Chapter 33

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Now then, I have made my report to the King. Whether he believed or not aside, I have carried out my duty.
What I have to think about now is what we will do from now on.

First of all, I wrote a letter to my hometown.
The Demon King has died. From some kind of illness.
The peace has come, I think. Probably.
I have picked twin war orphans, so I am going to raise them.
I don’t have a wife. They are not my children, so please do not misunderstand.
Eh~ well, I am doing fine. Jiichan, Baachan, Tousan, Kaasan, Niisan, Sister-in-law, Brother-in-law, stay well.

I have written a letter with such contents.
With this, He got a wife!? Grandchildren, great-grandchildren!! They won’t misunderstand, probably.

Now then, where to next?
I lifted my head.
The twins on both of my sides looked up.
Writing a letter seems to be unusual for them.

“Come to think of it, can you write letters, Iric, Ilya?”
“Hmm, I have practiced, but I’m not very good at it.”
“I can. But, difficult letters are still difficult.”

These four-year-olds seem to be able to write a little. I’m not that proficient at writing, so I turned to Aura.
She, who was reading a book on a chair behind me is Sage’s egg. She’s supposed to be a lump of knowledge.
She should be writing down records while researching, so she should be an expert.

“Aura, won’t you become a teacher of the children?”

The displeased voices of the children overlapped. Aura stiffened for a moment, then let out a large sigh as if making a big resolve.

“…… I don’t mind, but please make sure to tag along, okay?”
“Eh? Me? My handwriting is terrible, you know?”
“I am aware. I didn’t mean to help me teach, but for my own safety……”
“?? I don’t quite understand, but sure.”
“Let’s have fun studying, alright? Obediently, happily, gently, peacefully.”
“Yuuya-san, did you hear that!? These children just smacked their lips, did they not!?”
“Now there. I will be studying with you guys, so let’s do our best to learn, alright? How about we send a letter to my family later?”
“Nii~chan’s family? …… Yea, fine. I will do my best!”
“Onii~san’s family…… yes. I understand. I will work hard!”
“Yup, let’s work hard.”

I smiled at the children who had a complete change of mind.

“Was it only me who felt a tinge of scheming just now…..?”
“Ha ha ha, there’s no way that Sage’s egg that’s treated like a parasite would be able to read Prince and Princess’ hearts.”
“Same to you, Pochi. Rather, your treatment is much worse than mine, no?”
“………… That was uncalled for, woman.”

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