Chapter 16

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Vardmoi’s Trade Guild
In conclusion, “The Night Lion” is a good inn.

After all, it’s 850 rubies for one night with two meals and food for familiar, not just a private shower and toilet, but also a bath!

I enjoyed the bath for the first time in a long time.

When I asked why there was a bath, it was installed because there are monsters of races that need to take a water bath among the familiars.

Of course, it’s okay for the owner to use it as well.

I’ll stay at this inn while I’m in Vardmoi.

The next morning, after completing the extension of my stay, we headed to the Trade Guild.
I want to know how much Spider Silk sells for over here.
And I want cloth.
My magic weaving can be trained with Spider Silk, but my magic sewing cannot as of yet.
Therefore, I want cloth such as hemp or cotton that can be easily processed.

The Trade Guild was quite crowded because I came early in the morning.
I had no choice but to wait at the reception and hear the merchants’ gossip.

“… I see, the price of iron ore is falling.”

“The production volume is increasing. The demand is also calming down, so it’s given.”

“So it would be more profitable to export to another city.”

“But exporting ore is tough.”

Hmm, the price of iron ore seemed to be falling.
It has nothing to do with me, but I’ll remember it.
There were many other rumors, but the most prominent one was that tea parties were being held frequently among the nobles.
Apparently, some viscount’s family had acquired a necklace adorned with large jewels and was showing it off.
I don’t want to get too close to the nobles.

“Next person please.”

“Ah, yes.”

It was finally my turn.
When I told her my reason for visiting, the receptionist looked at me suspiciously, but when she saw Mr. Warren’s letter of introduction from Neist’s Trade Guild, she changed her complexion and flew into the back.
Is Mr. Warren perhaps a pretty important person?

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting! We have secured a negotiation room and will guide you in!”

“Oh, okay.”

The receptionist’s face was blue.
Maybe she was told something about treating me lightly.
I feel like I did something bad.


The room I was taken to was so luxurious that I doubted whether this was the highest grade among the negotiation rooms.
The receptionist poured tea with trembling hands and left.
Who will come as my negotiating partner?

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, Miss Elf. I heard you brought in Spider Silk.”

“Yes. I heard at Neist’s Trade Guild that it would be more profitable to sell it in this city.”

“Well, well, thank you. No, excuse me. My name is Vinchi, and I am the Vice-Guild Master. Pleased to make your acquaintance from now on.”

Vice-Guild Master of the Trade Guild!?
Is it okay for such an important person to come out!?

“I read the letter of introduction from Mr. Warren, the Guild Master of Neist. You know, I envy you for taming a Silk Spider.”


“Excuse me, it was an unnecessary inquiry. Let’s go ahead with the negotiations. Did you bring the Spider Silk today? How many rolls do you have?”

“Umm, four rolls. Due to traveling conditions, I couldn’t prepare more.”

“Four rolls… Can you prepare another ten rolls quickly?”

“Quickly? Specifically, how many days would that be?”

“The sooner the better… Can you do it within 20 days?”

Within 20 days…?
One roll per two days is a bit tight.

“Um… would 30 days okay? I’ll try my best, but I can’t promise 20 days.”

“I see… No, 30 days is enough. Let’s make a contract. This time we will buy four rolls at 80,000 rubies per roll and ten rolls at 75,000 rubies per roll. There will be no penalty even if you cannot deliver within 30 days.”

Is it okay to have such a favorable contract for me?
It seems like there’s something behind it…

“There are some circumstances involved with someone in this contract. Therefore, we made it favorable for you. No need to worry.”

Oh, it’s related to the nobility.
Let’s not make any unnecessary inquiries.

The negotiations ended quickly.
I’ll buy cloth after I finish delivering the goods.
There’s no way I can make clothes while collecting monster magic stones.

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