Chapter 20

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The Price of the Enchanted Aprons
The day after I gave the enchanted aprons to the Minyas’ family, I was stopped by the landlady with great vigor after breakfast.
Did something happen?

“What’s wrong, landlady?”

“It’s not what’s wrong! What is this apron! It repels oil stains and water!”

“Oh, does it repel that much? I thought it wouldn’t get wet only if lightly sprinkled with water.”

“Is that so? No, that’s not it! Where did you get this apron?”

“Huh? Didn’t I explain it? I made it. I had a good income, so I bought some cloth and made it by hand.”

“It’s handmade… weren’t you a tamer?”

“I’m a tamer, but I’m thinking of becoming a magic tailor as well.”

“… Well, the more you can eat, the better. So, how much would you sell this apron for?”

“Errr… that’s what I wanted to discuss.”

I have not decided on the price yet.
I know what it cost me to make, so it can be calculated from there, but since I’ve also put an enchantment on it, I can’t sell it cheaply.
The ones I gave to the Minyas family were trial products, so there’s no problem, but if I sell them, I must put a price on them.
What should I do…?

“I see, so this is what you were talking about last night?”

“Yes. Can you help me?”

“Then, let’s discuss the price as promised after we get to your room. Are you free right now?”

“It’s fine. I didn’t have any plans in particular for today.”

I returned to my room with the landlady and discussed the price of the aprons.
This time, since the aprons were made from new cloth, it seems that they cannot be sold at a low price.
In addition, if I am going to sell it with enchantments on top of that, I must make it even more expensive.


“What we want is this denim apron. It’s sturdy and doesn’t show dirt easily. What kind of enchantments are on the other aprons?”

“The linen and cotton have ‘Water Repellency’ and ‘Simple Cleaning’. They are not as resistant to dirt as denim, so I designed them to be washed quickly before they get too dirty.”

“I see. That’s a clever idea. You should also add more colors to the fabric.”


“Linen and cotton fabrics shouldn’t be too expensive if they’re colored. If there are variations, buyers will enjoy them more. It’s not a cheap purchase.”

Hmm, that makes sense.
That might be true.

“So, how should I price it?”

“You have to think about the cost and added value.”

“Cost and added value?”

“The cost is the price of the original cloth. How much was the cloth of denim used for this apron originally?”

“Umm, it was 35,000 rubies. I was able to make three aprons from one roll of cloth.”

“Then you have to take at least 15,000 rubies per piece. Then, you add a processing fee on top of that.”

Processing fee.
I do magic sewing quickly, but normally that’s not possible or even necessary.

In addition, I also must add cost for the enchantments.
I’ve practiced many times and stopped failing, but originally enchantments were made while failing many times and ruining products.
If I sell them at almost the same price as unenchanted ones, the enchanted ones will naturally sell out first, and even the application of the very enchantments might be doubted.
I was advised to prepare an appraisal loupe for checking enchantments to confirm whether the enchantments have been applied properly.

In addition to that, I was also advised to write my signature somewhere to prove that I sold it.
Otherwise, some stores will start spreading inferior products made in the same design.
If I create a store sign and register it with the Trade Guild, I won’t have to worry about being copied.
On the contrary, if copied, heavy fines will be imposed on those who forged them.
I hadn’t thought about that far and should deal with it quickly.

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