Chapter 10

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Explanation of the Adventurers’ Guild
After talking to the saleswoman at the clothing store for a while, it was time for lunch, so I decided to head to the Adventurers’ Guild after eating lunch.
I had lunch at a nearby restaurant, and it tasted pretty decent.
It seems that spices are not that expensive in this world.
They are not used extravagantly in ordinary restaurants, but they seem to be used to some extent.
If I could make something like mixed spices, it might sell well.

After finishing the lunch, and it became afternoon, I visited the Adventurers’ Guild.
The inside of the Adventurers’ Guild was relatively empty, and there were only people in the dining hall.
Well then, I wonder if the dismantling is finished?

“Excuse me. I’m Lily who asked for dismantling yesterday evening.”

“Miss Lily. Do you have a number tag?”

“This thingy?”

“Yes. Please wait a moment.”

The lady who received the number tag from me went to the back of the reception and came back with a bag.
What is that bag?

“The contents of this bag are magic stones from the dismantled monsters. Since there were many, we put them together.”

“Thank you. That helps.”

“No, it’s a service, so don’t worry about it. So as for the reward, after deducting the dismantling fee and meat disposal fee, it is 23,000 rubies.”

Oh, it turned out to be quite a good amount.
When I asked for the breakdown, it seemed that the materials from the Venom Lizard were indeed the most expensive.
The Venom Lizard alone was apparently 15,000 rubies.
The other monsters were mostly small fries, but because there were no scratches on things like fur, they were able to fetch a high price.
It seems that this amount was rounded up, and they even added extra.
I had no objection myself, so I signed the receipt and received the reward and magic stones.


“That’s the end of the reward settlement. Now I will explain the rules of the Adventurers’ Guild that I couldn’t explain yesterday.”

According to the lady, the Adventurers’ Guild is an organization that spans across multiple countries.
It seems to be independent of the countries and cannot accept requests directly from the countries or nobles except in some rare cases.
The exception is when preparations are needed for large-scale outbreaks of monsters, and in this case adventurers of a certain rank or higher are forced to participate.

The ranks of adventurers are white, black, green, blue, red, copper, silver, gold and platinum from low to high.
White is for beginners, and in general, most adventurers are Black rank or higher.
To raise your rank, you can accumulate achievements by completing requests.
However, if you continue to fail requests, your rank may also decrease.
About 70% of all adventurers rank from White to Blue, and when it comes to Gold rank, there are only a few people per country.

To accept a request, you can peel off a request slip from the quest board installed at each Adventurers’ Guild and bring it with you to the reception.
However, there are also restrictions on what requests can be accepted and requests that can be accepted are up to one rank above your own rank.
Requests two or more ranks above cannot be accepted.
In addition, there are also permanent requests, which mainly involve exterminating weak monsters living near the town or collecting general medicinal herbs.
There are also designated requests, where individual adventurers are picked from the bunch, special requests issued when the Guild determines that the difficulty is particularly high, and urgent requests issued when there is an emergency.
It seems the Venom Lizard that Talat defeated was an urgent request, but since Talat had defeated it before I became an adventurer, it couldn’t count as my achievement.
Currently, the Guild seems to be scouting in the mountains to see if any other Venom Lizards are lurking around.

“… That’s the rough outline of the rules of the Adventurers’ Guild. Do you have any questions?”

“Err… what happens if I haven’t completed a request for a long time?”

“If you do not accept a request for a long period of time, your adventurer qualifications will be temporarily suspended. This is only a temporary measure, so if you report to any Adventurers’ Guild, your adventurer qualification will be restored.”

“I see. What happens if adventurers fight each other?”

“In that case, we will listen to both sides and decide on punishment. If someone is killed in a dispute outside of town, it will be recorded in the punishment section of their identification card. If you were attacked and fought back, it will not be recorded. However, in that case, please report to the nearest Adventurers’ Guild as soon as possible.”

Mhm, mhm, so that part is well organized.
The identification cards system is quite mysterious, but it seems to be capable of clearly distinguishing who is at fault.
Afterward, I stopped by the Guild’s reference room to look up information before returning to my inn.
The information in the reference room at the Guild was almost identical to what was in the Goddess’s books, so maybe I don’t have to study that much.
But in order not to be suspected of where I acquired my knowledge, let’s keep actively using the reference room, etc.
When I get back to my room, I have to give Talat the magic stones.
I wonder what it will be like?

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