Chapter 22

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Aprons for Children
On the second day of the street stall selling, almost all the products were sold out, despite having prepared more inventory than the previous day.
It seems that people came to buy from nearby restaurants and inns after hearing the rumors.
I’m grateful for the support.

The street stall was planned for three days, so I will continue tomorrow, but I decided to add a new item for tomorrow: “Children’s Aprons.”

Until now, I’ve only made aprons in adult sizes.
However, in this world, it’s common for children to help their parents with work once they reach a certain age.
For example, the children of couples who run restaurants or inns often work there as well.
When I brought my beautifully crafted aprons to them, the children seemed to want them too, and I received many requests for children’s sizes.
I didn’t expect to have so many customers.

So, starting from the third day, I’m adding children’s aprons.
I made them in two colors: light pink and blue.
The pink apron had cute frills for girls, while the blue apron had two pockets for boys.
The material was linen, and both aprons were priced at 5,000 rubies.
I wonder if the customers will buy them.

With a mix of hope and anxiety, I headed to the location of my street stall, and there were already people gathering there.
They should know by now that my stall doesn’t open early in the morning, considering what happened yesterday, but there was still a considerable crowd.
I should have prepared the stall before it became a nuisance to my neighbors.

“Good morning.”

“Hey, good morning. Your stall is still doing well.”

“Good morning. Thanks to you buying food from my stall too, my sales have increased. I’m grateful.”


“I feel the same! Thanks to you, I’ve had good sales these past two days. The aprons have paid off.”

“That’s good to hear… Well then, I’m opening stall now. I brought the children’s aprons you requested. They come in pink and blue, priced at 5,000 rubies each. This will be the last day of my street stall for now, so thank you for coming early.”

After I finished speaking, the customers gathered at the stall started examining the products.
For the children’s aprons, I only added the feature of “stain resistance.”
The lady of the Night Lion even gave her approval, saying that for fabric aprons made with magic sewing, this price should be good enough.

Customers who finished selecting their items started buying the aprons one by one.
As expected, the pink apron for girls was the most popular.
I made twice as many of those as the blue ones, so I should have enough to last.
However, the aprons for boys were also selling reasonably well.
I learned that these were bought for children who help at grocery stores and blacksmiths, not just inns and restaurants.
The advantage of having two pockets seemed to be appreciated in such establishments.
It’s not just about the color after all.

As the morning sales ended, and I began the afternoon sales, a group of rough-looking men came to the stall.
They claimed that the aprons they bought from me got dirtied and demanded a refund.
They started causing a ruckus and even attempted to kick over the stall, but the guards arrived and apprehended them.
Even then, they insisted that they were the victims, but when I examined the aprons they brought, there was no signature that would prove they were from my shop.
I asked the guards to confirm, and when they did, they informed me that they would hand the men over to the Trade Guild as they were known petty criminals.

The neighboring shopkeeper told me that such intimidation tactics are quite common, and some people make a living out of it.
That’s why merchants who sell things other than food often hide a unique sign somewhere in their products that only they know about.
While it may be effective, for more expensive items, there are still forgers out there.
So, they recommended me making magic seals as proof of authenticity.
I may not be making items that expensive yet, but I should seriously consider creating magic seals for my products.

After the third day of the street stall came to an end, I returned the stall set to the Trade Guild, and they informed me about the follow-up of the incident with the men during the day.
They were indeed trying to extort money from me, and due to their previous criminal records, they were sent off to a dangerous mine.
Once again, they advised me to consider creating magic seals seriously.
Although it costs a lot, it’s apparently worth the peace of mind it brings.

As I walked from the Trade Guild to the inn, I spotted a child wearing the apron I made, helping out at a shop.
I hope they like it.

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