Chapter 21

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Setting Up a Stall For the First Time
That day, I bought more cloth and used them to replenish my merchandise.
After consulting with the landlady and Minyas, I decided to sell the linen aprons for 20,000 rubies, the cotton aprons for 30,000 rubies, and the denim aprons for 45,000 rubies.
I’m not confident that they will sell, but I consider it as my own practice and there’s nothing I can do if I don’t make a profit.
My goal is to be able to sew Spider Silk using magic sewing.

Also, for anti-counterfeiting purposes, I decided to draw a golden lily flower on the inside of the pocket.
This way, even if someone wants to imitate it, they won’t be able to.
When I showed it to the Trade Guild, they praised me and told me that counterfeits of such intricate work would hardly be possible.

At that time, I also applied for a street stall, but was told that there were not many good locations available.
Most of the good locations are rented out on long-term contracts.
In my case, since I don’t plan to do it every day, but for a brief period of time, I don’t need a good location.
For now, I have reserved a spot near a restaurant in the commercial district for three days starting tomorrow.

The next day, when I went to the designated location with my tools for opening a street stall, both neighboring stalls had already started their business.
Both were selling light snacks, with skewered meat on the right and soup on the left.
I greeted them briefly and then set up my street stall shelves and arranged my merchandise.
To prevent it from being blown off by the wind, I also put a protective cover on top.
By the way, this cover was made from slime jelly fabric with an enchantment applied by me.

“Oh, young lady, are you an apprentice tailor?”

“Yes, something like that.”

“But if you’re an apprentice tailor, wouldn’t it be better to become an apprentice at a clothing store in town? You’ll get a stable salary, and your skills will be honed.”

“Thank you for your concern. But I’m also an adventurer, so I’m not always in one town.”

“Is that so? … But that’s an expensive apron. Even if you use new fabric, it’s too expensive.”

“Oh, these aprons have enchantments applied by me.”


Oh, both neighboring stall owners were surprised in unison.
It was quite loud and seemed to be heard by people walking down the street.
A lot of sightseers gathered.

“Young lady, is it really enchanted?”

“It really is. Here’s an appraisal loupe.”

“O, oh… I’m astonished. All the items in sight are enchanted with two types each.”


“Two types!? Hey, hurry up and bring that apron here for me to see!”

“Oh… So, Young lady. How much is that denim apron?”

“The denim apron is a little more expensive because of the fabric, so it’s 45,000 rubies.”

“Okay, I’ll buy it!”

“Are you sure?”

“When you’re grilling skewers like this, clothes keep getting dirty. ‘Dirt Prevention’ means it’s hard to get it dirty, right? If laundry becomes easier than it’s a bargain. I might as well get a spare, I’ll buy two.”

“Thank you very much! Would you like me to wrap it in a paper bag?”

“No, I will wear one as is. The other one will be kept as a spare in the back, so it’s okay. Payment can be made through the Trade Guild account, right?”

If both parties have an account with the Trade Guild, they can transfer funds by overlapping their identifications.
The transferor specifies the amount to be transferred and if the recipient agrees then the transfer is complete.
There is a fee for the transferor, but since they don’t have to carry substantial amounts of cash around, this method seems to be common among merchants.
Since the Trade Guild is involved, there is less chance of being swindled.

“Yes… I have received 90,000 rubies correctly. Here you go.”

“Oh thank you… the size of the apron changed according to my body size!? Was it made by magic tailoring!?”

“Yes. I am a magic tailor.”

“You should have said that earlier! 45,000 rubies is a bargain.”

“That’s right. Young lady, sell me an apron too. I want five cotton aprons. As for the colors…”

The fact that both neighboring stall owners bought and wore them increased the attention on my stall and more customers came to take a look.
But ordinary people wouldn’t buy aprons more expensive than a regular new piece of clothing, even if it was of a high quality.
On the other hand, the restaurant owners bought the aprons in bulk even if they were high-priced, because they were more difficult to get dirty.
By around 4pm, all denim aprons were sold out and only a few of others were left, so I decided to close the stall.
I will now go to the store to buy more cloth.
… I made quite a bit of money in one day.

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