Chapter 7

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I set up a street stall near the same Pioneer Association in the south as before and register the sale list.
The In-game time is close to the night, so most NPCs already closed their stores.
But, there are still many people. That’s because many pioneers act regardless of day and night.
Especially the players, the time changes only in the game, so they don’t get sleepy. Then, what about the NPC pioneers? Pioneers who receive the blessing from Goddess need to sleep only for a few hours and act similarly to player pioneers.
Still, the majority of NPCs act during the day and rest during the night.

That being the case, the night time is a dreamy time with no NPC store rivals.
In other words, there’s a high probability of selling even without cutting the price.
Naturally, there are also players who will wait until stores open before purchasing. But, most won’t wait patiently.
Rather, the first day of In-game time has already passed so the beginner equipment should be going out of stock.
Even though players start in several countries, a tremendous amount of people should be buying equipment.
At the time of the beta test, NPCs demonstrated their superiority, causing player producers to receive serious damage, but that shouldn’t happen this time with the modification.
Still, because many people know of the tragedy in the beta test, the number of player producers is low.

In conclusion, my copper equipment sold out in a blink of an eye.
My prediction was apparently correct, after all.

In the darkness of the night illuminated by magic lamps, only every kind of Magic formations and a waiting line for Zabuton cushion remain on my sale list.
My wallet situation has already swelled to nearly three times the initial funds.
My Wallet-chan gradually withers just like that as I purchase materials at a higher price than the Pioneer Association.

It’s for the next investment so it can’t be helped.

There were people interested in Zabuton cushion while I was buying materials, but as expected, Magic formations are still no good.

But, a little more time and pioneers should have enough surplus of money to buy them.




As my wallet becomes considerably lonely, I end the sale and close up the stall.
It has been a while since midnight, but the tavern still seems to be operating well.
Rather, only the tavern, the Training School and the Pioneer Association which operate 24/7 are currently open.
The tavern seems to be closing at 3 am.

Food and drinks normally exist because NPCs need them to live and even players are able to produce them.
Hence proper skills exist, but unfortunately, there’s not much meaning to meals currently.
There should be effects when the skill Lv goes up, but that can’t be expected at the start of the beginning. Cooking that adds additional effects at NPC shops costs quite a lot, so you can’t eat them without a good surplus of money.

It’s nice not getting hungry and thirsty because we are in the game, isn’t it?
On the other hand, I won’t grow fat from eating sweets and delicious things, so I want to eat a lot when I make enough money
Because I’m forced to lead an overly healthy life because of various reasons, I’m glad that I can eat food and drinks as I please, you see.

While thinking about such things, I acquired a new skill for the next production.
I can produce most of the single material protective gear with Molding and Completion processing, but weapons don’t work like that for some reason.
Weapons are more expensive than armor, so I think it’s a good balance, but well, in other words, it would be better to have several skills to produce weapons.

The newly acquired skills are Carpentry and Leatherworking.
These are also skills that can be chosen early, so it costs 1 SP each to acquire them, but that’s not that big of a problem for me who has many skills above Lv 10. I will be able to regain them quickly.

Thankfully, I was able to take short courses in the 24/7 Training School and successfully obtain the rewards, so it’s the time for the pleasant,

happy producing now.

Because I’m going to use several skills this time, I won’t have enough money to rent all necessary facilities.
Because renting a private room cost also around that much, I intend to rent a room this time.
It’s early graduation from the shared space.

Many machines are crammed in the small space of the private room, so I can’t say it’s spacious, but there shouldn’t be a problem just for a single person.
There seem to be larger rooms for several people for rent, but I don’t think that’s related to me. The rental charges are five times higher.

Renting a private room doesn’t change the process.
I’m starting by making the purchased Copper ore into the Copper ingot.
I bought more than the last time, but the making time has reduced thanks to the newly acquired “Smithing Arts/Lv15/Extraction・Improved”.
Furthermore, all Copper ingot were 3★ until now, but they have upgraded to 4★. What a happy occasion.
“Arts” apparently becomes considerably stronger as the level increases.

If the rank of the material is high the rank of the produced item will also become easier to increase.
It won’t necessarily always increase as it’s greatly dependent on the skill Lv and the work situation.

Well then, let’s start by making the simplest weapon.
First, we are going to produce a Copper dagger.
It starts taking on a shape with “Smithing Arts/Lv1/Molding”, but I have a feeling that the 4★ Copper ingot are somehow easier to use than 3★.
Once it cools down, I wind around the Raw Caterpillar Hide I learned in the Leatherworking short course and complete it with the Completion processing.

The slightly rough blade gets corrected with the image and magical power of Completion processing and the completed product is comparable enough to the image in the recipe.

Copper Dagger
Dagger/3★/ATK+7 HIT+1/Durability 70

By the way, the scabbard came like a freebie with the Completion processing.
Of course, it’s possible to make a scabbard on your own too, but it has no influence on the performance.
It’s not the case that scabbards don’t have any special effects, but it seems that there were no special effects discovered during the beta test.

I had slight expectations because I have used 4★ material, but the result is 3★.
If the skill Lv and the rank of the material are high, additional effects may be attached at random, but it’s a little disappointing as there’s nothing.
Well, I have used Raw Caterpillar Hide with low Lv Leatherworking, so I’m glad it didn’t turn into 2★ or even 1★.

Therefore, I have decided to use the completed Copper dagger for my personal use.
I don’t have any offensive means aside from Magic formations, after all. I would be too lonely if I were unarmed all the time. Because it’s a game, I want to be equipped with a weapon. Whether I will use it is a different problem, though.

I decided to carve a name in as well to raise my Crafting Lv which I didn’t use at all during my first production.
This increases my experience, and carving “BUCKET-SAN” in is relatively easy.
While I’m at it, I’m going to carve it inside the Bucket Helm I’m currently wearing as well.

…… Un, I like doing this better than Smithing.
Ahh…… I want to draw Magic formations nya~




That being the case, I drew Magic formations for a change of pace.
Ahh, as expected, doing detailed work is fun. That really hit the spot!

With my tension increasing, I continued to produce weapons steadily, and the results are as such――

Copper Longsword
Longsword/3★/ATK+14/Durability 80

Copper Shortspear
Short Spear/3★/ATK+10/Durability 70

Copper Axe
Axe/3★/ATK+17 HIT-2 CRT+2/Durability 50

Copper Ring
Accessory/3★/DEF+1/Durability 10

Well, it’s normal.
No, it’s a good performance since there are no 2★.

Incidentally, I tried to carve a little flower design in the Copper Ring via Crafting, but it, unfortunately, didn’t give any effect to the performance.
On the other hand, it looks a bit showy.
Well, a design of such degree can also be made in the Completion processing. My Crafting Lv increased so let’s deem it acceptable.

Because it took me three hours to make only this, the first production of weapons was difficult, wasn’t it?
Well, I have expectations once I’m going to get used to it.

The rental time is also almost ending soon, so let’s log out for now.
Because I will be forcefully logged out as long as I exceed the decided time regardless of the First restriction, I have to properly watch the time.

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