Chapter 12

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Trade Guild
“Eh? You can’t just buy magic stones?”

The day after giving Talat magic stones and making Spider Silk, I visited the Adventurers’ Guild in the morning to consult with them but was told that I couldn’t buy magic stones.
When I asked why, it seems that there was a person who tried to enhance themselves by taking in a large number of magic stones but failed and died in an explosion due to his magic power going berserk.
Since then, the Adventurers’ Guild has stopped selling magic stones and only buys them from adventurers themselves.

When I asked what happened to the magic stones bought from adventurers, it seems that they are sold to dealers who specialize in handling magic stones. The dealers who receive the magic stones only sell them to those with a special license, and the magic stones sold are used as materials for magic tools.

In other words, without a license, you can’t buy magic stones, and only the amount that adventurers can obtain on their own is available to the general public.
Even those adventurers would sell their magic stones at a Guild in towns, since they take up much more space compared to rubies.
Also, only those with the aforementioned license can issue requests to buy magic stones. While it is not possible to restrict individual transactions between adventurers, it is basically necessary to collect magic stones on your own if you need them.

The exception would be winning auctions of high-level monster carcasses or something similar, but that doesn’t fit my purpose, so it’s meaningless.
In the end, it turns out that I have no choice but to collect the magic stones on my own.

By the way, I wasn’t asked much about why I wanted to buy magic stones.
It seems that it is common for tamers to collect magic stones in order to train their familiars. However, since familiars may become stronger than tamers and stop listening to them, tamers are especially not allowed to buy magic stones at the Adventurers’ Guild.
In any case, I have no choice but to collect magic stones on my own.


After that, I was also told that if I wanted to do business in town, I would need to report it to the Trade Guild.
Transactions not made through the Trade Guild are not guaranteed.
Also, if you want to set up a stall or something in town, it is illegal if you haven’t reported to the Trade Guild first.
Yes, it’s good that I asked.
I also asked about the location of the Trade Guild and decided to go there right away.

“Welcome. Welcome to the Trade Guild.”

The Trade Guild was located in a white, four-story building on the north side of town.
The beautifully cleaned floor felt very comfortable.
When I told the receptionist at the entrance why I had come, she said that I had to register with the Trade Guild first.
So I was taken to the new registration desk of the Trade Guild.

The new registration desk was empty, so my turn came quickly.
The procedure was the same as for the Tamers’ Guild and Adventurers’ Guild, but the way of raising ranks is different.
The ranks of the Trade Guild are white, green, blue, bronze, silver, gold and platinum from low to high.
If you just register with the Guild at White rank for a fee of 500 rubies, all you can do is buy and sell with the Trade Guild or shops under its management.
If you want to sell goods at a stall or something like that, you need to be at Green rank and pay an additional 5,000 rubies as a registration fee.
To open your own shop, you need to be at an even higher Blue rank and pay an even higher registration fee.
However, once you reach Green rank or higher, you can deposit money with the Trade Guild and withdraw money from any Trade Guild for a small fee.
You can also receive loans from Blue rank.

I just want to sell the Spider Silk, so I’ll register at White rank for now.
When I told them what I wanted to sell, they said they could help me right away since there was no one else in line.
I wonder how much my Spider Silk will sell for?

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