Chapter 6

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That’s left, right?
The south gate’s Pioneer Association which was two steps away from congestion a little while ago, is now crowded with pioneers who returned from hunting at lunch time.
At this rate, it’s certain that a queue to enter the Pioneer Association will form.
Well, it’s unrelated to me, so there’s not really a problem, though.

With lots of people, I can expect the sales of my street stall rising too.
Rather, in fact, three of the Copper Bucket Helm has been already sold, and the purchase of materials is proceeding smoothly with those sales.
But, just as expected, the Magic formation are not selling at all.
The pioneers looking at my stall are interested in my Magic formation because they are sold cheaply, but it’s obvious that they don’t have money to spare for consumable offensive items.
Their equipment is in an incomplete state, so it’s no wonder.
Well, thanks to that, Copper Bucket Helm is selling as well, though.
I did it, didn’t I? Bucket companions are increasing!

It can’t be helped that even if I warm myself by selling Copper Bucket Helm, I get immediately cold after purchasing materials.
Those who live from selling produced items like me, basically buy materials to produce and sell in order to buy materials for the next production.
This repetition increases skill Lv at early stages.

I have no more items to sell, rather, I think that the majority of them won’t sell. Shall I end the stall soon?
At the time I was thinking such, I noticed “ID Mail” symbol doing a cute dance at the field of my vision. My setting is a dancing bunny.
ID Mail is one of the crucial means of communications attached to the equipment necessary to play VR games such as Frontiers. It’s a very convenient stuff that allows you to get in contact regardless of what game you play.
On the other hand, it doesn’t allow to attach images or videos, and there are few more restrictions, but it doesn’t change the fact of how convenient it is.
Of course, ID Mail as the name suggests, it’s an ID set in the VR device, so those who don’t know it can’t contact me, and there aren’t many people who know my ID:

When I looked at the handle of the ID Mail, it was my cousin Mika-chan.

“Right diagonally forward?”
“That’s left, right?”

I tilted my head at the simple sentence and turned towards the direction that was written while inserting a tsukkomi.
This voice is Mika-chan, no doubt.

“Yahhoo~ I was right after all. Then, let’s do the friend registration~”
“Yes, yes, registration. But, Mika-chan, were you hunting at the south gate?”

I shake hands with a smiling, lively girl with bunny ears and dazzling blonde bob cut hair.
In reality, she’s my cousin of the same age I get along well with, Mido Mika-chan. Popularly called, Mika-chan.
But, it appears her handle in the Frontiers is Mikan. It’s Mika-chan as expected.

Because she’s familiar with my name, there are no boorish tsukkomi.
Because we have talked about the starting kingdom before, I’m not much surprised about this encounter. Well, the encounter was faster than I expected.

“Because the hunting grounds were crowded more than I expected~ I had no choice but to go to the woods. Well, the gains in that place are excellent after all.”
“Is that so? It can’t be helped since there were so many people.”

I don’t know much because I’m not hunting, but as expected, it appears to be terribly crowded.
I can understand how bad it is just by seeing Mika-chan’s fed-up face.

“Yep, yep, by the way, Bucket-san’ya. Give me one of those cushions too, please.”
“Yes, yes, thanks for the business~ Let’s specially embroider Mika-chan’s name on the cover~”
“Yay~! Yay~?”
“You should feel thankful~”
“Haha~ Thank ye, thank ye~”

Even during our conversation, Mika-chan was able to properly discover the Zabuton Cushion I’m sitting on.
This kind of cushion shouldn’t have been sold even in the beta tests after all.
Right, Mika-chan passed the beta test that I have wonderfully failed, and she played quite intensively.
I remember her being enthusiastic about being a top player even before release.
Mika-chan is mainly battle player, a complete opposite of me.
Zabuton Cushion won’t be helpful in the battle, but she must be just attracted by an item she hadn’t seen in the beta test.

I don’t have an embroidery thread, but something like a name should be enough with Beginner sewing set’s Practice needle.
I quickly sew Mikan, and it’s finished.
Like this, she won’t be able to resell it anymore. Haa, ha, ha, ha.

“Will Bucket-san go production only according to the declaration? In that case, sell me 3★ iron equipment~”
“That’s fine, but…… bronze follows after copper, right? Do I jump straight to iron? Besides, I’m taking it easy, so I don’t think I would be able to make it soon?”

