Chapter 1


Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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When I woke up, I was in a room that I didn’t recognize.

“What’s happening?”

I can’t remember why I’m here.
No, it’s not only that.
I can’t remember my name or any of my memories.
Without any hints, no matter how hard I try I won’t get any answers, so I decided to search this room first.
Even if I say I’ll search this room, there’s no furniture in here. I just look around the room once and the search ends.
The only thing here is a sphere that is floating unnaturally in the middle of the room.

“I don’t want to touch it, but there’s nothing else I can do.”

Because there’s nothing else to do, I reluctantly approach the sphere and touch it.


When I touch the sphere, information begins to flow directly into my head.

“… I see.”

After I organize the information, these are the results:
– Because you had a high aptitude for being a dungeon master, you were abducted and brought to a different world.
– To become a dungeon master, your memories had to be erased.
– This sphere is a dungeon core, a dungeon master’s life. If it’s taken from the dungeon, you will die.
– This dungeon has been shut down for a month. During that time, please prepare your dungeon for when it opens.
– Points, called DP, are necessary to run a dungeon.
– DP can be obtained by repelling the creatures that enter the dungeon.
– Your initial DP is 1000.
– You can view your own status by saying “status open”.
– Dungeon operational windows will appear when you say “Dungeon administration open”
It ended up being something like this.

“Doesn’t it look interesting?”

First, let’s check my status.

“Status open.”

A status screen appears.

StatusAbility Values
Gender: Male
Level: 1
Race: Novice Dungeon Master
Title: NEW: Calm and Composed, NEW: Dungeon Master
Skills: Dungeon Administration
HP: 100/100 (+10)
MP: 100/100 (+10)
Strength: 10 (+10)
Endurance: 10 (+10)
Intelligence: 10 (+10)
Magic: 10 (+10)
Spirit: 10 (+15)
Dexterity: 10 (+10)
Agility: 10 (+10)
Luck: 10 (+10)
I got some new titles for some reason.
I understand the Dungeon Master title, but why Calm and Composed?
I may understand it if I look at its details.

(Calm and composed: A title given to the person who deals with any kind of situation calmly. Grants Mind+5 and an additional reduction to emotional effects.)

I don’t understand the reason.
In addition, reduction of emotional effects?
What kind of effect is that?
However, next to the status there was a number attached in brackets, and it seems it could rise.
Let’s look at the Dungeon Master title as well.

(Dungeon Master: A title given to the Dungeon Master. All abilities +10.)

Well, with this the status check is complete. Let’s create the dungeon next.

“Dungeon administration open

When the windows appeared, almost all of the buttons were grayed out and couldn’t be used.
The only usable buttons are “Open” and “Create a Floor”.

“There’s not much to choose from.”

I select Create a Floor.

(Please select the number of points to use. (First-time bonus, 200DP free) Consumption DP: -)

I choose half of my total DP, so 500DP is selected.


(Consuming 500DP for the function: Create a Floor. Do you approve?)
It seems that it requires approval.


(The dungeon has been created. Because this is the first dungeon floor you have created, a Movement Magic Square will be placed automatically.)

A Movement Magic Square is a magic square that allows one to move between floors.

I wouldn’t mind it if there wasn’t one yet though.
Oh well, I guess I’ll go check the rabbit’s den to confirm how large it is.

I close the window and step onto the Magic Square.
Then, with the feeling of floating, the scenery changed around me.


Even though there wasn’t anything a while ago, a wilderness has spread before me.
It’s a place of decent size, though maybe it’s too large. Even with how large it is, I’m able to determine the location of the Magic Square at once.

I immediately view the administration window and press the Floor creation button.

“It requires 100DP to change the theme of a floor.”

I’ve already used 500DP which is half of my total DP. I can’t waste the rest.
I must somehow hide the rest of my DP.
I tried to sprinkle soil on it.

“It’s floating to the top…”

I didn’t think it would disappear so quickly, but it seems that it won’t be easy to hide it.
Even though I need to secure food, shelter, and clothing.

… Wait?
No one said I can’t use that room as my shelter, right?
Should I make a shelter here?
I verify my DP.

(Please select how much DP to use for housing. Requires at least 100DP.)

100DP is necessary.
What about the materials?
Oh, but it’s cheap.
If that’s the case, then isn’t it possible to build a house with less than 100DP?

(Wood set ×2:40DP
Construction set: 25DP
A Total of 65DP will be used. Do you approve?)


Afterward, 22 wooden planks, quite a few screws, a screwdriver, and a number of construction tools came out.
However, at this point, I remembered something crucial.

“Thinking about it, I don’t know how to build a house.”

Even if I knew, since I’m by myself without any industrial machinery such as cranes, I don’t think I’d be able to build it anyway.

“What should I do?”

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