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Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Enchantment Practice
Well, I had a lot of aprons in front of me.

Next, I’m thinking of adding enchantments to these aprons.

“Enchantment” is a general term for the effects that can be given to various tools through the art of blessing.
Easy to understand examples would be “Attack Power Increase” or “Defense Power Increase”.
There was also information about enchantments on the Goddess’s bookshelf, but I never had a chance to try it.
The equipment I received from the Goddess already had enchantments applied, and no further enchantments could be applied.
Even the enchantments that were applied were powerful ones like “Self-Repair”, “Weight Reduction when Equipped”, and “Penetrating Power Increase”.
It’s like I can’t do any evil deeds because it was made specifically for me, but it’s still scary.

So, what kind of enchantment am I going to apply to the aprons? “Dirt Prevention” and “Water Repellency”.
Both are convenient features for aprons that are prone to getting dirty, and water repellency also repels oil stains, so it’s convenient in the kitchen.
I’m still not skilled enough, so I’m worried about how many of the finished aprons will remain, but there’s no choice but to try.
Okay, let’s go!

“Enchantment! ‘Dirt Prevention’, ‘Water Repellency’!”

The result of the first enchantment was… as expected, a failure.
I tried it and found out that when you perform an enchantment, something like a magic circuit appears inside the object being enchanted.
If I can connect it well, it will probably be a success.
If you can’t connect the circuits or if you collide and distort them, it will most likely be a failure.
Now that I know that, all I can do is practice.

“Enchantment! ‘Dirt Prevention’, ‘Water Repellency’!”


“Ugh… only 28 were successful in the end…”

Only 28 of the more than 100 aprons remained.
I stopped failing towards the end, so most of the remaining aprons were denim.
Denim is expensive, but will customers buy it?

As I was worrying about the apron, there was a knock on the door and a voice came through.

“Lily, dinner service is almost over. Aren’t you going to eat?”

“Eh!? Is it already that time!”


“Yes. What were you doing?”

“I was making aprons.”

“An adventurer making aprons?”

“Yes. Oh, that’s right.”

I took one of the finished aprons and ran out to open the door and handed the apron to Minyas, who was standing there.
Minyas has been an acquaintance since I came to this inn and is close in age, so she speaks to me like a friend when there are no other customers around.
That makes me happy.

“Um, Minyas. Could you try using this apron and see how it feels?”

“This apron? It looks new, is that okay?”

“It’s important to check how well it works.”

“I see. I don’t really understand, but I’ll use it.”

After pushing the apron onto Minyas, I hurried to the dining hall and managed to eat that day’s dinner.
If Minyas hadn’t come to call me, I would have missed a meal.

Well, Minyas has agreed to use the apron, but that’s not enough testers.
I have to get the landlady and her husband at this inn to use it too…
As I was preparing to give them the aprons tomorrow morning, the landlady came in at night. She said she wanted an apron like the one Minyas was using for her husband and herself.

It seems that Minyas used it right away, but even when washing dishes or carrying dirty things, no dirt stuck at all.
At first, Minyas was simply curious about it too, but when she checked with an appraisal loupe at this inn, she found out that it was an enchanted apron, and all hell broke loose.
Minyas didn’t think the apron was a big deal that cost tens of thousands of rubies or something like that when she received it.
The landlady came to negotiate all at once.

But I explained to her that I would not be taking money for the aprons used at the inn.
I also told her that it was just something I did to practice my blessing technique, and that I would take proper payment for it when I put them out for sale.
I also consulted with her about the price.
I know what it cost me to make, but I have no idea what the selling price would be.

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