Chapter 9

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You Can’t Leave the Town.
When I returned to the stall to purchase materials because the incident has been resolved, Armilate-san sold me several materials she had at hand.
She too was apparently in the middle of selling materials at her street stall.
When I tried to add a little extra as thanks, she immediately added materials equal to that and requested that I quickly learn how to make steel equipment.
How coolnya~

After Armilate-san had left, the owners of the nearby street stall came to see me one by one, telling me that was a disaster and such, I was comforted.
There was a person among them who was recording video evidence as well, and that person now spread the video by uploading it to the dedicated bulletin board.
That stern pioneer most likely wanted my original recipe of the Zabuton cushion.
The original product can be registered as a recipe if made with the same materials and quantity more than a certain number of times, and the trade becomes possible.
If you have the recipe, you can easily make the items using the facilities.

An original recipe is precisely a golden tree. Did he perhaps think that I, who was selling an original recipe at such time is a delicious creature that will make other original recipes in the future?
Furthermore, not the equipment, but the Zabuton cushion might have been the point of his attention.
That’s because there are only very few people who focus on these elements at the beginning of the beginning stage of the game.

That stern-looking pioneer seemed quite familiar with the threatening attitude, so I think that there were other victims besides me.
Well, I think there were not many victims as the results were poor as soon as I counterattacked.

Let’s take a look on the dedicated bulletin board later as well.
I was so absorbed in playing that I have not gathered any information, after all. It’s just the right time.




After that, the sales went smoothly, I was also able to join up with Rush-san and sell him the Copper Longsword safely.

Although he was very worried when I told him about the incident, something of that degree is nothing to me.
I have emailed Mika-chan who knows me very well, but the contents of her reply were “I also wanted to mix in”.
She wasn’t worried at all.

As I still had a surplus of money after purchasing materials from Rush-san, I continued selling while making Zabuton cushion.
Because I had a feeling that it’s about time the recipes are registered, I had taken a glance at the recipe menu and just as I thought, Plain cushion and Cushion cover: Zabuton were registered.
With this, it’s possible to produce using recipes, but the production from recipes is meaningless since it can’t be done without using the facilities. Besides, looking at the separately registered articles, a cover won’t be made while using Plain cushion and Completion processing?
Well, either way, is fine for me, though.
Besides, I would have an easier time if Linen Gambeson would become a recipe, but making a lot of them is considerably difficult.
Let’s use Magic sewing machine and make them comfortably next time.
I don’t dislike sewing, I rather like it, but I feel lost when it comes to the size of clothes, after all.




An email came from Mika-chan after I finished selling which redirected me to the dedicated bulletin board talking about the incident from before.
In the game, it’s not possible to browse other than the dedicated bulletin boards. NPC pioneers are also able to read and write on this bulletin board.
Hence, the discussion of real life is prohibited, and they are strictly managed by the administrators. The penalty is rather heavy when not obeying the rules, but because this is the only place to connect within the game, it’s quite bustling.

The cause of the bustling was the main offender, me with my trademarked Bucket Helm and Armilate-san.
Well, I think anyone could only wryly smile for the poorness of that offender. But, I think that online games are amusing because there are people like that.
I was slightly happy that it said I was a promising producer.
Also, my name has been leaked because of Mika-chan’s message, but there’s no problem. I’m a bucket, after all.
If my customers can increase because of my trademark and name, I will warmly welcome it.

Lastly, Armilate-san.
As expected, she’s apparently a considerably strong pioneer.
It appears that she’s actively soloing the difficult party hunting grounds in the outskirts of the Capital Sabrina.
The degree of the difficulty matches with the beta test’s information, so there shouldn’t be any modifications done, but by looking at the bulletin boards, I can see that the current top party of three is having a hard time there.
If she can solo something that difficult, she must be quite strong.
An incredible person has saved me.

I have also looked at the sales on the bulletin board and gathered some information.
Of course, all information from the bulletin board is not to be swallowed without chewing, but there’s no need to doubt them that much.
In the end, my own judgment is the most important.




Thanks to the bulletin board effect, many customers visited my street stall, so I was able to purchase a lot of materials this time because of the surplus of money.
Of course, there are some materials I want to buy, but can’t.
Since there are many street vendors around this area, you are free to choose whether you sell your materials there or in the Pioneer Association.
There are no pioneers who throw violence just because they can’t buy this early and it’s much less likely to encounter a fool like the one from before.
It seems he has been aiming for my original recipe this time, but it’s not certain.

I close the street stall and purchase cloth that I didn’t have enough of, and then I borrowed a private room in the Rental production facility.
I was previously able to make 4★ Copper ingot, but since I’m aiming for further improvement this time, I’m going to upgrade my tools.

In general, you will be rewarded with an elementary production toolset after completing the short course.
I also received elementary toolsets for the Carpentry, Sewing, Smithing, Toolmaking, Crafting, Weaving and Trading, Leatherworking.
Magic formations is not a pure production skill, but I received items necessary for the initial stage.

For example, the Sewing toolset is composed of Practice Needle, Practice thread cutting Scissors, Elementary recipe set.
I can make new Sewing Needle, Thread cutting Scissors with Toolmaking.
They are one grade higher tools that have better performance than the practice tools.
Well, it’s like beginner graduation.

Incidentally, tools of higher rank from the practice system can’t be unfortunately made.
That’s because there’s no recipe.
That being the case, it’s not worth the effort trying to produce the next stage of the recipe.
According to the information from the beta test, there’s no recipe for practice tools, and the production of the tools of next grade is very simple. “If you want to produce high ranked products, prepare the appropriate tools as well” is the very first step.

Because it’s like that, I have no intention of fussing over the practice tools and decided to advance to the tools of the next grade.

Well, there is a recipe for Sewing that is not single articles such as Sewing Needle and Thread cutting Scissors, but the whole Elementary ○○ Set・Improved!
Since Toolmaking is done via Magic synthesizer, there’s a bundle production too!

Thus, some of the completed products――

Elementary Smithing Set・Improved
Tools/4★/Durability 100

The level of the Toolmaking itself is low, but I made 4★ for some reason.
Indeed, as said, it certainly is simple.

Well, it’s good I made something of high rank.
Accumulation of such small victories leads to an improvement in the rank of the other productions, yeah.
Incidentally, the remaining Elementary ○○ Set・Improved were 4★ too, yeah.

In addition, Magic synthesizer uses much more magical power than the other magic facilities, so my three skills from the magical power system increased as the byproduct.
So far, my highest leveled skills are Smithing Lv24 and Trading Lv24 followed by these three skills Magical power manipulation, Magical power recovery enhancement, Magical power enhancement.
They are all at level 20. They rose quite a lot.

As for the others, well, I’m not using them as much, so they are in the single digits and teens.
That’s how it is for now.

Crafting Lv10/Sewing Lv16/Weaving Lv8/Trading Lv24/Tool making Lv16/
Smithing Lv24/Magic formation Lv10/Magical power manipulation Lv20/Magical power enhancement Lv20/ Magical power recovery enhancement Lv20

Carpentry Lv11/Leatherworking Lv7


Because I’m making equipment with Smithing and selling them with Trading, it’s the proper result.
I’m currently using only the thread, so Weaving is like that.
Leatherworking will go up quickly as I produce more and more weapons.

However, when I look at it again, it’s all production skills, isn’t it?
This is the so-called naive production job.
If I show this to Mika-chan, she will definitely tell me “You can’t leave the town” and explode in laughter!

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