Chapter 34

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The Brave Hero Yuuya is taking care of the Demon King’s son Iric and daughter Ilya. Sage’s egg Aura who doubted his child-rearing ability and beast monster Pochi (actually treated as a mount) who insisted on protecting the children tagged along.

At any rate, they decided to search for a place to live.
A relaxing place to settle down would be nice.
A place that no one would inquire even if we bring a monster along. However, it must also be a good place to raise the children in.
Taking the Succubus Sivilla who occasionally meddles in into consideration, a place with too many people might be risky.
I don’t know who might identify the children as orphans left behind by the Demon King.
I would like to keep contact with humans at the minimum, however.

“Nii~chan, I want to visit southern countries.”
“Onii~san, I would like to see the snow.”

The children were in the mood for a pleasure jaunt.

“No, look here? Didn’t I tell you to think about the place where we will be living from now on though?”
“Yeah. I thought about it! A hot place would be good! Then I could swim in the sea!!”
“I would prefer a colder place. I want to see the snow.”

The twins’ interest was the complete opposite. I would like to accept the children’s opinions, but I am troubled because both of their opinions are extreme.

“Taking the middle route would be the best, I think.”

Said Aura.

“You mustn’t get manipulated by the children’s words, Yuuysan. Especially since these children are the Demon King’s children, alright? You seem to occasionally forget about that.”

After being taken aback by Aura’s words, I spoke back.

“I don’t forget about that. However, they are no different from ordinary children, are they?”
“That’s what I think is incredible about you. You might just be dull though.”

I am not sure whether I was praised or dissed.

“I am fine with a colder place. Hot places are too bad for me because of my fur.”

Said Pochi. Certainly, southern countries wouldn’t be suitable because of his fur.
Before that, there stands one problem.

“How long do you plan on following us? Rather, do you want to be treated like a pet?”
“You fiendish hero. You better recognize the rights of monsters as well.”
“You are a mount in the first place, no? You don’t have a single bit of rights.”
“………… Are you a devil, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d-!!”
“I don’t want to hear that from you.”

I am troubled by his opinion. It would be a different matter if he provided for his living expenses though.

Leaving Pochi who was causing a storm aside (I have gradually gotten used to ignoring him), I took a look at the map.
Where should we live?
A place where I could feel at ease. A place where the children could live carefreely.
Just where in this world could the children of the Demon King live carefreely……?

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