Chapter 18

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Magic Sewing Practice
“We have certainly received ten rolls of your Spider Silk.”

“I also confirmed, 750,000 rubies in total.”

“Dear me, I never thought you’d really get ten rolls in 20 days.”

“I pushed myself a little…”

Yes, I kept defeating Ogres and collected ten rolls in 20 days.
I also reported the number of kills to the Adventurers’ Guild every day, and although they gave me a stern look, they didn’t say anything else.
Since I’m not taking on a request, hunting strong monsters is up to my judgment.
Of course, it’s not something that the Guild recognizes.

“So, what are you going to do now? If you could mass-produce Spider Silk, that would be great.”

“Umm, I’m thinking of stopping selling Spider Silk for a while. I feel like I’m being followed lately.”

This is also true.
I don’t know if it’s because a Black-ranked adventurer is delivering Ogre materials every day, but lately I feel like I’m being followed.
When I leave town, I ride on Talat and cross the valley at top speed to get to the Ogre habitat, but when I come back, I feel like I’m being followed again.
I even consulted with the Adventurers’ Guild, but they said it would be difficult to act unless someone directly interferes with me.
So, I’m thinking of taking a break from Ogre hunting for a while.
I’ve made a lot of money, so I don’t need to earn any more for a while.

“Is that so… Then, do you have any other orders from the Trade Guild?”


“Please tell me where the cloth shops are. I also do some sewing myself.”

“Understood. We will make a list and map of cloth shops for you, so please wait a moment.”

They even made a list and map for me.
Using the list and map that they gave me, I walked around town and checked the prices of cloth.
The result of my day-long investigation was that most of the clothes were sold at the same price.
Some special cloth had drastic price fluctuations, but this was probably due to differences in suppliers.
Anyway, I went back to the shop with the best quality fabric and bought some different types of fabric, one roll each.
I also bought a few sheets of magic paper for pattern making with magic sewing.

Magic sewing patterns must be written on special magic paper, which will tear and become unusable after a certain number of uses.
I have received a special magic paper from the Goddess that can be used indefinitely, but its number is limited, so my basic plan is to use magic paper sold in stores for magic sewing.
According to the Goddess’s book, the pattern on the store-bought paper will break after about 20 uses, so if I get a lot of orders and start making expensive clothes, I will start using her magic paper.

When I got back to my inn, I immediately tried my hand at pattern making using magic paper.
The first thing I will make is an apron.
It’s simple to make and is easy to write the pattern on.
The pattern drawn on magic paper must include folds and other details.
So, you need some knowledge to make it.
But I have knowledge and experience honed in “Mizgard Life”.
I have confidence in making patterns by myself up to a certain level of clothing.

Once the pattern was finished, I immediately made an apron with magic sewing.
The fabric I used was denim.
It’s sturdy and doesn’t show dirt easily.
It’s a bit of expensive fabric, but it’s no problem.

“Then, activate; Magic Sewing!”

My magic power enveloped the pattern and the fabric in a ball of light, and when it disappeared, the pattern, apron, and a lesser size of the fabric appeared in its place.
About one third of the fabric was used.
This should be enough for mass production.
Let’s keep practicing until I can do magic sewing with Spider Silk.

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