Chapter 24

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Adventurer Green Rank Examination – Review of the Practical Combat Section
I was able to defeat the examiner, but the other participants were continuing with their exams.
The examiner I fought against had suffered burns in some places, and it was deemed necessary for him to temporarily withdraw from supervising the exams.
By the way, I’m the one who’s also treating his burns.

“Oh, so you can use healing magic too?”

“Yes, but I haven’t tested the extent of my healing abilities yet.”

“You should find out how strong your healing power is. It will be useful to be prepared for emergencies.”

In reality, I think I could probably heal even broken bones or internal injuries, but I can’t say that out loud.
The effectiveness of healing magic in this world seems to depend on the medical knowledge one possesses.
In my previous life, being afflicted with serious illness, I had accumulated various medical knowledge to understand my own condition.
I never imagined it would come in handy like this.

“After getting treated by you, I’ll give you feedback on your battle. First of all, your synergy with your familiar is exceptional. You both understand each other’s strengths and coordinate your attacks well. In this battle, your familiar set traps with its spider thread, but you must also be able to initiate attacks with your magic to keep the opponent on their toes, right? And the spider thread can also be set up in advance as traps. You will shine more in an environment where you can make thorough preparations rather than a match starting from an equal position.”

Yeah, both Talat and I often fight using traps.
Of course, there are traps set up by Talat’s thread, but I’ve also developed magic that triggers when monsters step on or pass through them.
In that sense, we might be stronger in places like the forest.

“It was a good decision to use your spear when I slowed down my movements. You didn’t overextend and kept yourself ready to retaliate immediately. Even when you parried my attack, you jumped back with your shield up, which was a good judgment. The only concern I have is that if you jump back into the reach of my follow-up attack, you might get knocked away, but I guess your familiar’s threads would entangle the opponent before it reaches that state.”


Yes, I was surprised by how well he deflected the attack and quickly counterattacked.
Talat couldn’t entangle the examiner with his thread before his attack, so it came faster than expected.
I’ll have to train more against opponents with faster movements.

“As for the points to improve, it’s about what to do when you and your familiar get separated. This is a common issue for tamers. Tamers are meant to act together with their familiars. Therefore, when a tamer and their familiar are separated, their combat effectiveness is reduced to less than half. In some cases, the familiar’s combat effectiveness could become null. It’s good to decide in advance what to do in such situations.”

Yeah, I can see how it could be a problem when we get separated.
Both Talat and I rely on fighting together, so it might be tough if I’m alone.
I should practice fighting alone as well.

“As for your fighting style… it’s hiding behind the shield and countering with the spear, right? First, you should develop a sturdy posture that can withstand any attack. Then work on your physical abilities to handle the shield flexibly, so you won’t be surrounded by opponents, and your spear movements should be swift enough that you don’t get struck. There’s a lot to aim for.”

I see, there are indeed improvement points.
I’ve been relying on the equipment provided by the Goddess, so I didn’t pay much attention to it, but I might need to train my body more.
Considering future battles against people, my physical abilities might be lacking.

“As for the spider familiar… Honestly, I’m not sure. Consult with the Tamer Guild. But I’ve never heard of a spider-type familiar, so it’s possible that there are only a few reports about it in the Tamer Guild. In that case, the best option might be to aim for evolution by giving it magic stones, but don’t rush it. I’ve heard that tamers can feel their connection with their familiars, so try not to sever that connection while aiming for evolution.”

Yeah, Talat should evolve.
He told me that he would most likely evolve after eating about 50 more Ogre magic stones.
I’m looking forward to that moment.

After our feedback was over, the examiner returned to his supervisory position.
Talat and I could return to the Adventurers’ Guild or stay here and observe the other examinees.
I was also advised that if I plan to form a party, I could offer my healing magic, but if not, I should refrain from intervening.
He said healers are valuable, especially young female adventurers, as they are often recruited heavily.
I don’t have any intention of forming a party, so I won’t be offering my healing magic.
I’m sorry.

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