Chapter 2

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I thought of a solution quickly.

“If I can’t build it, then I just need to summon someone who can.”

With that said, I open the monster summoning screen and begin to read.
I look for a usable monster while skipping other monsters such as goblin and bats.
On the screen, there’s a monster’s name, picture, remarks, and DP consumption.

“Hou, this guy is interesting.”

What caught my eye is a monster called Puppet. This guy is a wooden doll with a Noh mask on its face.
The reason it caught my attention is because it says “This monster can acquire one skill, free of charge, at the time of summoning”.

I can use this to create a monster with the Construction skill.
It isn’t expensive to do. It will only cost me 20DP.
There won’t be any problems even if I create 10 of them.

(200DP will be consumed to create 10 Puppets. Do you approve?.)


(Please choose a skill for the Puppets to learn.)

Construction is chosen from the list and approved.
Then, 10 Puppets appeared.
I check their status to confirm they learned the Construction skill properly.

StatusAbility Values
Level: 1
Race: Puppet
Title: Abiotic
Skills: Spear: Beginner, Construction: Beginner
HP: 100/100
MP: 100/100
Strength: 10
Endurance: 10
Intelligence: 10
Magic: 10
Spirit: 10
Dexterity: 10
Agility: 10
Luck: 10
Isn’t it rather weak?
Even though I’ve been strengthened, they still only have half of my stats.
Is it possible this is a chore exclusive type of monster?

Well, for now, there are only chores that need to be done, so it’s okay I guess.
However, since there will be heavy labor, I decided to make a monster to do the heavy lifting.

“Would a Golem be good?”

100DP is expensive, but it says “this monster can acquire one skill, free of charge, at the time of summoning” in the remarks, so it seems it’s the same as the Puppet.

(200DP will be consumed to create 2 Golems. Do you approve?)

I approve and look at the skill list.
I’m focusing on combat-related skills.
In my mind, a Golem is a slow creature, so after considering it for a while, I decided to choose Nimbleness.
A giant made of rugged rock has appeared.
When looking at its status

StatusAbility Values
Level: 1
Race: Golem
Title: Abiotic
Skills: Grappling: Beginner, Loyalty: Intermediate, Nimbleness: Beginner
HP: 500/500
MP: 10/10
Strength: 30
Endurance: 40
Intelligence: 5
Magic: 2
Spirit: 0
Dexterity: 7
Agility: 5 (+10)
Luck: 10
A vigilant vanguard with paper-thin magic defense.
A party without a sorcerer would consider this golem strong, but it’s a weak monster against a party that has one.
That reminds me, I forgot to check out that Abiotic title.

(Abiotic: A title given to creatures without a life. Does not suffer from the abnormal state. Doesn’t tire out. Doesn’t need food. A convenient existence if it knows the skill Learning. Needs the “Natural Healing” skill to restore to its original state if injured.)

In other words, these guys can’t learn.
I check the learning skill, and 50DP is needed.
I’ll postpone their learning for a while.

“You guys, please make a house in this place. Materials are over here, use anything you need to.”

After I give an order to the Puppets, I return to the original room and check the various functions.
I review the Monster summoning screen and take a second look at the Tools screen. I get tired while looking at everything, so I decide to sleep on the floor.

When I wake up, I go to the first floor and arrive in a small room.
It seems they’ve made a small house.
I open the door and a long corridor appears.


They are too enthusiastic.
I walk into the rabbit hole.
I pass the corridor lined with three doors next to each other, and exit from the entrance to the house.

“You guys are too enthusiastic.”

Outside, the Puppets and Golems stood in line.
At their feet, empty buckets and drums were scattered.

When I look at the house I had left a while ago, I now see a house worthy of being called a mansion.
It’s praiseworthy that they were able to build something like that.
I went to check out the rest of the house, but there was nothing wrong with it.

“Please expel any bad people that come to this place.”

While talking, I hand the Puppets some bamboo spears.
This is the initial equipment. It only costs 1DP.
I hand a spear to every Puppet.

“Golems, defeat anyone that enters this dungeon. I will now open this place.”

A dungeon entrance has been set.

“Now then, what will enter first?”

Unexpectedly I’m looking forward to this.
Ma, it’s not like someone will enter right after I open the dungeon, so let’s wait patiently.

(An intruder has appeared in the dungeon.)

Prey came unexpectedly early.
Let’s see who this intruder is.
I take out a screen to confirm it.
The image of a young man and woman being chased by a pack of wolves is projected.

“Rookie adventurers?”

Two people equipped with cheap leather appeared.

“…Would a wolf be a good first prey?”

I go outside and instruct the Golems to carry out my order.

“Chase out the two adventurers. Get rid of the wolves.”

While ordering the Golems around, I had thoughts that I was being too nice.

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