Chapter 8

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Yes, the 1st “Sexual Harassment Warning”.
I finish dinner, bathing, and a few other things and log in once again.
Because In-game time is advancing at the thrice speed of the Real time, it’s already nearly noon.
The NPC stores were naturally open, so I purchased a little of cotton I was missing. I don’t have much money left, so I bought really just a little, but it’s enough to work with while waiting at the street stall.

Quite a lot of street stalls increased in the area where I opened the street stall last time.
Most are probably the player pioneers. Most of them are selling materials at a price slightly higher than the market price, and it appears that only a few are selling equipment. They are probably bought right away.

When I took a peek at a stall selling equipment, it wasn’t that expensive, but it was all equipment beyond my reach.
As expected, the out of stock situation happened, it seems that the demand for player-made equipment has begun increasing.
Since it looks like I could sell, I will find a suitable spot and open a street stall right away.
But, before that, I will email Mika-chan and Rush-san just in case.
I will feel bad if it sells, but if they reply right back, I will save it for them.

As I thought, Rush-san immediately responded and reserved the Copper Longsword.
Mika-chan didn’t answer before I prepared the stall, so it can’t be helped. Even though she’s logged in, she must be busy. As expected of the top player contender.

All I have to do is wait after setting up the street stall, so I start embroidering the unsold Cushion covers.
The plan is to start from an easy embroidery and gradually increase the difficulty.
Although I have done a little bit of embroidery in reality because I love it, I had a slight blank, so I plan to do my best little by little.




After opening the stall and doing embroidery for about ten minutes, the equipment was sold just like that.
Even though my embroidery hasn’t progressed at all, there are only Zabuton cushion and Magic formations left to sell.
Well, I’m surprised by how fast it sold.
Oh, when I thought about going to purchase materials with the money I made, I discovered a pioneer with a stern face approaching me.
The displeasure on his face clearly states “I’m currently super mad.”
I strongly smell the feeling of trouble coming.
But, there’s a possibility that his face default, so I continue operating normally.
However, I’m afraid to say that my thoughts were immediately betrayed.

“I finally found you, Bucket fellow! This zabuton I have bought from you is a defective product! What are you going to do about it! Haah!?”
“Defective product, is it?”
“Can’t you tell by looking! Isn’t this totally tattered!”

When I calmly reply to the loudly shouting, a stern-faced pioneer in front of me, he indeed showed me Zabuton cushion I made.
The cover is splendidly tattered, even the Plain cushion is torn, the modestly sticking out cotton is ragged as well.

But, what about it?

“It is certainly tattered, isn’t it? But, what does it have to do with being a defective product?”
“Stop bullshitting me! Don’t go around selling things that crumble just after sitting on them for a little, you swindler!”
“I think that things losing durability after use is common sense, though.”
“Don’t get carried to the extremes, you idiot! Do you think I went hunting with this!”

Because I’m answering calmly without getting frightened, the slightly flustered pioneer exaggeratedly shows off the destroyed cushion.
He’s probably making sure that other people see it too. Just how tattered it is.

“I only sat down on it, and it turned into rags, so I’m telling you to pay up!”
“Have you sat down on the cushion with your equipment on?”
“Ahh!? Isn’t that given! Rather than that, pay up “Did you not think that the cushion will get tattered if you sit on it in equipment?” …… Ahh?”

I make sure to interrupt the pioneer shouting at me in a loud voice, and as expected, his vigor calmed down when I thrust the reason it tattered on him.
I can tell that the people who gathered around are already disgusted.
But it appears that the stern-looking pioneer doesn’t want to give up yet.
Rather, this person probably found faults at many places already, so he most likely didn’t think that he would lose in an argument.
To be defeated by a person of this level…… I feel sorry for the people with no head.

“S, stop bullshitting me! This is a game, isn’t it! Something like that doesn’t matter!”
“That’s not the case, you know? It’s properly written in the “Help”. It would be better to present your claim after properly reading it, you know?”

What I actually meant is that Help states that items with durability affect each other.
If you indeed sat on the cushion with that pointy end of the century waist fashion, there’s just one possible result.

“S, stop kidding me! I’m the victim here! Give me money as reparation…… no, hand over your recipe!”

It was that kind of thing, after all?
It might work against a person with a weak heart, but…… no, to say you are a victim, he must be encouraged by initial success.
But, tough luck, I know how to deal with this situation.

“Gu! W, what is this!?”

The pioneer who wanted to grab me was repelled in front of my stall and stumbled backward.
I played the ominous red flashing window.
This window is a dangerous thing that stirred noisy reactions of the curious onlookers.

“Yes, the 1st ‘Sexual Harassment Warning’.”
“Y, you’re fucking kidding me!”


Whether the blood is rushing to his head completely, the stern-looking pioneer disregarded my kind warning plunged towards me in a frenzy with even more momentum than before.

I thought that anyone would start thinking straight after the rehash from a little while ago, but it actually didn’t happen.

