Chapter 4

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While listening to the quarrel between the bandits and adventurers, the Golems had caught up.

(Please defeat these guys first!)

(Are they hostile?)

“Golems, attack only the bandits.”

I don’t know if they heard me, but I tried just in case.
If it heard, I could profit from this situation.

(Gya! The golems have launched an attack.)
(Help me please!)

It started attacking only the bandits wonderfully.

(Apparently, only you guys are its target.)

(Hi~! Help me please!)

(Then we would be caught up in it too.)

(We will surrender, so please help us!)

(Golems! The bandits will get arrested by us, please cease your attack!)

“Golems, stop the attack and return.”

The Golems stopped their attack, turned around and walked away.

(What the hell are those Golems?)

(Should I follow?)

A little girl carrying a bow asked Cain.

(You’re right, it looks like this is a new dungeon, there’s no need to worry about getting injured. Alright, scout it out. However, if you feel in danger return at once.)


Apparently, they decided to stalk the Golems.
Should I order Puppets not to attack just in case?

“Puppets, a girl may come in, don’t attack her.”
After a while, a message appeared.

(Intruders were repulsed. Dungeon level has been increased by 2. Dungeon level rose to 3.)

Looks like they left.
When I check my points, 15840DP were added.
I’m smiling at the large number of points.

Due to the level up, I increase the number of floors, I make two additional floors for 1000DP each.
I change the themes of both floors for 100DP each.
Before I unleash the monsters on the floors, I spend 1200DP for Dolls and Puppets, I grant them “Learning” and “Natural Healing”.

After that, Puppets were moved to the new floor, the number of puppets increased significantly.
The selected combat skills were: Archery, Swordsmanship, and taijutsu. 20 Puppets per skill.
I consumed 400DP for summoning, 2000DP for “Learning” and “Natural Healing” and 600DP for weapons, a total of 3000DP was consumed.
I sent 10 Puppets of each type to new floors.


I summoned 10 new Golems.
The combat skill I selected was Bōjutsu, then I created a wood.
Of course, I granted them “Learning” and “Natural Healing”.
A total of 2020DP was consumed for Golems.
These fellows will defend this floor.

Now, because the level has increased I can now summon new monsters.
First of all, an Automata.
It has a mechanical appearance, but it has looks of a human.
The consumption of DP is rather high, 300DP. However, it can learn two skills for free, just like the Dolls.
I select “Serving” and “Throwing”.
I summon 10 Automata for 3000DP and confirm their status.

StatusAbility Values
Level: 1
Race: Automata
Title: Abiotic
Skills: Serving: Beginner, Throwing: Beginner, Grappling: Beginner, Natural Healing: Beginner, Learning: Beginner
HP: 200/200 (+5)
MP: 120/120 (+5)
Strength: 25 (+5)
Endurance: 30 (+5)
Intelligence: 15 (+5)
Magic: 12 (+5)
Spirit: 10 (+5)
Dexterity: 20 (+5)
Agility: 20 (+5)
Luck: 10 (+5)
It’s quite high.
But, what is with these rise in ability values?

“Nice to meet you, Master.”

“You can speak?”

The Automata, that was near me spoke.

“Yes, we Automata are equipped with AI chip, conversations are possible.”

I see, even abiotic creatures can speak.

“Then, there is something I want to know. But before that, wear this.”

I give the Automata maid outfits.
Even though their skin is shiny iron, I did not know Automata were summoned in nude.

“Is everyone done changing?”


The nearest Automata answers.

“Then, let me hear what is a name. Is it different from the race name?”

“It is not the name of the race, but the name of the individual. Also, if Master grants a monster a name, the monster will get level up bonus and will get stronger easier. However, if defeated the DP respawn cost is increased three times, so please be careful.”

I didn’t even know monsters can be respawned if defeated.
In other words, if a strong monster dies, it will cost a lot of DP to respawn.

“Then, I will grant you a name. From now on, your name is Eins. Also, change into these clothes so I can recognize you easier. The rest of you, listen to what Eins says.”

The clothes I gave to Eins were the same, but red in color.
The others are blue, so it will be easy to distinguish.

“I’m thankful. I will respectfully receive it.”

“””Yes. I understand.”””

I don’t know if it’s the name, or the clothes, but she looks happy.
While thinking about what monster to summon next, Eins spoke to me.

“Master, could I take a minute of your time.”

“What is it?”

“Yes. You may already be aware, but Master has received a new title, that will grant his new summons with the same title a bonus ability value, making them stronger. Perhaps it would be beneficial for Master to summon only monsters with the same title from now on?”

I open status in a hurry.

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