The iron armor Mika-chan desires is heavy equipment that emphasizes defense power, it’s the armor next after the one after copper.
There should be no player who could produce iron on the first day.
After all, with a low skill Lv, you won’t be able to make the ingots.
That is the same for me, I presently plan to raise my skill Lv with copper in order to move to bronze.
Iron is after that, so it’s a story for considerably ahead.

“It’s fine~ It’s not like I will have money to buy it straight away, you can take it slowly. If possible, I would like something with high-performance that those in shops so do your best,
okay! Then, when you made it Call me! I will be hunting day and night!”
“Do your best~”
“Yup, laters~!”

I separate from Mika-chan who is energetic as always and close up my shop.
Mika-chan aims to be the top player, so she is going to hunt even in the night when the degree of difficulty increases.
Or rather, if you don’t do at least that much, it wouldn’t be possible to become a top player.
It appears that most players consider safety and don’t hunt during the night.
If the difficulty level of a hunting ground were lowered, they would most likely hunt during the night too, but the current situation is unavoidable because it becomes unavoidably difficult compared to daytime even in areas with the lowest difficulty.

Moreover, six hours of Real time passed since the opening.
Some of the players who were playing straight without eating lunch should be caught in the First restriction.
Frontiers has restrictions on the continuous login time, and warns you to take a break for more than 30 minutes when six hours in Real time pass.
Although it’s possible to ignore it and play, you will be forcibly logged out in one hour of Real time and you will be restricted to log in for one Real-time hour.
There is no warning in particular if you have logged out before the 6 Real-time hours pass, and take a break for 15 minutes.
I have nothing to worry about because I’m stranger to these restrictions because of real life circumstances.


The results of the first street stall were great, and I was also able to buy a reasonable amount of materials.
In that case, what I need to do next is naturally production activity.

What I thought during operating the street stall was that I would like embroidery tools after all.
They are not necessary for Zabuton cushion, but they are necessary for a happy time after that.
Therefore, let’s try to make it immediately using the material that I bought this time.

Unfortunately, my wallet situation became sad as a result, so borrowing a private room would be a bit difficult.
Therefore, I will do multiple productions with the method of borrowing shared space many times.

To produce yarn and cloth the Weaving skill is necessary, and of course, it’s also necessary for the production of embroidery thread.
Since yarns and furs obtained from monsters can be used as materials, I will be using Rabbit Fur from rabbits which are the weakest monsters in the outskirts of the Capital Sabrina this time.
I put Rabbit fur into the Magic spinning machine for Weaving, use the Dye solution and “Recipe/Weaving: Embroidery thread No. 25” I obtained as a reward from the short course and set the flow of magical power which automatically spins the yarn and lastly, I complete it via Completion processing.
Since it’s possible to choose a color by “Dye solution”, it possible to make embroidery threads in various colors.
It goes without saying that it would take time and labor to do this process in reality. Game banzai.
I produce thread No. 25, 5, and 2 in various colors using the Dye solution, and move on the next thing after assuming that I have enough embroidery thread.

Of course, doing embroidery with just embroidery thread would be difficult, so I borrow a new facility, and use Toolmaking to make embroidery articles.
Even though there are some things that need processing of wood and metal, there are contradictions that it’s not necessary as a material.
However, it can be changed using a device for Toolmaking――Magic synthesizer and Completion processing, so I don’t mind it. Of course, it would be necessary when reproducing the process in reality, but it doesn’t concern me.
I produce various embroidery needles, tambours and cutting scissors, and the common embroidery articles are complete.
As this was my first Toolmaking, as a result of working while carefully imagining the recipe, I was able to keep the 3★ rank.

Next is the Smithing.
I mainly purchased Copper ore so I can do a lot more equipment production than the last time.
I rent a new facility again and start Smithing at once.

It would take a lot of time to make all the Copper ore into Copper ingot because I bought a lot, but I don’t mind since there would be that many experiences if I work carefully.

Using the complete Copper ingot, it’s the turn for my favorite production.
Rush-san’s request was copper equipment which is 3★ or more, so I will try making other parts of the equipment than the last time.
Because the equipment which seems to yield the most profit is the chest, I’m going to make Copper breastplate. It’s easy to improve the comfort of wearing too.

Using “Smithing Arts/Lv1/Molding” kan, kan, kan, kan, I steadily strike it into the shape, and it’s completed in the blink of an eye.
I don’t know whether it’s the effect of practicing with Bucket helm, but the level of my Smithing has also raised, so I have a feeling that the production was somewhat easier.
The result is clearly apparent in the rank.