“How about you quit it already? You disgrace.”

All of sudden, a blue-haired woman jumped in front of me, she caught the stern-looking pioneer’s hand and beautifully flung him away.
Ah, but the 2nd “Sexual Harassment Warning” has been issued, wasn’t it? It appears I was able to authorize the sexual harassment at the last moment.
This is definite evidence.

“D, damn you! Let me go!”
“Be silent, you garbage.”

While I was looking at the sinister bright red flashing Sexual Harassment Warning window count, the blue-haired woman has subdued the stern-looking pioneer who tried to struggle but was unable to move.
Ooh…… incredible. Even though I looked away just for a moment.

“Are you all right?”
“Ah, yes. I think the guards will be here soon, could you hold him down for a little longer?”
“All right, I understand.”

The stern-looking pioneer was violently struggling, but he couldn’t get away from the restriction of the blue-haired woman.
He began to curse abusively.
As expected, his loud disgracefulness is his last performance before death.

“Stop being so noisy already. I have recorded all your actions since the beginning. You have received two hits of Sexual Harassment Warning, the Administration has been already notified. Because I will hand over the evidence once the guards arrive, you will be at least sent to the prison without a doubt. Besides, if you repeat something like this next time, I’m pretty sure that it will be considered a felony and your account will be banned. Therefore, I believe it would be better if you didn’t think about getting revenge, you know?”

Taking out and showing him the recording window and the ominously flashing red window which will be used as evidence, the stern-looking pioneer finally understood the situation he’s in and hung his head down dejectedly.

“Ah, he ran away, that person. He was a player as expected, huh.”
“Oh my…… It was a Collapse, wasn’t it? But, that’s just fine. Rather, it’s good because he wasn’t resisting anymore.”
“Ahaha, that’s right, isn’t it~”

It appears that he logged off in order to try to escape, but as expected, he didn’t properly read the Help.
Those who receive two hits of Sexual Harassment Warning will be branded as Criminals, therefore, their bodies will remain in the State of Lethargy until they pay for their crimes.
By the way, normal log out has an effect of turning into blocks and vanishing.
Since the body remains, it can be arrested, and in the case like this where a recording exists, the sentence will be given quickly as well. It will be most likely a prompt decision.
Frontiers also Knights Order which acts as a police organization, and unlike reality, the judicial decision is incredibly swift.
If there’s evidence, it’s a matter of ten minutes.

“Nevertheless, thank you very much. I was saved thanks to you.”
“No need for thanks. It looked like you were handling it just fine, it looks like I have done something unnecessary.”
“There’s no such thing. Because I was gambling on whether he will be caught or not.”

I have Sexual Harassment Warning and recording as evidence, but it would be on the Knights Order or guards whether they will catch him or not.
Well, he would be surely caught in the end, but it’s certain that I’m more relieved now that he got caught right here.
Therefore, the slant-eyed, strong-willed, blue-haired woman was a little shy when I thanked her honestly. She’s a bit cute, isn’t she?
I understood that she’s an elf as I was able to see her pointy ears when she averted her shy face.
The elves of Frontiers are not particularly long-lived, aside from their pointy ears, they are the same as humans.

Judging by her equipment, is she NPC pioneer?
Well, whether she’s player or NPC doesn’t really matter, since friend registration works for both, let’s request one.

“Because this is also a sort of destiny, would you like to register as friends?”
“Yes, of course. My name is Armilate. …… Bucket-san……? That’s a strange name, isn’t it? Since you are operating a street stall, are you perhaps a producer?”
“Yes, I’m Bucket-san. I’m a novice, but I’m making various things.”

When we shake each other hands, Armilate-san was surprised by my name as expected.
But, there are many players with weird names, so it appears that she doesn’t mind it too much.

“Then, if possible, could you contact me when you become able to produce steel equipment? It’s not really obtainable in the Capital Sabrina so I’m troubled.”
“Steel, is it~ I’m just a chick who just dabbled into iron, so it seems quite far away.”
“I will wait without expectations. Devote yourself.”

Steel equipment comes after iron equipment.
I won’t be able to make it anytime soon.
Armilate-san must be considerably strong since she’s looking for such high-level equipment.
She also restrained the stern-looking pioneer with no trouble.

Because six guards arrived while we were having such a conversation, I handed over the recording and the Sexual Harassment Warning that is still flashing even now and explained the situation.

Armilate-san and many of the spectators provided testimony, so Armilate-san and I were naturally acquitted.
The stern-looking pioneer has been restrained and dragged away just like that.
The guards said that threatening, two cases of sexual harassment, and the act of escaping by collapse would most likely turn into imprisonment for sixty days.
Because it’s sixty days of In-game time, that’s about twenty days in the Real time.
Twenty days of imprisonment right at the start is quite painful. I don’t really give a damn since it was up to the person himself whether to stop or not, so he’s paying for his mistakes.

The guards dispersed the crowd before dragging the stern-looking pioneer away. Thus, this matter has been safely settled.

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