Chapter 6


Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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StatusAbility Values
Name: Aisha Randell
Gender: Female
Level: 46
Race: Human
Title: The Guild Reception Expert, Expert Negotiator
Skills: Arithmetic: Advanced, Negotiation: Advanced, Conversation: Advanced, Learning: Advanced, Sage: Intermediate, Taijutstu: Intermediate
HP: 1340/1340
MP: 2570/2570
Strength: 56
Endurance: 35
Intelligence: 123 (+90)
Magic: 85
Spirit: 114 (+70)
Dexterity: 145 (+50)
Agility: 46
Luck: 35
It’s unfair to bring so many people to negotiating.
What do they want to negotiate?
I have to watch my words so I don’t get wooed without noticing.
Still, is there anything to negotiate?

… No, I don’t think so.

At least let’s hear their conversation.
I go to my study, sit on the chair, open the screen and turn on the audio.

(Really? A museum in the Wilderness?)

(Really! When I saw it the first time, I was so surprised!)

The girl who was stalking the Golems was telling the party about her findings.

(However, will you still be able to negotiate despite the dungeon’s level?)

(It’s okay. There are various things to say even to a mouthful dungeon, take my successful negotiation with Aruterua kingdom for example.)

Looks like she was successful in negotiating with dungeons before.

(Still, what if you get attacked while negotiating?)

(You are here for that reason. I’m counting on you.)

They are certainly dependable.
Everyone here including me would die in one blow.

(Ah, I see it.)

(Is that so?.)

(This is certainly splendid.)

(There is a field!?.)

(What kind of fellow lives here?)


Come to think of it, this will be my first time showing before people.
Are my clothes okay? Let me check again.

White shirt and black pants.
No funny spots anywhere.

“Excuse me. Is anyone here?”

I heard a voice with a sound of knocking on the door.

“Eins, welcome them. And prepare a meal for each person. Is it almost noon?”

“I understand. The current time is 11:45. I will call you when the meal is ready.”

When Eins left, I kept thinking about the negotiation.

Of course, the opponent was knocking on the entrance door before, but now they’re knocking on the door of my study.

“Master, the guests are here.”

“Bring them in.”

I don’t want to let them in, but I’m in no place to say no.

“Excuse me.”

All six members of the party came in.

“What do you want?”


“We came here today to form a contract.”

A contract, huh.
Just what type of contract am I going to sign?

“Contract? Exactly what contract?”

I’m concerned.
I don’t have any card to play if the contract is not in my favor.
Rather, a month has passed since I opened the dungeon, to form a contract at this stage is wrong.

“We want this dungeon to let the novice adventurers take refuge here.”

Unexpected words came.
A refuge for novice adventurers?

“Are you serious?.”

“We are serious.”

Ah that’s right, something like that happened before. A novice adventurers escaped from the wolves here before.
I see. This dungeon is closest to the hunting grounds of the novice adventurers.

“I see. What’s in it for me?”

If I don’t benefit from it, there’s no place to talk.
The opponent should have some card to play.

“I swear that we will not capture this dungeon.”


That’s not all, is it?

“Is this not enough?”

“That’s obvious. I promise to let my natural enemy take refuge here, take care of their enemy and give a promise to not attack adventurers. If it’s not at least three more things, I won’t benefit.”

That much should be understandable?

“I understand. Then, we will fulfill a request of the Dungeon Master and pay a certain fee every month. Also, we will grant you the rights to enter the town.”

There was no time to think.
She was prepared from the start, huh.

Well, it was easy thus far, now the difficult part begins.
Now the conditions are three for three.
It’s a state where neither of us has a clear profit.
However, people normally suggest terms that favor themselves.
Since I’ve said ‘at least three,’ they won’t want to give any more than three things.
Now, I’ve got to somehow increase the favourability of the terms.

“The fee?”

“How about 200,000G a month?”

Even if she says 200,000G. I don’t understand the money of this world.

“Let’s see, it is equivalent to an average compensation of rank A adventurer.”

I didn’t know so it was perhaps reflected on my face, but it gave me enough information.
But there’s a thing that’s on my mind.

“If you convert it to daily income?”
“… It’s same as average compensation of C rank adventurer.”

It went down by two ranks.
Originally it should be equivalent of an A rank, but now I’m disappointed.

“At least get me up to B rank equivalent.”

“… I understand.”

She hesitated a little.
She didn’t expect that, I don’t know whatever they thought about loss and gain when they thought about the contract, but it seems I won this negotiation.

“Next, the right to enter the town, how are you going to convince the townspeople?”

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