Copper Breastplate
Torso/Heavy/3★/DEF+15/Durability 80

The result is 3★.
Well, it’s normal. It means that I’m not on a level that can affect performance.

But, it meets Rush-san’s request, so I will send him a Mail.
“Call” would become an annoyance if he’s in the middle of a battle.

Next is the comfort improvement experiment.
Well, I think I will try making an under armor so that it can be used even when wearing other equipment.
Because it’s necessary to rent from the institution to use the Magic sewing machine, it will be hand-sewn this time as well. It’s not that difficult anyway.
The size is automatically adjusted when equipped from the menu, so average size is plenty. I draw a pattern on paper, cut Linen cloth and start sewing.
Because it’s under armor, it’s nothing fancy, but a simple, long-sleeved shirt.
Naturally, the details were done with a careful image of the product and finished with Completion processing. Because I worked carefully, the rank shouldn’t be low.

Linen Gambeson・Top

It appears the equipment is treated as underwear.
The underwear of the initial Pioneer’s clothes give DEF+3 altogether.
Since it’s so, I will also make the bottom using the same pattern.

Linen Gambeson・Bottom

Since it’s originally made for improving the comfort, the higher performance than the Pioneer’s clothes is a bonus.
Well, with higher DEF I think it should sell for more.
By the way, underwear has no durability setting, but all other equipments have durability values.
The durability decreases when damage is received. When the durability becomes 0, the equipment becomes damaged, and it can’t be equipped.
It’s necessary to restore the durability before that happens, but that should be currently possible only for NPC smithers.
Players are naturally able to do it too, but they must raise their levels and acquire personal “Arts”.
Well, durability won’t become 0 so quickly, so it will be all right. But, if you are careless, the damaged equipment will come off, and you will have a terrible experience.

Incidentally, I think that rather than hand-sewing the top and the bottom, using the Magic sewing machine would be better.
Although it’s not difficult, it was indeed terrible……


The results of Smithing until I ran out of Copper ingot in order to raise my Lv are――

Copper Bracers
Arm/Heavy/3★/DEF+5/Durability 30

Copper Greaves
Legs/Heavy/3★/DEF+9/Durability 50

Copper Fauld
Waist/Heavy3★/DEF+7/Durability 50

Together with these new productions, I also made two Copper bucket helm and one more Copper greaves.
I got a mail from Rush-san in the middle, and his order was Copper breastplate, Copper greaves and Linen Gambeson, so I made one more Copper greaves.

Because I made quite a lot, my Smithing Lv increased to 19, I was able to obtain “Smithing Arts/Lv15/Extraction・Improved”, but I have, unfortunately, used all Copper ore for Copper ingot so its turn will come another time.
Because magical power is used everywhere, the three of my magical power related skills, Magical power manipulation, Magical power recovery enhancement and Magical power enhancement increased to Lv 17.

Apart from that, when I leave from the Rental production facility to meet up with Rush-san, it was already 22:00 In-game time.
It appears I have been doing production for quite a long time.

“Rush-san, thank you for waiting~”
“Ah, Bucket-san, it’s fine. I have not waited for that long.”

Rush-san has been already waiting at the meeting place, but the promised exchange didn’t take place. Darn.
Rush-san, you have to say that you have just arrived……

I pull myself together and give a little discount for the ordered things.
Still, because it’s close to the sales of my first street stall, it’s good.

“This Linen Gambeson is nice, isn’t it? It has defensive power and feels very comfortable. This is better compared to the Pioneer’s clothes.”
“That is good~ It was worth making~”
“Certainly, this wasn’t in the beta tests, right?”
“It appears so~ I have not made it with a recipe so…… well, it’s an original~”
“Ooh…… that’s incredible.”
“No, no, there’s no recipe for this, so I don’t think it’s that incredible~”

Right, Linen Gambeson is not among the recipes of the Sewing I have, nor it was among the information I got from the beta tests.
But, when talking about armor, I think things like Linen cloth are famous, right~ I wonder why it wasn’t there?
Because the recipes for underwear are different, perhaps it’s a recipe for casual clothes rather than under armor? It was like that in the beta test.

Nevertheless, it appears that Rush-san is hunting solo even during the night time. As expected of a beta experienced-like person.
It would be difficult to hunt solo at night if not used to it, after all.
Well, thanks to that, my wallet has become warm, so this is the so-called WinWin relationship.

Rush-san who enjoyably talked about such night time rushed out in high spirits with his brand new armor to hunt.
Well then, shall I go sell the rest of the produced items?

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