates, only about twenty percent can rank up to the Green Rank.
Most of them will be eliminated during the practical combat test.
I need to be fully focused.

In the practical combat training, we use training equipment and need to win two matches against other candidates, and then put up a good fight against the examiners to pass.
If we lose to another candidate or are defeated by the examiners, we fail, and there won’t be any rank-up until the next exam, which is more than a month away.
Moreover, as Black Rank adventurers, many have paid a considerable amount of money for the examination fees, so everyone is taking this seriously.
It’s also noted that match-fixing is not allowed, and the examiners determine the opponents.

“Next, Lily vs. Bob! Step forward, both of you!”

My opponent was a man who seemed to be older than me.
He held two swords with great vigilance, and he didn’t seem to be overwhelmed by the weight of his swords.
Is he also a Black Rank adventurer?

“Now, let the test match begin!”


At the examiner’s signal, the swordsman in front of me didn’t move.
… From my perspective, he seemed completely open.


Talat shot his spider threads from his rear, and the swordsman hurriedly guarded with his swords.
But even if he guarded against the spider threads with his swords, he’ll end up being entangled by the threads.
In the end, the swordsman was immobilized by Talat’s web before I could do anything, and the examiner declared him defeated.

“Wait a minute! I didn’t lose to that girl! I just lost to that spider!”

“That girl is a Tamer. You should have anticipated the restraint from her spider’s threads, considering that a spider-type familiar was already at her feet before the match started. It’s only natural for adventurers to use the monsters they’ve tamed in combat.”

… Ah, now I see why that man is a Black Rank adventurer.
He underestimated his opponent and let his guard down.
Even when facing me, if he had been cautious and moved around to avoid the spider threads, he might have put up a better fight.

The second match also ended with the opponent being unable to avoid Talat’s spider threads and was declared defeated.
Talat is indeed strong.

Finally, it was time to face the examiner.
This time, my objective was not to win, but to put up a good fight.
If the examiner acknowledges my efforts, that’s enough.
But, of course, I’d like to win if I can.

“Are you ready?”


“Alright, let’s begin!”

This time, Talat seemed serious, throwing several clumps of spider threads towards the examiner.
If you step into those threads, your movements will be restricted.
However, the examiner seemingly anticipated that and burned the clumps of threads with fire.
The flammable threads burned intensely and scorched the examiner, but he didn’t seem to have taken much damage.
Moreover, in front of the examiner, there was a straight line of flames directed toward me, but I ignored it and passed through the wall of fire.
It seems like he expected that I’d be tempted to rush straight at him and become an easy target for Talat’s threads.

Now the match was back to square one, and Talat spewed out threads again.
This time, instead of throwing clumps of threads, it spread out in a radial pattern toward the examiner.
The examiner was a bit slow to react, and he ended up entangled in the threads.
Despite being in a difficult position, he tried to counterattack with his sword, but his movements were delayed due to entanglement. I
jump backward and dodge the sword swing.
The examiner tried to regain his posture, but before he could do that, Talat entangled him with additional threads.

“… I surrender. Spider-type monsters are indeed tough.”

The examiner decided that further combat was impossible and conceded, acknowledging my victory.
We won against the examiner!
Well done, Talat!

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