Chapter 11

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Magic Spider’s Threads and Spider Silk
After returning from the Adventurers’ Guild and eating dinner, I decided to give Talat the magic stones right away.
Talat seemed to be looking forward to it, so let’s give it to him quickly.

The appearance of the magic stones was like ordinary stones with various colors of different sizes.
They were not transparent, so they can’t be called gems.
The smallest magic stone was a goblin’s, and the largest magic stone was the Venom Lizard’s, according to the explanation I received.
The goblin’s magic stone was about the size of a thumb, but the Venom Lizard’s magic stone was about the size of a softball.
I wonder if the magic stones of stronger monsters are even bigger?

“Talat, which one do you want to eat first?”

(The goblin one is fine.)

“Okay, then let’s start with this one.”

I placed the goblin’s magic stone in front of Talat.
Then Talat bit into the magic stone and ate it in one bite.
Are magic stones really that delicious?

“Talat, are magic stones delicious?”

(For me, they’re yummier than meat. But goblin magic stones are gritty and not very tasty.)

“I see. So you don’t want any more goblin magic stones?”

(I’ll eat them all. It would be a waste not to.)

So even though it’s not very tasty, it would be a waste not to eat it?
I heard at the Adventurers’ Guild that goblin magic stones are only worth 10 rubies, so maybe that’s just how it is.

Talat continued to eat the smaller magic stones in order, and finished with the Venom Lizard’s magic stone.
He doesn’t eat much meat, but he seems to eat a lot of magic stones.
Maybe I should consider buying only magic stones?

(Lily, do you have a spool?)

“A spool? I have a few that I got from the Goddess…”

(Then bring them out.)


“Okay, got it.”

I took out spools from my backpack.
As one of the sewing tools, there were many spools in my backpack.
Not round ones for use with sewing machines, but square ones like old-fashioned spools.

When I finished lining up the spools, Talat picked up one of them with his mouth.
Then the cobweb from Talat’s butt wound around the spool.
He skillfully turned it around and wound up the threads.
When he confirmed that enough thread had been wound around the spool, he picked up the next spool and repeated the same thing.
He did this several times and completed many spools of spider thread.

“Talat, what is this?”

(It’s magic spider thread. I’ve heard rumors that it sells for quite a high price.)

“Where did you hear such rumors?”

(People who came to collect the cobweb at my nest were talking about it. They didn’t seem to be very good at winding the threads up, though.)

I see, so the cobweb of Talat’s species, the Large Silk Spider, is a valuable commodity.
Since they are called Silk Spiders, it makes sense that they silk can be made from their threads.
I also asked why he made this kind of thread now, but apparently it’s because he has to use some of the power he absorbed from eating magic stones to create this very kind of spider thread.
Apparently, only the thread made from Silk Spiders after they ate magic stones could be used as silk thread, and since wild Silk Spiders don’t leave much of that thread behind, it’s even more valuable.
But there was plenty of thread in front of me.

“Talat, can I have this thread?”

(Yeah. I made it for you.)

“Thank you, Talat.”

There were many spider threads in front of me.
If I sell this as is, I’ll probably make a decent profit.
But if I process this into silk before selling it, would I make even more money?
Maybe I should give it a try.
Even if I fail, there are plenty of threads.

“All right, activate: Magic Weaving!”

I tried to convert the spider thread into cloth using my Magic Weaving skill.
But only the thread disappeared, and no cloth was made.
Apparently I failed.
After that, I repeated several times and was able to succeed only 5 times.
Every single piece of cloth was quite large, and the fabric was beautifully finished.
This should sell for quite a high price.

Tomorrow I’ll go to the Adventurers’ Guild and ask what to do.
And whether or not I can buy only magic stones.
If I can buy magic stones, Talat will make spider thread for me, so I think I could make back my investment.
There’s also the issue of living expenses, so I have to think carefully about my daily earnings.

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