Chapter 17

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Collecting Magic Stones
Since I received a request for Spider Silk delivery at the Trade Guild, I started hunting monsters around Vardmoi.
On the day I visited the Trade Guild, I went to the Adventurers’ Guild’s reference room and prepared to efficiently collect magic stones by checking the locations of strong monsters within a day’s trip range.
The next day, the hunt finally began.

The most efficient monster among those I had my eye on were monsters called Ogres.
They live in a place about 2 hours away by Talat’s pace, and there is no need to bring back anything other than horns and tusks because no other materials can be produced from them.
If you tried to go through the normal road, it would be another half a day, since they live on the other side of the valley, but I have Talat, so we were able to cross the valley with the use of his cobweb.
There was not much of a problem in terms of our strength either.
The tactic of Talat entangling them with spider threads and me delivering the final blow with a spear or magic was effective.
Still, the arm swung by the Ogres were of a sufficient threat, because when I blocked it with a shield once, my body was lifted off the ground and I got blown away a few meters back.
I wouldn’t lose, but I couldn’t let my guard down. They were those kinds of opponents.

But they were worth subjugating and getting magic stones.
About 10 magic stones will make one roll of Spider Silk.
If it’s a weaker monster, you have to collect 20 or so, so it’s pretty tough.
Long live the Ogres.

However, an unexpected problem occurred.
We hunted every day and mass-produced Spider Silk, but on rainy days it was too dangerous to cross the valley, so we had to take a break from hunting.
So I went to the Adventurers’ Guild to sell the Ogre materials I had collected so far, but there I received an unexpected warning.
Apparently, I hunted too many Ogres without receiving a request.

“Umm, am I not allowed to hunt Ogres without receiving a request?”

I am now being interrogated… or rather being warned in the conference room of the Adventurers’ Guild.
Come to think of it, my rank at the Adventurers’ Guild was still White.

“There is no rule that you cannot hunt without receiving a request. However, please consider the number.”

“The number?”

“How many ogres have you defeated so far, Miss Lily?”

“Umm… 87.”

That was the number written on my ID card, so there should be no mistake.
However, when she heard that, the guild staff member held her head even more.

“Normally, White rank can’t defeat Ogres…”


“Yes. The only thing that can be defeated by normal White ranks are goblins at best, and even that is dangerous if they don’t form a party.”

I see.
I’m not good at hunting goblins because they’re always in groups.
I guess I’m best at finishing my enemies one by one after asking Talat to immobilize them.


“First of all, solo Ogre hunting is recommended for Blue ranks and above. How can you defeat so many alone?”

“I have Talat with me. After asking Talat to immobilize them, I deliver the finishing blow with spear and magic.”

“Oh, I see. You were a tamer. Okay, so for now, you’re not doing anything reckless.”

“Yes. I’m not doing anything unreasonable.”

“Then the interrogation is over. Your rank will also be upgraded to Black rank. To be precise, I would like to raise it up to the Green rank at once, but since you have to take an exam to become Green rank, it will be temporarily out of question until then.”

“I understand. No problem.”

“When will you take the Green rank promotion exam? The nearest one will be held tomorrow.”

“What kind of content is it?”

“It’s a practical combat test against an instructor and a camping test. However, the camping test is more about teaching how to do it and grading whether you can wake up properly when awoken or spend your shift without sleeping.”

Hmm… an overnight exam…
It hurts to lose two days.

“I have something urgent to do right now, so I will take the exam at a later date. When can I take the exam?”

“It’s every Wind Day. If you fail the exam, you cannot retake it for one month, so please do not neglect your preparation.”

“I understand. I’ll take it when I have time.”

“Please do so. Since your skill level is equivalent to Blue rank…”

Hmm… So, they want to raise me up to Blue rank?
I don’t intend to work that hard as an adventurer, so Green rank is fine for me.

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